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Mel Gibson

Last Pics Before

Hell Broke Loose

7/9/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photos of Mel Gibson in public -- taken at a Chili's restaurant in Texas --  just days before he went into hiding after news broke of his racial, sexist, and allegedly violent attacks on his baby mama.

In the photos -- taken during the last week of June -- Mel shot a bothered look at the camera as a group of "fans" who recognized the star at the restaurant swarm him.  Mel was at the restaurant because it's near the set of a movie he was shooting ... and really, who can resist their signature babyback ribs?

We're told Mel was "being really nice at first" ... but then "started to get a little annoyed" after several autograph and photo requests.

Days after these photos were taken, news broke that baby mama Oksana Grigoieva had secret recordings which allegedly captured Mel spewing racial and sexist hate towards her.

Oksana then told police that Mel had also attacked her physically -- and as TMZ first reported -- she claims Mel knocked out a tooth ... and chipped another. Mel is currently under investigation for spousal abuse ... though Gibson denies any wrongdoing.


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Bob Loblaw    

After 30 years of this, of course he looks annoyed.

The broad in the skirt wanted to jump his bone, fyi. I decided.

1576 days ago


#10 Throwback kid said just what I was thinking. Looks like old Mel has a few "wetback" fans. (his words, not mine!)

1576 days ago

chanel outlet    


1576 days ago

Daniel Mountain    

He should have used his fame and fortune to take advantage of that cute young hispanic girl...

1576 days ago

Just back from Iraq    

That kid looks like 'jailbait'. No self-respecting Adult man wants that minor-aged female's profile getting back to his wife (Robin) and their children. He is right to be pissed.

1576 days ago


Gibson = cool. Oksana = a lecherous greedy little twit who should have her mouth glued shut so no one will ever have to listen to her manipulative, lying, two faced, back stabbing words again. Now let's all cry for Oksana booooo hooooo.

1576 days ago


Just FYI TMZ... this picture was taken in Brownsville and it wasn't the last week in June. It was the first week in June. So I don't think this was the LAST picture before all hell broke loose... this happened at least a month before the story was aired... :)

1576 days ago


Hi Harvey I dont know whats your point is but there are sill people who adore Mel and there always will be. The new false alegations towards him hasnt change anthing but even made his fans more to love him.

1576 days ago


Harvey, who is a homosexual, is obesessed with Mel Gibson.

1576 days ago


I have no sympathy for this guy. He get's hooked up with a woman who is more than likely looking for a man with money, get's herself pregnant, guaranteeing a profitable income for the next 21 years or so. He got what he deserved from her. Did he honestly think she was 'in love' with him ?

And once again drunk or not drunk he is caught spewing hatred against all people that are not his type ! We should deport him to his homeland. He's finished in Hollywood ! JMO

1576 days ago


haha this is in my hometown! and yes it's filled with mexicans or as Mel Gibson refers to them "wetbacks"

1576 days ago


#11 Gloria Unread---Recently watched a show about this very thing. American men going over to Russia to find a Russian girl to bring home and marry.

The women are golddigger's and they admit it. They are looking not only for the man with money, but the man who will take them away and bring them to America.

I forget the name of the show but it was interesting. They line up parties with lotsa Russian women and just a few men so they have a large selection to pick from. The trip is very costly but the men go there with one thing on their minds. To find a young Russian girl to marry. A very profitable business.

1576 days ago


I went to Radar online, and reviewed what TMZ has said about those tapes and emails. This man is a real piece of work. All that racism, hate, anger, and pure disgust with the world because it is not serving him, boiled up to the surface. How is anyone going to work with him? He even called his staff racist names, which means he is a genuis too. You always tip the person bringing your food extremely well, and you always treat your staff with deep respect because they have access to your food, house, bedroom and bath.

1576 days ago


He lost touch after What Woman Want. Hasn't made a big movie since. He's an old fart that is losing his mind

1576 days ago


If he was such a racist he wouldnt have taken pics and signed autographs.Everyone says stupid things in the heat of the moment.Only difference is what Gibson said,was taped! That was a really lame thing to do by the way.F**k that bi**h

1576 days ago
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