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Vince Neil -- Escaped DUI Conviction in 2007

6/28/2010 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night wasn't the first time Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil was arrested on suspicion of  DUI in Las Vegas -- dude was popped in Sin City back in 2007 ... but you'll never find it on his record.


Las Vegas law enforcement sources confirm Neil was arrested in January 2007 -- after cops noticed Neil performing some erratic maneuvers in his Ferrari.

After Vince smiled for his mug shot (above), Neil managed to work out a deal with prosecutors -- in which he pled no contest to reckless driving in exchange for having the DUI charge dropped.

Now, in the wake of last night's DUI -- the 2007 deal could save Neil from some serious time behind bars ... because according to Nevada state law, people who are convicted of DUI twice in seven years must serve anywhere from 10 days to six months in jail.


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Didnt he kill someone in the 80's? Sorry if someone posted that already...The guy should never have gotten his license back...****er

1540 days ago


what a piece of crap. He already killed someone in Redondo Beach California in the 80's. He should go to hell for that alone and still does not learn. LOCK HIM UP FOR GOOD

1540 days ago


I'm still waiting for whomever claims he killed two (or now it's 3?) people to come forward with the identity of these other "victims".
It's ONE person, 1984, drummer from Hanoi Rocks. There IS no one else killed by this f**khead, but does it even matter?
He's a celebrity, he can do whatever the f**k he wants, right?

1540 days ago

RJ Hunt    

NOT GOOD VINCE...You better own up to this in a big way...

1539 days ago


Vince has only killed one guy. Cut him some slack. Also, I am very confident in my thinking that 3/4 of the commenters on here who are demanding blood have driven drunk themselves. Do not cast stones from a glass house. By the way his new album Tattoo's, Shiny Grills & Tequila has just been released.

1539 days ago


I think he is the guy who shot john lennon too...
what an evil bastard

1539 days ago


someone says this joker is releasing another albumn,.,what the hell for,his window closed many years ago,,why do these old farts continue to release music way after they are no longer relevant...he always sucked anyways..only people who liked him were chicks and ***s

1539 days ago


chicks and queers,,thanks tmz

1539 days ago


Look at him, hes all happy, don't have a care in the world. Killed a guy, slept with more women than Albert Einstein could count, rich, famous, bills paid,anything his heart desires, people begging him to come to work and do so many projects, cars, motorcycles, travel anywhere he wants, unlimited credit cards, millions of dollars in the bank, beautiful homes, owns his own restraunt, great health insurance, great dental insurance Yep, I would be smiling to wouldn't you?

But yet all he wants to do is get drunk and act stupid, what else could he want that would make him happy?..Makes you wonder doesn't it?

1539 days ago

I guess he did not learn from his experience 20 years ago when he killed his friend in his ferrari. This is pathetic and had this been regular folk, he would have been serving time already. There is no justice and yes, celebrities, are treated different. Put this s*** away for good before he kills another innocent being.

1539 days ago


this gut is a douche, my husband drove him and his stripper wife around in a limo at Sturgis, and he acted like his crap didnt stink. He acted like a total diva my husband say he was a big fan of his and then treated him like crap and then tipped him 10.00. He's just an old washed up rock star with a stripper wife.

1539 days ago


Vince should be put in jail he's killed 5 people already!

1539 days ago


I read he has killed at least 50 people in 8 different car crashes....thought he was in death race 2000

1539 days ago


He's been given too many chances throughout the years. Time for him to man-up and pay for his irresponsible actions!!!

1539 days ago


For the record Vince has killed 5 people. (4 of those were people that bought and listened to his solo album)

And blinded approximately 57 people who left comments on TMZ with those god awful teeth!

1539 days ago
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