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'Bueller' Star Busted

Irresponsible Sex Offender

6/30/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Jeffrey Jones -- the guy who played Principal Rooney in "Ferris Bueller" -- turned 63 last September, he forgot one very important birthday ritual ... updating his sex offender registration.

As you may know, back in 2003 Jones pled no contest to paying a minor for the purpose of taking sexually explicit photos ... and was required to register annually as a sex offender.

But according to the L.A. County District Attorney's Office, Jones blew off the requirement back in September ... a big no-no with officials. In fact, it's a felony.

Last Wednesday, cops finally caught up with the actor and arrested him. He was later freed on $20,000 bail. 

If convicted, Jones faces up to three years in state prison. 


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It is a complicated situation... Even absurd!!!!!!!!!

1553 days ago

RJ Hunt    

WOW...I did not know about this guys past...SEND HIM AWAY...Maybe with some luck this guy gets taken out in jail...There's no need for these people. Extermination is the ONLY solution...

1553 days ago


This guys is who? I don't know him at all,i think he must not as famous as [url=] Christian Louboutin Shoes [/url] ,i know this shoes,but i don't know him ,haha,so funny.

1553 days ago


Let me make this clear to those who are comparing Michael Jackson to Jeffrey Jones; Jones' history of criminal behavior with minors is long- standing. He's been in court several times regarding similiar charges. He'd had a few charges leveed against him back in the 1990's. One of the victim's mother's even spoke about the sexual abuse her son endured at the hands and penis of Jones several years ago. He always gets away with it. Michael Jackson was nothing like Jeffrey Jones. Jones has actually penetrated a few boys.

1553 days ago

Blue Lake    

I can't look at Jeffrey Jones or Paul Ruebens anymore without thinking of this crime. They should both be in the clink. And Jacko too. What's this world coming to???

1553 days ago


" Ferris, I just want you to wear this i can take a photo of it - "

so how does a MINOR star, that worked over 20 years ago - have the cash to enable him NOT to work @ McDonalds?


good one meh. lol

1553 days ago


I always thought that movie sucked,and ferris took out a mother and daughter a few years later in a car accident and got away with it....

1553 days ago


TMZ - your new site is impossible to load and read. Go back to the old format!!! This was a lousy idea.

1553 days ago

fuck tmz    

**** tmz and the director, he is a homo and i have pictures to prove it...

1553 days ago


Why do people not notice? Edward Rooney was the dean of students.....NOT the freaking principal!

1553 days ago


And you people are what's wrong with our country. According to MSNBC, a nationwide Associated Press analysis found that the 20 states will spend nearly $500 million this year alone
to lock up and treat 5,200 offenders.

The annual costs per offender topped out at $175,000 in New York and $173,000 in California, and averaged $96,000 a year, about double what it would cost to send them to an Ivy League university.

Instead of wasting our tax dollars (and laying off teachers) on the over 700,000 sex offenders in this country, which range from urinating in public-downloading porn - visiting an underage prostitute - suc***bing to the raging libido and seduction of a sex crazed teen; parents should monitor their own kids instead of legislating the state to do it for them.

1553 days ago


What is the matter with these people? Men, specifically? What the heck? Keep the damn thing in your pants and play inside your mind. There is plenty of porn out there. The guy did NOT need to pay an underage girl to pose for him. Sheesh! Grow up! It's not like he's the first person who ever got horny and the 99.9% of the rest of us do NOT do things like this man did. And if we want to, we wisely do it inside our heads.

1553 days ago


@33 dd I can't stand the way they overhauled this website. I'm gonna leave soon and just check in once and a while.

Posted at 9:00 PM on Jun 30, 2010 by Trish


1553 days ago



Maybe because Broderick didn't ACCIDENTALLY crash into those two people LAST WEDNESDAY, he did it TWENTY YEARS AGO and served the sentence given to him. I'm amazed that even though you're admitting that no one wants to hear about Jeffery Jones because he's "living a normal life" you're defending HIM and persecuting Michael Jackson. The difference between Jackson and Jones is that Jones IS guilty. The two boys who attempted to sue MJ both confessed they were forced to lie about their visits with Michael by their parents in order to get money from him. MJ pleaded innocent and only settled his cases to avoid the ordeal of a long, drawn out, PUBLICIZED trail the second time.

As for Jones "keeping his nose clean" I don't call failing to register as a sex offender as doing that. Maybe you should get your facts straight before getting your defenses up.

1552 days ago


As you may know, back in 2003 Jones pled no contest to paying a minor.
What a creep he is! And always was.

1552 days ago
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