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Charlie Sheen -- Justice Delayed

7/9/2010 12:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen's hearing -- where he was expected to plea bargain his criminal case -- will not happen as scheduled on Monday.

Charlie Sheen

We've learned the hearing is now on for August 2.  What's interesting ... Charlie is due back to begin filming "Two and a Half Men" on August 3.

As a plea bargain, we've learned both sides are in deep discussion but no agreement has been reached.  
It would seem Charlie cannot do 17 - 30 days in jail, because of the production schedule ... at least not consecutively.  But again ... we're told no deal has been formally reached.



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#13 you sound like the one needing some jail time.. who watches you at night?

1535 days ago


He had the choice of being on probation, but he chose the 30-day jail "work release" because with his bad habits he is bound to screw-up during his probation period. Yeah, that sounds like a reformed individual. The big holdup of the "work release" sentencing was apparently cigarettes and food outside of jail. It must be nice for him having million dollar lawyers holding-up the legal system when most defense lawyers will take the only deal available and go home.

1535 days ago


Americas judicial system is a joke...these spoiled ass celebrities get away with everything...quite a great message to everyone else..expecially kids...America is slowly becoming a pit.

1535 days ago

Just sayn    

Wow looks like someone is out to get his balls........and keep him out of the game.
To bad
I guess when you screw up you have to screw down at some time.
Hope he gets his act together and learns from this.....and perhaps the show will improve the format to sobbering up and making a better example to the kid.....while he is growing up.
LOL then that would no doubt be the end of the show I guess.

1535 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

They chose to prosecute. They should choose to enforce the sentence.

As for what his dad thinks, P, read a few of Martin's very old interviews. He was no saint before his heart attack at 35. I love the man. He's one of my favorite actors. But he was no angel.

1535 days ago


Can't go to jail beacuse of "production schedule"? What a bunch of crap.

1535 days ago


This case is not comparable to Lohan's. Charlie was 100% willing to go in and do the time, it's that retarded jail coordinator who refuses to listen to her boss about the terms of Charlie's work release, and the boss (who I assume gets sexual favors?) who wouldn't enforce his word over his lesser employee that messed the entire thing up.

You don't go back on a signed deal. If you do, then it's no longer in the pleader's hands. Charlie did nothing wrong, here.

1535 days ago


If he cant do the time he shouldnt do the crime. Let him lose his show. Its the price he should pay for what he did.

1535 days ago


13. "I hope Charlie gets his throat slit while in jail. I would laugh my a.s.s. off! This ugly, pasty, woman battering, drug using, piece of s.h.i.t. needs to thank Mel Gibson for taking some of the heat off of him.

If it was up to me, I would blindfold both of them and stand them side by side. Then I would load my favorite gun and put some many holes in both of them they would resemble Swiss cheese. Humanity would breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Posted at 9:51 AM on Jul 9, 2010 by samantha"

Too bad honey because it's not up to you. And the only thing that Charlie will be getting at the Aspen Jail is first class service. The idea of anyone getting cut while staying there is comical! It's a very nice place, i've stayed in worse hotels.

As for all of you other whiny azzholes...

First, Charlie had his choice of plea deals.. probation, time in jail etc. and he chose to go to jail!

Second, Charlie would have already served his sentence IF they had honored the plea deal they all initially agreed to (That would be the DA, the Judge, the Sheriff and Charlie).

It was only afterward that some whiny pion who's in charge of work release program jail began to complained about the terms of the plea deal. Once she started whining the Sheriff actually went back on his word and backed her. Pathetic... it's may as well be the Keystone cops out there. Charlie should tell 'em no deal and make them take it to trial. I doubt they can get a jury to convict. Charlie's lawyers and expert witnesses will make a mockery of the case, not to mention it'll cost Aspen $$$$$ to take it to trial.

1535 days ago

Mary Ann    

Why don't they just do away with judges and the whole system in California when it concerns celebrities??

They drink amd drive, smash cars and walk away,do drugs, abuse people and all they get is slap on the wrist! Anybody else would GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!! It's a joke and a waste of my tax dollars.
Lindsey is given jail time and the judge says, "come back in two weeks" Why the wait??
Maybe her social schedule was so full she couldn't go to jail right then.

1535 days ago


This mother Fcker won't spend one day in jail. Just because he's Charlie the A-Hole Sheen he's going to be laughing all the way to the bank. He going to say "See I can do anything I want and get away with it". I know I won't be watching Two and half A-Holes.

1535 days ago

i like you    

I love you , I dream about his eyes and you went to jail the world put on thier eyes more I was sombody else why die they like me and now they don't

1535 days ago


Charlie Sheen is a ****ing rock star. And Mel Gibson is too

1535 days ago


Jeesss people his wfe did not lie, look at his track record!!! she has chidren she is trying to mke nice.

1534 days ago


The whole case has stunk since the wife called in double the legal limit @ 830am on Xmas morning, then retracted her story the next day, but first she made sure she was pap'd smirking. She also was rumored to have been snooping around his bank accounts before Colorado even went down, the better to make her case for $. Then the female cop gives Brooke's "story" to the media...gets fired and calls Gloria Beverly the jail clerk calls the shots over the Sheriff after all parties agreed to terms. It doesn't sound like the DA should have brought the case in the first place, was he facing re-election?

1534 days ago
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