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Oksana: Mel Gibson Abused Me 'Many Times'

7/9/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us that Oksana Grigorieva has told investigators that Mel Gibson has abused her both physically and by making threats “many times.”

Oksana: Mel Gibson

We're told Oksana has also claimed she's been subjected to abusive behavior before and after the allegedly violent incidents in January and February -- in which she claims Mel knocked out one of her teeth.

Oksana says that Mel caused her to fear for her safety ... and the safety of her child … by a pattern of behavior that was both violent and abusive.

As we previously reported, Mel is currently being investigated for spousal abuse. He has previously denied hitting Oksana in the face and knocking out her tooth during the January incident.


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first ha ha

1566 days ago


while sitting in prison it has been reported Mel Gibson will work on a screenplay about an All white version of the blockbuster ROOTS..starring ...
mel gibson,lady gaga,al gore,larry king,tiger woods,kate goselinn,octomom and her 8 kids

1566 days ago


I don't believe a word she says. It's all about the money.

1566 days ago


She wanted him for his fame and money. Careful what you wish for people!

1566 days ago


First off...Mel Gibson is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic pig, who has substance abuse issues, anger management issues and absolutely no impulse control. That being said...this woman, Oksana has another child by a relatively famous man. Is there a pattern here? Can anyone say 'Star f***er". What kind of man did she think she was getting, who was doing her, while still married to his WIFE, and building huge ostentatious CONSERVATIVE catholic churches? Why didn't she call the police the night Mel allegedly beat her? Oh that's long as Daddy Mel was paying the bills, he could do whatever he wanted to her without impunity; but when the money train started slowing down, then it was time to put the screws to him.
That poor baby should be taken away from both of them and given to somebody normal and loving. And the two of them should be locked in the same psych ward room together.

1566 days ago


Any of you dudes out there thinking of getting a Russian mail order bride this little episode should give you pause.

1566 days ago


This A-Hole, Mel, belongs in jail....for a very long time. If he is guilty, (which by his own taped conversation, he is) then he should pay this chick (even if she is just a gold digger, which she seems to be) a whole heluva lotta $$$ !
MEL: If you marry em, and you beat em, you gotta pay em. BTW, Glover stopped talkin to ya?

1566 days ago


Put up the pictures of the abuse or shut up. Mel's an idiot, but this skank is a just a russian whore. On second thought, maybe they deserve one another.

1566 days ago


Why did she get all scared when talking to the cops yesterday and go run to her lawyers office?

Why the hell didn't her lawyer call the cops when she first hired him on to have charges pressed..

Then all the other crap like tapes that can't be used in court and something so easy to fake its pointless to listen too anyways.

Oh then the Dr's who can be charged with a CRIME and face medical board problems for not turning in this abuse in Jan in which its law in California and even if they lied for her then they sure the hell not going to say she was now since they could lose there right to practice.

Oh then family court lets him have visitation etc. California is different than other states and if there was any proof they wouldn't let him get at best supervised visitation. Doesn't matter if you have the best lawyer in the world this isn't criminal and court doesn't care about any of that. I won my case and got full cust of my 5 year old girl over my ex and she had a lawyer and didn't help. She done nothign wrong like abuse, drugs, laws etc. I won because I proved I was the better parent.

If any of this Mel stuff was true the court wouldn't let him anywhere near the kid. ITs all hear say from a girl who did this to that James Bond actor in the UK.

all bull****...

1566 days ago


hmmm. I usually believe the woman's side of the story, but this just says bullsh*t. If she was indeed abused. Why wait six months to report it? Why did she travel all over the world with him? Why didn't she say anything about this before her album came out and dropped the big one? I say she just wants attention & money. I'm not a fan of Mel Gibson's anymore, but I really doubt he is abusive unless she pushed him to it. Plus, who the hell tape records this stuff? Isn't that against the law anyhow? She should of reported his ass when it happened and not wait so long. For the real victims of abuse, this is an outrage! Didn't she alledge abuse with Timothy Dalton as well, but it was proven to be false? She needs to go away and have those children taken away from her.

1566 days ago


@7 Kimba

First of all your a moron... Prove anything you said about him other than he is a drunk? Just because TMZ said a cop said he made racist remarks doesn't mean its true and funny how even that guys own dept think he is a liar. And for whatever reason he was made to redo his report with all that bull**** hearsay off of it and there is no proof on video of it at all. I know for a fact news asked and went for a copy under freedom of info act and there was none. So ends up it was one cops word against Mels and somehow TMA got tipped off ...hmmm

Radaronline claims to have a tape but why not post it? Why hasn't the judge kept him away from hi kid if all these tapes are true... oh wait they are pointless in court because anyone can fake a tape..

As for him leaving hi wife for this girl... umm no wrong again. His ex Wife has come out and they were separated for four years before the divorce was final. She wanted out and she left. She never claimed abuse nor have his kids. There was no prenup so she got 50% and wouldn't need to sign any shut up clause here so she can talk all she wants and nothing even now.

So all you have is a whore who has a back ground of doing crap like this and a cop whos own dept doesn't believe him and made him change his report because he couldn't prove any of it.

So all your left with is he is a drunk and doesn't mean anything. He could have been drinking last night then again it could have been four years ago... But I will have to give it to him... He could have sued the cop and the police station for that whole racist BS but he didn't. He knows he was wasted and doesn't remember. So knowing the story might not even be true he takes the wrap anyways and works on it..

I would have sued the hell out of that cop and station. I would have won.. Hell Hitler would have won that case..

1566 days ago


as an 8th generation wetback,as Mel the mick calls us, how about a one on one in the ring Mel the wife beater Mick? Sure I'm younger, poorer, and stronger, so I'll make it fair I'll wear a dress and wig, so you forget I'm a man. Sieg heil Mel!

1566 days ago


Mel better pay this girl off to shut her up because she is going to bury him

1566 days ago


Ya right Poor Mel he's a mess and there's no exuse for putting your hands on any women at that.
He made great movies but he suks big ones now,lmao.

1566 days ago



1566 days ago
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