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'Brotherhood' Star's Face Broken in Brutal Beatdown

7/11/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You may not recognize actor Lou Taylor Pucci now -- but you'll definitely remember his face after this ... because TMZ has obtained a photo of Pucci after he was knocked out cold last weekend ... and broke five bones his face.


Pucci's father tells TMZ the actor -- who's had roles in movies like "Fast Food Nation," "Fanboys" and "Brotherhood" -- was the victim of a random act of violence on July 3 outside of his friend's house in Belmar, NJ.

We're told four unknown men were walking past Pucci when one of them suddenly attacked him -- knocking him out cold and breaking five bones in his face.

We're told the mystery assailant took off on foot and was never captured -- and Pucci has since had a titanium plate put in his face.

Check out the pic ... it's pretty gruesome.


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That's pretty gnarly. But I have seen worse.

1543 days ago


So this gorgeous young homosexual will no longer be able to get her fudge packed so often?

1543 days ago


I wasn't even going to comment on this because I have no idea who this guy is. But when I saw he was in Belmar, NJ during the 4th of July weekend, it's pretty clear that some stranger didn't just walk up to him for no reason and pound on his face.

This is just routine at the Jersey Shore on weekend's. The crazies come down here, create all kinds of debauchery, drinking and partying.

So to think a complete stranger with provocation would do this is b.s. I'm sure there is more to this story than what this story says.

1543 days ago


Seen a few of this guy's earlier movies, he's pretty good. Hope this doesn't **** up his career.

1543 days ago


This is really sad. I hope Lou makes a full recovery and they catch the thug that did this to him.

1543 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

Wonder where Snooki and the gang were. Sounds like a gay bashing to me. And yes, I'd bet in Belmar, NJ, some idiot might walk up to a stranger and beat them for no apparent reason. It probably happens in a lot of places... Hope they find the creep.

1543 days ago


I don't believe this is an isolated incident either, and you only heard about it because it happened to someone in the movies.

1543 days ago


I made the mistake of looking at the picture. Now it will be in my head all day. ICK!

1543 days ago


Sorry young man that some people in our society are no better then wild rabid animals that attack just for the sake of harming someone. I hope you heal up without too much pain.

Back in my day, I am 50, we didnt have things like this random beatings, child abductions, etc. all this crazy bad stuff, and if we did it was so isolated and far and few in between it wasnt like it is now adays. We fear to go to the mall or market for getting car jacked, or shot and our purse taken. Young people fear to go on a date, and get jumped by these idiots who beat up the guy, rape the girl and leave them in a hole somewhere.
This is all such senseless hostility and sickness that just keeps growing in this country and hell if I know what is causing it. But it is certainly a part of our continued downfall.
Hope they catch the guy who did it, and cut off his penis with a pair of cuticle scizzors one snip at a time and then put him in jail for 20 years. Now THAT is a sentence that will make someone think twice before they do this kinda harm to someone.

1543 days ago


Now Wait, why do some of you have to assume he is gay and that is why this happened? #1. looking gay does not mean you are gay #2. Skaterboarders are also randomly beat up #3. People get beat up for their jacket or shoes etc. etc. etc.

So dont be "oh gay bashing" or "he deserved it" or "it happens in Jersey".
I should not happen to gays, to anyone else, skaters, for shirts, or jackets, or because someone out celebrating July 4th. It doesnt matter, someone was hurt here and hurt bad with 5 fractured face bones. Dont try to put a reason behind it because there is not one.

REmember what you say here and elsewhere people, one day it might be your gay friend, or your skateboarding son, or your daughter at the movies who gets beat up, then its personal.

1543 days ago


Someone should have done this to Spencer Pratt instead of this guy!!!

1543 days ago


Our husband has enormous uncir***cized sizemeat with humungous low-hangers.

1543 days ago

lou pucci    

Actually I'm Lou's dad and I'm also 50, no we did not "sell" the picture above that i took myself with my cell phone, but gave it to TMZ because by our thinking, if Lou's little bit of fame helps to bring this worsening problem to light and keeps someone else from suffering random violence then it should be known....and Barbie, that's EXACTLY what happened, Lou was standing on a lawn at 2am talking to some friends when a total drunk a**hole who was walking by with 4 friends and was angrily yelling at his girlfriend, walked up to Lou randomly and hit him as hard as he could, no words were exchanged and he had at least 100lbs on was not gay bashing as Lou is not gay and Lou never even saw him coming or he would have been able to at least deflect the blow as he has had 5 yrs of tai quan do. He knocked Lou out. Cat scans and $9000 worth of plastic surgery later, Lou is doing well thanks and recovering at his family home at the jersey shore where Lou was born and raised. I don't blame the "jersey shore" but shows like that sensationalize stupidity and random drunkenness and violence at the shore and does not reflect the people who actually live here.

1543 days ago


@15 Thanks for taking the time to straighten out the idiots, Lou's dad.

That being said, Lou is one of my favorite young actors and it is shocking that some random jerk would just walk up and serve a beatdown to him or anyone, for no reason. Scary. I hope they catch that jerk. Get well, Lou!

1542 days ago


By the way.. he didn't really have a role in Fanboys, I didn't even know he was in it until you told me, considering he just stands there in a boba fett costume, haha.

I wont click it though, thats just not fair.

1542 days ago
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