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Mel Seeks Fatherly Guidance

in Baby Mama Drama

7/1/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson has finally broken his silence about his allegedly violent relationship with baby mama Oksana Grigorieva -- but the man who got the exclusive swore to God he wouldn't blab ... 'cause he's a Reverend.

TMZ has learned Mel has been opening up to Reverend Clement Procopio -- the man in charge of the actor's mega-church in Agoura Hills, CA.

When we asked Rev. Procopio if he's offered any advice to Mel, he simply responded, "Of course, I gave him lots of words of wisdom.  I am his confessor."

Obviously, the Reverend wouldn't get into specifics -- but it's clear, Mel's religious advisors could play as big of a role in this case as his lawyers.


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If Mel spilled all his dirt in one of those confessions they'd have to send out for sandwiches or they'd starve to death.

1573 days ago


This story is worthless without nude photos of Mel.

1573 days ago


If TMZ is going to post all the dirt on Mel, why are they NOT digging the dirt on Oksana? Let's play fair here TMZ or your reporting just sucks at this point. I'm soon not going to bother to read if you continue to put your own biased spin on everything. True reporting involves two sides to every story.

1573 days ago

Big One    

I have been to this confessional.

It has a good size GLORY HOLE. Doesn't hurt, at all!

1573 days ago


Arggh! TMZ has descended to a new low... how utterly disgusting that you go after a 90 year old priest, and use this story as a vehicle to attack the Catholic Church. This is religious racism on your part! Revolting!!!

1573 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Mel Gibson is NO MORE a Catholic than Larry King "DEAD" or Joan Rivers is a JEW!!!!Mel has his OWN church , which is so far removed from catholic teaching, that he is probably closer to Judaism and its beliefs on marriage and life in general as praciced by most of Hollywood and the Jews therein !!!

1573 days ago


TMZ sucks. Religious Racists !!!!

1573 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

#What do you expect from TMZ-- You think that Harvey Levin is NOT JEWISH????? He has such an "IN" with what goes on in Hollywood because he has an "IN" with 99% of the JEWS who OWN and RUN IT!!!!!!Do you think for one minute that HE, THEY would be "CRITICAL" of any JEW in the entertainment industry????LOL" Harvey Levin does the same thing with TMZ!!!!!

1573 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

No difference SAMMY- the Diocese of LA does not recognize Mels Parish or the people who attend Masses there- The priests there are NOT recognized by the Church head in the LA or ROME....The people there may attend services there,BUT are not part of the larger Catholic establishment!!!Its not about dogma,Sammy!!!! It does not take any orders from the LA diocese - therefore is not part of the Catholic Church in this country, or for that matter,in the world!!!!

1573 days ago


Rafaelle, that is true if the priest is diocesan. many religious orders do not answer to the local chancery... and never have.
They answer to their Superior, who answers directly to Rome.
You can judge until you know the particulars, which in this case, you don't.

1573 days ago


What is with all the hate against Catholicism. What happened to tolerance. Tolerance is for everyone not the select few. Who are we to judge. Granted he has made very POOR choices in life but hate only brings about more hate. That being said saying hateful things about the Jews or any race for that matter isn't acceptable under any cir***stance. But those blasting off the Catholics are also prejudice and condemning a mans actions yet they do the same. Before anyone comments on how priest's molest children, not all priests are like this and furthermore I do believe the ones that do should be prosecuted and convicted to the fullest extent of the law. But priest aren't the only ones who do these atrocities. There people in every religion, race maybe among a friend a neighbor or dare I say family member who have been guilty of the same crime. The catholic church isn't the only party responsible for these things. If the faith offends you then ignore it. Nobody forces you to believe or listen. God isn't the mean slayer of humans that everyone thinks he is. He is merciful and loving. That's just my opinion your entitled to your own and guess what I don't condemn it. Tolerance is a beautiful thing. Peace and love and blessings for all.

1573 days ago


Props to your graphics person. This image is pretty darn funny!

1573 days ago


LOL!!! Mel is grasping at straws. No one is believing he is a religious guy. Oh Brother. He might as well went to speak to Father Guido Sarducci.

1573 days ago


Correction. It was not only for love of the Latin mass that some Roman Catholics parted after the Second Vatican Council. There were also points of interpretation that changed. You can easily look them up.

1573 days ago


@Veronica - very well said. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey - your incredibly bigoted head is rising again. Ugly, ugly.

Amazing how so many of the better-than-thou "virtuous" people here screaming "Jew Hater!!!" on this board (which is a story that was perpetrated by TMZ - check the arrest report if you want FACTS instead of SPIN) are so quick to spew vile atrocities on those who follow the Church established by Jesus Christ. I wouldn't do that if I were you. You WILL be held accountable for it at your own judgment day.

Hypocricy is SUCH an ugly thing.

1573 days ago
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