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Vince Neil Busted for DUI

6/28/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil was arrested for suspicion of DUI this morning in Las Vegas.

vince neil
Neil's wife tells TMZ she is flying out to Las Vegas this morning to bail him out.

UPDATE: Shortly before Neil was arrested, the rocker appeared at his Las Vegas restaurant -- Vince Neil's Tres Rios Cantina.




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No way man . A washed up so called former rock star charged with dui. Are you sure with this one? Doesnt add up. Check this again pls. AN APOLOGY MAY BE COMING- IM SURE.

1545 days ago


I have to agree with all the sentiments. I remember when that happened with the singer from Hanoi Rocks. Vince, so sorry you forgot that lesson. Never thought you would.

Vince is actually a really nice guy. I am so sad right now.

1545 days ago


Douche bag.

1545 days ago


He lives here in Vegas. 50% of all drivers driving after 11pm are drunk.
You can drive here for days and wont see one police officer.
Vince should use his time at jail to learn how to

1545 days ago


First, lets get the full story before all of you playstation playing jackasses living in your moms basement cast further judgement.

If Vince did drive drunk, then shame on Vinnie. However, you freaks drudging **** from his past must remember, Razzle of Hanoi Rocks knew Vince was drunk when he left with Vince on that awful day to get more booze. Therefore, he is just as guilty as Vince Neil.

Yes Vince did harm innocent people on that day.

Please do yourself a favor and take a long look in the mirror> You have to put the joystick down first. Then ask yourself, did I ever climb in a car drunk? If you did and made it back home without incident, then you were lucky *******s.

The story of Vince Neil could just as easy be your story.

So stop throwing rocks in glass houses all you holier than thou idiots.

By the way, all your comments about Vinces appearance,etc. just shows the shallowness of your thinking. Reminder, this man has had more women than you will ever dream of in your corrupted little minds. Lastly, by the way, HANOI ROCKS SUCKED!

1545 days ago


...THE BOOZE & PARTYING IS WHY HE LOOKS FAT,...AND WHY HE CAN'T SING ANYMORE!!! (drinking IS a slow, and painful death)

1545 days ago


Heck, maybe he was just running Lindsay Lohan down to the liquor store. Im sure thats all there is to it. Question is, which hand will they slap this time?

1545 days ago


This ******* killed Hanoi Rocks' Razzle, who was the drummer, not a singer. And Jerry: don't even try to lay blame on Razzle, it was Vince Neil driving the car.

And by the way: Hanoi Rocks has always been a few notches above Mötley Crüe in every possible way, except in popularity because what this ******* did to Razzle was such a shock to Hanoi Rocks that they lost their spirit just before they were breaking big.

1545 days ago


3 and 5 he didn't kill the lead singer...he killed Razzle, the drummer the lead singer was Michael Monroe. But I agree totally with your statement. It is one thing to get drunk, but it is another to get behind the wheel, especially since he already killed someone. I hope he gets help before anyone including himself gets hurt! Motley Crue rocks!!!!!

1545 days ago


kode, your not getting it bro. Razzle made a choice to join Vince to get more alcohol on that fateful day. Therefore, he was not innocent. So shut up and keep sucking.

Dan the man-A washed up rock star is not worth 50 million dollars, get your story straight mommas boy:

Kode, Hanoi Rocks sucks in every way that Motley Crue does not suck. You are a jealous and sad little man who is feebly attempting to make Hanoi Rocks something out of nothing. You will never win this one bro, Hanoi Rocks were only popular in Japan you misinformed idiot.

1545 days ago


Tres Rios where even if you own the place the staff will still tip the police off for your DUI.

1545 days ago


They forgot to mention when Vince killed the drummer from Hanoi Rocks Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley in ANOTHER DUI incident back in 1984. Good to know some people never learn. Or then again, if Ronald Grigg was in town Vince could of been druged like Grigg did the two women he raped on Jon Peters property. Ronnie "Spin Wilde" has so many judgements against him in the millions for his abuse as a lawyer he could of set this all up as a pay day.

You know Dr. Dru is jumping up and down with excitment. They could get Randy Kubota (RK)Vince's best friend on the show too.

1545 days ago


I can't believe that he did this AGAIN. Considering what happened to him all those years ago. He killed a young woman. This woman is in her grave because of the accident she had with Neil. Some people just don't learn.

1545 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Are you loosing your touch TMZ?? Surely you can fabricate a bunch of falsehoods then later post the truth as you learn it pretending the lies never happened.

1545 days ago


He will never learn, I guess he has forgotten
Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley from Hanoi Rocks the man he killed!!
Yep thats right he KILLED someone!!!!
plus he seriously injured 2 people!!
So easily we forget!
BTW I saw a comment about if "Sober up! if Nikki Sixx can anyone can!"
Nikki Sixx IS A FAKE *******
he never drank as much as he says
and I bet he only shot heroin a few times!
Nikki is pushing 60 and he needs to stop lying and acting like
and dressing like he is 20
I hate that c o c k sucker!!

Vince grow the f u c k up!!

1545 days ago
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