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Lindsay's Dad: The Defense Never Rests

7/4/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan could go to jail Tuesday for violating her probation ... but she'll have someone with hundreds of hours of courtroom experience fighting for her freedom ... daddy Michael.

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he plans on showing up in court with his lawyer, Lisa Bloom, when Judge Marsha Revel decides Lindsay's fate. 

If Judge Revel decides jail is appropriate -- definitely a possibility since Lindsay failed to complete the required number of alcohol ed classes when she didn't show up court last month -- Michael will stand and ask to address the court.

Tuesday should be interesting -- we'll be there live.



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If she is found guilty of violating her probation it will be for failing to attend the classes every 7 days. She had until July 15th to complete the program and has met this requirement.
She hasn't failed any drug tests since 07 when she successfully completed the 90 day treatment at the Cirque Lodge which was part of her plea deal.
There is absolutely no proof it was cocaine in the low quality Cannes picure and it was inadmissible in court.

1550 days ago


People, Blohan is NOT going to court for a violation of PAROLE. These are misdemeanors, not felonies. Blohan is going to court Tuesday for violation of PROBATION!

1550 days ago


This judge is going to wimp out and do nothing. Guaranteed. Sick to death of the fake justice system in Beverly Hills.

1550 days ago


Michael is doing what any other father would do in this situation. He is trying to help his daugher. Nothing happens in jail but sitting there doing your time. A faith-based rehab program would work wonders for Lindsay. I am sure her father would love for her to enroll in one. However, that would take a miracle ... and that is actually what she needs. My prayer is "do whatever it takes, Lord" and if jail is part of solution so be it. If Mr. Lohan can help in any way then more power to him. If not, at least no one can say he didn't try .. which is more than I can say for most celebrities parents... Joe Jackson.... where were you?

1550 days ago


God this family is pathetic, TMZ please stop covering this nonsense!!!

1550 days ago


Wow, all kinds of crazy in that family. I guess as famous as he is you have to travel and take your lawyer with you everywhere. Not like he could show up and be a father or something. I think there is all sorts of pressure on this Judge to "do the right thing" which is a coin toss right now.

1550 days ago


I'll bet D.A. Danette Meyers is just salivating for Tuesday. I know I am!

1550 days ago


Linds needs 6 months lockup in rehab, can they not do that for her? Someone needs to save her from herself. Her parents are the ones who taught her all the stupid excuses in the world, they are no good in knowing what is good for the girl. Her whole family needs rehab, and medication, they're not right in the head.

1550 days ago


Why does anyone even care about Lindsay Lohan?

She was a child actress from the 90's,and as an adult is talentless.A lip sync wanna be Britney..and nothing more.

The only thing she's good for,is talking sh_t about,and nothing else.

Sooner(the better),or later those that market people like this,are gonna realize she aint marketable anymore.

Give the public a break from this woman..will ya?


1550 days ago


Hey Lindsay!!

Dina was wondering if you can somehow get that ice cream card back..(laughing)..hahahaha..:)

1550 days ago


There is absolutely no proof it was cocaine in the low quality Cannes picure and it was inadmissible in court. Posted at 11 :02 AM on Jul 4 , 2010 by Nicole
No, it probably wasn't cocaine. I'm sure it was Pixie Sticks, I understand they are ALL the rage in France right now!!!
What Else do u chop up with a credit card and need a straw/rolled up bill for?? Duh......

1550 days ago


So what if she goes to jail. Celebs get 10-30 min. And that's supposed to make their world fall apart. What's the big deal anyway?

1549 days ago
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