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Tammy: Melissa Left Me With $4 To My Name

7/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge has left Tammy Lynn Michaels and the two children they have together high and dry ... this according to Tammy’s lawyer Steven Knowles. But Melissa says Tammy is delusional.


Knowles tells TMZ Tammy has a grand total of $4 to her name ... adding, "Melissa has not been treating Tammy or the children as if they are a wife and children, financially and otherwise."

Knowles says Melissa has not given Tammy or the kids a penny since the breakup … and she is now destitute.

TMZ broke the story, Melissa filed for dissolution of her domestic partnership with Tammy last week.

On Tuesday, Tammy filed her own legal docs … but she is asking for a dissolution of marriage. According to Knowles, even though Tammy and Melissa were not legally married in California, “They were married in their own eyes and in the eyes of the world … and Melissa was the first to say they were, in fact, married.”

BTW – Tammy is asking for spousal support – something she can't get if she is not “married.”

As we first told you, Melissa wants joint custody … but Tammy is asking for full legal and physical custody.

Knowles tells us Melissa can't possibly be a participant in the custody agreement because her schedule makes it impossible to be a meaningful parent.

Melissa's lawyer, Neal Hersh, tells TMZ, "Melissa is paying all of Tammy's expenses, which totals tens of thousands of dollars per month."



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I'm Not A Lawyer    

In the quest for equality, along with marriage of gays and lesbians comes the responsiblity associated with breakup and divorce.

With breakup and divorce comes the possibility of financial support for both the spouse and the children.

It appears Melissa believes in marriage for gays and lesbians, but when it comes to a breakup she no longer believes that it was a legal relationship.

1513 days ago


BTW--the world seems a bit stupid, especially this country. We live under British Common Law, that is the system, bar New Orleans which is technically still under the Napoleonic Code though that is in writing only not in practice. According to British Common Law, our system of law, innocent until proven guilty for example, there is also something called "promissory estoppel". This means that a person who is led to believe that they will or are going to be entitled to live in a certain manner shall be entitled to sue and receive the support that enables them to live in such a manner. One may also recall something called "palimony" which seemingly with both of these issues people only apply it to women in relationships (unmarried) with rich men. The same principles apply here, so ergo, Tammy will get support if the laws are not bigoted.

1513 days ago


i doubt you only have $4 tammy.
but still i think what melissa is doing is very wrong.
i hope you are given support for 5yr and of course child support until the kids are 18.
good luck tammy.

also, melissa this does seem like a record for you . you did this to julie a few years back.

1513 days ago


This is exactly why gay marriage should not be legalized! Melissa has no connection to those kids since they are not hers!

1513 days ago


Look at Melissa's Beaver Brows...Wow!! Disgusting!!!

1513 days ago


Melissa doesn't owe you money. Get a ****ing job bitch!

1513 days ago


I guess Melissa is glad she's not officially "married" right about now.
What a complete, utter, total phoney she is.

1513 days ago


I laugh when I see Hollywood types refer to themselves as an 'artist.' They are simply modern day versions of court jesters. They are here to entertain us and depend on us for their living. As for Melissa, she seems to have a pattern of hooking up with someone, having children, then leaving. I hope her next hookup remembers this.

1513 days ago


That's such a loaded statement that can mean any one of a number of things. You had $4 in your purse at the moment she told you two were through. You had $4 in your checking account when she walked out the door? You had $4 left after she gave you some money to get by until things are settled and now you have $4 dollars left? There was $4 on the kitchen counter besides what's in a joint account? Don't make statements like this unless you are very specific.

1513 days ago


Regardless of why the split has happened, they both brought those children into this world while they were together. Melissa should care enough to make sure those kids are taken care of.

1513 days ago


Tammy, you should thank you lucky stars Mel is out of the picture - she has a BAD reputaion. Now get on with it.

1513 days ago


I just wanna know why she didnt have some sort of private savings account?? I mean come on.. I would have been stashing money away each month for the life of the relationship. Any married woman should do the same.......its not a gay or not gay thing. Its being prepared for the unknown. No savings? that is insane!

1513 days ago


Are we going to be tortured with a hundred stories of he said/she said?? Please noooooooooooo.

1513 days ago



1513 days ago


Hmmm. Melissa isn't treating Tammy and the children as if they are "a wife and children". Guess what? THEY AREN'T!!!! Not legally; not biologically. Not in any way except that wishful, role-playing domestic partners crap. Sorry Tams. Next.

1513 days ago
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