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Lindsay Lohan -- Fighting for Freedom

7/6/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan spent part of her holiday at an alcohol ed class, a sign she and her lawyer will mount a defense in court this AM to keep LiLo out of the pokey.

This pic was taken Monday, outside the Right On program in Glendale. Sources tell us Lindsay is now caught up with her classes.

Although Lindsay fell three classes short at her last court hearing, sources familiar with the situation tell us it's not at all uncommon for people on probation to occasionally slip up and not end up behind bars. The fact that she's now attended the required number of classes could make it harder for Judge Marsha Revel to throw her in jail.

And ... although Lindsay's SCRAM device revealed a blood alcohol level of .04 after the MTV Movie Awards, the fact is ... it has nothing to do with probation. The SCRAM device only relates to bail. 

The judge certainly has the power to throw Lindsay in jail or impose new conditions on her freedom.

We'll be live streaming the court hearing.


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TMZ you must be very proud of yourselves for getting away with this deception for such a long long time. You knew right along that Lindsey was never going to jail and that her bracelet was only for her bail yet you continued to deceive the public for your own gain. The heck who got in your way the heck whose lives you ruin. I personally am feed up with the way the Media handles everything including the oil spill. We know how bad it is and yet the Media continues to remind us over and over again. Talking about it isn't going to solve the problem a Person with a smart fix can solve this problem not the Media because you really don't know what your talking about.

1568 days ago


This whole situation is a joke...
1. Random drug testing: not so much a problem with coke, you only need a day or two. Plus there is always the synthetic urine route. And even though her tests are "supervised", they don't watch you pee in the cup, you merely have to leave the bathroom door open.
2. She had what, about 9 months, to complete 13 or 14 "weekly" drug classes ? And she JUST finished them yesterday ? If she was serious about this whole thing, those classes would've been done MONTHS ago. Seriously, if that was the average person, there already would have been revoked bail, and some contempt of court jail time.
3. This is probation? When you are on probation for a DUI, apparently you are still allowed to drink, and take your cushy little prescription meds (ADHD, my a$$), and still go out club hopping until 4 in the morning. Wow, thats MY kind of probation...
Maybe she should try to hook up with the guys who kidnapped Jeremy London and then she will have it made with the ideal excuse LOL
I am no longer as disgusted by LiLo as I am by our justice system. I'm about to get coked up, hijack a car with some people in it, lead them on a drunken joyride while crazily chasing my assistant, all while I have my leftover coke in my pocket... And my defense will be that LiLo is my idol and since she got away with it, why can't I ?

1568 days ago


To Whom It May Concern: Feel Free Two Unsubscribe From Comment Replies Related To Lindsay Lohan, If You Don't Want To Read About Her!!!

Posted at 6:45 AM on Jul 6, 2010 by Robert


Mr. Lohan, you gotta realize that not everybody is fascinated with your daughter. There is a whole world of other skanks, drunks, druggies, and washed-up has-beens we wanna read about, too.

1568 days ago


Who is giving you legal information? What do you mean the SCRAM device has nothing to do with probation, just bail? Wrong. No alcohol was also part of her probation.

1568 days ago


What we should have is a special place for offenders like these. And I don't mean the cushy rehabs that they go to now that don't work. Something more like jail, privately owned and NO extras to make their stay more pleasant. They are not really criminals just drug addicts or alcohol abusers. They should have to pay for their stay themselves. If they haven't any money, they must stay longer and work at the place till the bill is paid. By the time they leave they will be clean and an asset to society instead of just being an a s s.

1568 days ago


Completing classes and ACTUALLY DOING WHAT YOUR TAUGHT to do are 2 different things..what a waste of money...classes,, they give a test or something? dumb dumb can tell by the look on her face, its all a big joke....

1568 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

the skak aint going to jail....the judge is a WUSS and will give her another chance and anther and another and i was the judge i'd put her away for 30 days!

1568 days ago


That mark on her arm is a burn from a hot crack pipe that she had to cradle... her hands were full (cigarettes, $25.00 bottle of water - hand imported from the Swiss Alps, 3 cell phones, iPod, etc.).
BTW, #53 - There IS no such thing as "leftover" cocaine.

1568 days ago


@59. Geez, she had to stash some of it, it was becoming too risky to snort going down the freeway at 100 mph, the dollar bill kept coming unrolled LOL

1568 days ago


She's a celeb, she'll get off without any difficulties!!!!!!!!!!

1568 days ago


They need to put her ass in county jail for 24 hours just so she gets a clue or maybe buy a vowel. If she had a smart accountant she would be able to write all this **** off as a business expense.

1568 days ago


She didn't complete the course until yesterday! That sure shows how serious she is - not! Missed 9 scheduled classes. Rolling your eyes and making weird faces at the witnesses probably doesn't help but who knows. Drug program people didn't want to testify because they didn't want to incriminate themselves about something that occurred about the same time that Lindsay bcame into their program involving the program owners.

1568 days ago


At the end of the day who really cares about this stupid chick. Who gives a flying F#%* what she does and when she does it. TMZ must be running out of material if all they have up is this Lilo bull****.

1568 days ago



1568 days ago


Lindsay,~~ THIS WILL SAVE your LIFE !! Yes jail is HARD, but with all the drugs and alcohol in your body,you could kill someone by driving, and jail then would be alot longer. I truly believe that this WILL SAVE her life and WAKE HER UP to the reality that YOUR actions have consequences. You ONLY have ONE LIFE, do NOT look back, with shame at all the WASTED time, money, and people that you have stepped over during this time. Yes, there are ALOT of young people that DO and ACT like what they do does NOT hurt anyone else. If you are LUCKY to LIVE through this time, PLEASE remember that your family (by birth or friends that are your family) will be there.~~Lindsay STAY AWAY from your birth mother and father (leeches) but remember your little sister, she looks up to you.

1567 days ago
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