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'Bueller' Star Busted

Irresponsible Sex Offender

6/30/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Jeffrey Jones -- the guy who played Principal Rooney in "Ferris Bueller" -- turned 63 last September, he forgot one very important birthday ritual ... updating his sex offender registration.

As you may know, back in 2003 Jones pled no contest to paying a minor for the purpose of taking sexually explicit photos ... and was required to register annually as a sex offender.

But according to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, Jones blew off the requirement back in September ... a big no-no with officials. In fact, it's a felony.

Last Wednesday, cops finally caught up with the actor and arrested him. He was later freed on $20,000 bail. 

If convicted, Jones faces up to three years in state prison. 


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This sex offender registry doesn't make any sense...and a big double standard! If a woman runs around naked in public, she's passed off as being drunk and frivolous. But, if a man runs around naked in public, then he's a sex offender, even when no sex was involved. And the sad part is you can't get off the sex offenders' registry. I'm not saying that's what happened here. Apparently, he paid to take sex pictures of a minor. I'm just showing the double standard. Plus, why isn't there a registry for rapists or alleged rapists? That would make a lot more sense to have a list of people that were accused of rape. Hopefully, it will make people think before having sex with strangers or forcing themselves on others.

1574 days ago


Calling Dr Murray.
Another pervert that need to be cured with Propofol.

1574 days ago

Bob Goodden    

That's true about the double standard for Women pedophiles and freaks. I temped as a probation clerk in the court somewhere else and this chick was caught with a dog by the cops on a sting and they sealed the records so the actual act you cant find out about and waived the sex nature of the crime also camps for coming out youth in high school programs smell fishy too no pun intended

1574 days ago

Bob Goodden    

Doesn't "frazier" have to register too or was he not red-handed enough? Reread the article and picked up on the "boy" aspect which is twice as wrong.

1574 days ago


"Rooney Eats It!" (Words jotted on the school bus during the closing credits of Ferris Bueller's Day Off) Going to be someone b*tch in prison Mr. Rooney... haha!

1574 days ago

Christina G.    

A registered sex offender for life? Really? For taking naked pictures of a teenager? Please. If they keeping registering every peeping Tom or every John caught with a 16 year old hooker, half the men in this country are going to be on that list. The sex offender registry should only be for child-abducting/raping predators, as it was originally designed. Instead it's being used to brand a scarlet P (for Pervert) on the forehead of any poor schlub caught with his pants down. If their crime was non-violent and involved a teenager, they should be off that list after a few years of penance.

1574 days ago

Mad madame mim    

'Irresponsible' sex offender - ya gotta be kiddin' me. How is that any different than a 'responsible' sex offender?

1574 days ago

Jones Jones Jones lol

1574 days ago


What a huge disappointment. I thought he was hysterical in "The Pest". I had no idea he was a pervert until now. Pretty disgusting when a guy his age has to target teenagers. Sick Freak.

1574 days ago


So he's a sex offender...what's the big deal? Huh? The underage person was willing as are so many to make a buck, PLUS check out the story below this one! The Lil Wayne piece of crap, tons of drugs and manipulating the judicial system by paying willing politicians off in Arizona to avoid a jail sentence. f'ing what, the guy had a good night with a willing person. Call it sick, call it whatever you want to, but I call it capitalism at it's finest.

1574 days ago


I thought that dude was dead!!! We would all be better off if he had been.

1574 days ago


He was so funny in Beetlejuice playing Winona Ryder's beleaguered dad...he did have comedic talent at least. Sad things ended up like this for him but he only has himself to blame. As someone else mentioned, he should have done what the porn industry does and hire really young looking legal-aged 'models/actors' who just LOOK underage. Gross fetish but it would have kept him out of trouble.

1574 days ago


@33 dd I can't stand the way they overhauled this website. I'm gonna leave soon and just check in once and a while.

1574 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

To the poster of #50: In the immortal words of Samuel L. Jackson: "ENGLISH, MOTHERF*CKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?!!!"

1574 days ago

Tyler Durden    

Christina G.- You are a ****ing Idiot!!!

1574 days ago
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