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Lindsay Lohan -- Fighting for Freedom

7/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan spent part of her holiday at an alcohol ed class, a sign she and her lawyer will mount a defense in court this AM to keep LiLo out of the pokey.

This pic was taken Monday, outside the Right On program in Glendale. Sources tell us Lindsay is now caught up with her classes.

Although Lindsay fell three classes short at her last court hearing, sources familiar with the situation tell us it's not at all uncommon for people on probation to occasionally slip up and not end up behind bars. The fact that she's now attended the required number of classes could make it harder for Judge Marsha Revel to throw her in jail.

And ... although Lindsay's SCRAM device revealed a blood alcohol level of .04 after the MTV Movie Awards, the fact is ... it has nothing to do with probation. The SCRAM device only relates to bail. 

The judge certainly has the power to throw Lindsay in jail or impose new conditions on her freedom.

We'll be live streaming the court hearing.


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as bad as you want it to happen tmz, they will not throw lindsey in jail over this!

1568 days ago


she has money rolling in everyday,I bet she gets a check for a few grand every single day..she has plenty of money im sure...
Im sure she invested most of her money so dont cry for her,,she laughs at you

1568 days ago


If someone held her upside-down by the ankles and poured what's in that green bottle in her cooter, what would happen? Would green slime splash out? Would maggots fall onto her face?

Posted at 7:17 AM on Jul 6, 2010 by Mark

mark you seem rather fixated on her body,,maybe a good doctor could help you with that..whats stalking her??/

1567 days ago


hmm i wonder if that is a bruise or cut or something on her hand the more i look @ it. (maybe could be from the scuffle she got with the waitress? (kudows to the waitress!!!!!). i hope this tramp goes to jail but i doubt she will......

1567 days ago


TMZ really needs to stop trying to blow smoke up my arse with this idiot.

Her chances of going to jail are as good as me working at TMZ for a day without pay

1567 days ago


What time is live streaming??

1567 days ago


Now wait a min, Lindsay put herself in this position, NOT TMZ. They are reporting that she has a chance of going to the pokey whether you like it or not. She deserves to be put away. No special rights just because she is famous. Maybe even some community service would be nice too. She is has gotten off way too easy. Any average joe would have been in jail by now.

1567 days ago


TMZ staff rubbing one off to Lilo again
Topic after topic after topic
all saying basically the same thing

1567 days ago


Forget the arm! What in the heck happened to her lips? Her kisser looks like she stole it from the fishmongers! No way are those lips normal!

1567 days ago


Send this piece of trailer park trash to jail for as long as you can and girls just like her who continue to get in trouble and use their "celebrity" to get out of it. She is a drug addict, just like any other drug addict in America other than she has money. She broke the law so she is a criminal, just like anybody else. If this were an athlete, you'd want the book thrown at him...I WANT THE BOOK THROWN AT HER ASAP!!

1567 days ago


I'm betting she'll walk out scott free - no bracelet, no nothin'. Why? Because it's L.A., and for lack of a better word, a Celebrity. You have to wonder how the police live with themselves down there when they know it's one way for the "little" people and quite another if you are a celeb.

1567 days ago


If she isn't ordered to jail, or at least intensive rehab, within an hours she'll be right back to where she was 6 weeks ago. At least with the ankle bracelet she seems to behaving herself but 6 weeks is nothing..she need LONG term help.

1567 days ago


Lindsay is the best , get off her back. The girl just likes to have fun.:)

1567 days ago


I hope this works for her, she is a pretty young lady. I have seen her movies,and I liked them all. Watching her movies I never thought she would end up like this.I hope she knows the lesbin she is with is using her because lindsy is in the spotlight. when the media attention goes away so will she.My personal opinion is Lindsy should find a Good counsler, one she can talk to ,she has a wll up and it is going to be hard to break. I don't think she is gay I think she is mad at men (Daddy) and confused Forgive dad, and yourself and move on.

1567 days ago


Looks like she tripped over her scram bracelet and fell on her injected lips...

1567 days ago
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