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Mel Gibson

Last Pics Before

Hell Broke Loose

7/9/2010 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the last photos of Mel Gibson in public -- taken at a Chili's restaurant in Texas --  just days before he went into hiding after news broke of his racial, sexist, and allegedly violent attacks on his baby mama.

In the photos -- taken during the last week of June -- Mel shot a bothered look at the camera as a group of "fans" who recognized the star at the restaurant swarm him.  Mel was at the restaurant because it's near the set of a movie he was shooting ... and really, who can resist their signature babyback ribs?

We're told Mel was "being really nice at first" ... but then "started to get a little annoyed" after several autograph and photo requests.

Days after these photos were taken, news broke that baby mama Oksana Grigoieva had secret recordings which allegedly captured Mel spewing racial and sexist hate towards her.

Oksana then told police that Mel had also attacked her physically -- and as TMZ first reported -- she claims Mel knocked out a tooth ... and chipped another. Mel is currently under investigation for spousal abuse ... though Gibson denies any wrongdoing.


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Hey, would you want your daughter near this man? Do you want to be near him? He's an A-1 creep. He's a hatemonger. He's an abuser. And, for all those who hate people from other countries -- he's AUSTRALIAN. Sheesh, we have enough homegrown creeps. He doesn't need work and he doesn't help feed us (as so many immigrants do) or add anything to America, so, why doesn't he stay in Australia.

Oh. Hmmm. They don't want him??

1530 days ago


To all the Mel "fans" here on this thread. THE GUY IS AN ABUSER AND A PSYCHO.. GET IT? he met his match in this woman whoever she is or wherever she comes from. He sohould return all the $$ he took from Blacks, Women and Latinos.. CREEPY guy-he belongs in jail.

1530 days ago


give it a break... it's clear they're, think about it, trying to demonize mad mel. the question you should be asking "why is there so much attention is sent on mad mel"?

1530 days ago


lol kinda does look like he pissed himself...

yet again a racist guy would not be going here to eat and surely wouldn't stop at all for pics.

I bet he did get annoyed the article fails to say how many pics he did with them. Just because he isn't doing anymore leathel weapons doesn't mean the guy isn't busy. He has what a few film labels and record label and all this other crap he is part of as producer etc.

Oh then add all the BS with his EX and games she is playing. So yeah maybe he isn't having a good day either but a racist guy not having a good day wouldn't say hi to these clearly non white people... Maybe he would follow them home and put a burning cross in their yards..

Oh and he can't be deported because he was born here... His family didn't move till he was older like 8 or 12 or some crap

1530 days ago


We all have issues...thats why the whole world is f'ed up.

1530 days ago


@56 maybe you clearly should leave...

First your a moron. No one has anything to worry about him hooking up with that girl if he is a racist.. She isn't white you stupid f...

Racist people don't hook up with non white people or if your black or mex or any other race and racist you don't go outside your race. Its kinda a key part of this whole racism deal.

Oh since you clearly know nothing about him other than two BS stories which no one can show any proof its real or hell even hear these so called tapes etc.. Funny how sex tapes are leaked faster than superman but still no where on the net are these tapes of his DUI bust or this one Radar claims to have.

BTW moron since you also know so much about him he is homegrown here in the USA. He was born in New York so that makes him American.

1530 days ago


@47 Jason

He is from New York so that makes him American....

you tart lol....

"Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson, AO (born January 3, 1956) is an American Australian actor, film director, producer and screenwriter. Born in Peekskill, New York, Gibson moved with his parents to Sydney when he was 12 years old and later studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Art"

1530 days ago


Russian women are the worst gold diggers on the planet. I'm standing by Mel on this one.

1530 days ago


who the film maker is so stipud to use these idots Mel and Lindsey..
I would not waste my money to watch their movies...they are disgusting...

1530 days ago


Mel should move here to Alabama with us. He hit a nerve with his statements because they are true. That stuff happens all the time, but the media won't report the crime.

On another note, I was called a "cracker" just the other day. I think my civil rights have been violated!!! LOLOLOL Give em hell Mel!

1530 days ago


In gods eyes we are all the same."wetbacks" have as much right to be here as anyone else.By the way "us" Mexicans were here first.

1530 days ago

Eric Smith    

Boy, just like Kevin Costner and Tom Cruise, Gibson must've pissed off some studio execs to have the media gunning so hard for him recently.

1530 days ago


Im one of the guys in the pictures lol and he wasn't even annoyed lol he was very polite. And for you racist people "karma is Bitch when your one"

1530 days ago

Jorge DeNeira    

How long can Mel Gibson think he can offend every non-white person on Earth before he offends enough people to have the World chew him up and spit him out? I used to think this guy had some class about him, but not anymore and yes maybe the Russian woman is a gold-digger and a user, but you both have a kid together who deserves better, that is who I feel sorry for.

1530 days ago


Mel Gibson was actually very polite and was NOT ANNOYED -_- he talked to us for a bit and answered questions about his movie thats coming soon that he was filming in Brownsville.

By the way who are you even quoting? None of us said that lol

THIS WAS NOT TAKEN THE LAST WEEK OF JUNE it was in the BEGINNING of the JUNE! But thats what we get for posting these pictures on facebook.

I feel bad these pictures were used the wrong way towards Mel Gibson after he was such a good sport about the whole thing.

Hey HARVEY wanna send a facebook message or something the next time you steal someones pictures and exploit them on the internet? yea thanks.

1530 days ago
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