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Jesse's Ex to Sandra: You Don't Care About My Kid

7/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another major shot fired in the Jesse James custody war -- this time, his ex-wife claims she can prove Sandra Bullock doesn't want to have a relationship with her daughter Sunny.


In court papers filed recently in Orange County, CA -- Janine Lindemulder insists that Jesse's "reasons" for wanting to move to Texas with Sunny are "wholly unjustified" ... and attacks Bullock to make her point.

Janine claims Jesse had argued that he wants to move to Texas "so his children could continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock" ... who now lives in Austin.

But in the docs, Janine points to the fact that Sandra had recently moved out of California ... and states, "Certainly if that relationship were that important to Sandra, she would have stayed in California -- where all of [Jesse's] children lived."

Janine -- who considers California her home -- wants the judge to rule that "[Jesse] not be allowed to move to Texas with Sunny."

Jesse and Janine are due back in court on Monday.


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Janine Lindemulder have a point.
I agree with her

1566 days ago


She needs to leave Sandra alone. It is none of her business if Sandra wants to leave on the moon. Sandra may want to see Jesse's kids but she do not have to live in California. Jesse and janine need to work it out themselves.

1566 days ago


Aaaww!! Poor, poor little Janine - not getting enough attention without bringing Sandra Bullock back into it, poor didums?!!!
If Sunny testifys to the court (her opinion has to be heard too y'know), that she wants to maintain a close relationship with Sandra Bullock and wants to move the court has to take into account Sunny's wellbeing!! Just giving birth doesn't make you a mother, Janine's drug use, her porn films and now ex felon for a hubby too don't make for a good enviroment for Sunny and her own words in the past about not being able to get herself interested in what Sunny's doing, really, actually, make her out to be a lousy, self absorberd person who doesn't deserve the right to be called mummy!! Janine can get on a plane, I'm sure she'll make enough air miles lol!! Janine is an addict, an addict is an addict for life to one thing or another - I wouldn't trust her with a plastic goldfish !!!!

1566 days ago


Some people seem to be half reading this. She is not insulting Sandra. She is stating that Sandra left CA to get away from Jessie. She could have stayed for the kids, and put up with Jessie if she wanted to. Jessie in her opinion is lying and just trying to take the kids away from their biolgical Mother, not as he claimed, trying to help Sandra have a relationship with the children.

1566 days ago


Lol this Nazi is trying to use his child to get close to Sandra and he's actually thinking about moving her from her home to do so. What a pathetic loser. Can you say ***** whipped?

1565 days ago


Dang, is Janine in the spotlight again?
Does she not realize that she would not be in this situation if she just stayed out of jail, quit stripping/porno/prostitutition, not married an ex-con and oh yes, quit taking drugs so she was aware of what her daughter had for breakfast! Janine has no ability to make rational decision for herself, let alone for Sunny. Who in their right-mind would give ANY parental rights to this woman? Jesse is probably right for moving Sunny to TX, to get her as far away from this so-called "mother". So many of you are right, giving birth DOESN'T make you a parent! Janine is only working this hard to gain some sort of custody because of the paycheck. If only she worked this hard on being a better parent, she would not be in this dilemma. Janine had her chance at being a parent, and as her emails show, she has FAILED! I'm not saying Janine should be wiped out completely as a parent, but the less contact the better! Who knows what Sunny has been exposed to already? Sunny's best shot at a "normal" life is stability and she had that with Sandra. Why shouldn't Jesse fight to re-establish that... for Sunny's sake? Janine should try and create a stable foundation for herself (better career choices and steady home) and maybe then could she have more contact with her daughter. And for heaven's sake, Janine should keep her personal business, personal. All this media attention she brings to herself, just makes her look looney!

1565 days ago


Why would Sandra want a relationship with that woman's child? It's not Sandra's kid. The marriage is over..that means she's not only done with Jesse but his kids too.

1565 days ago


Sunny has a mother and father so I think the Judge should make a decision on that without Sandra being involved. Jesse shouldn't be allowed to leave a state with her child. Just another example of how only Jesse counts.

1565 days ago


#84 you are right, the courts should leave sandra out of the picture. this battle should be between jesse and janine. however, i don't think the courts are "pro-jesse". the courts just clearly see that jesse can provide a better home life for sunny than janine can. granted, jesse is a cheater, but janine has a worst rap sheet that raises SEVERAL red flags (too many to list). plus jesse has never actually put sunny's life in danger as janine clearly has revealed. im sure the courts probably have more information that proves janine is unfit to care for sunny... and that is why she was only granted "supervised visits".

1565 days ago


#93 get your facts straight. She was granted UNsupervised visits, Jesse has refused to honor the court mandate. Should be interesting to see how things pay out tomorrow as it is obvious the courts have the correct information and not what the media puts out.

1565 days ago


Jessie James is listed as the sole custodial parent to Sunny. He already has the authority to move Sunny out of state.

It's pretty obviously since he isn't the one going to the courts to ask permission to do so. Janine is the one asking the courts to stop it from happening.

Jessie has more money and a better lawyer, despite his infidelity there isn't any proof of drug use.

I'm sure the judge will take into account how Sunny feels about moving. But from what I heard she wants to have a relationship with her brother Louie (the son Sandra adopted)

1565 days ago


"Jessie James is listed as the sole custodial parent to Sunny. He already has the authority to move Sunny out of state.

It's pretty obviously since he isn't the one going to the courts to ask permission to do so. Janine is the one asking the courts to stop it from happening.

Jessie has more money and a better lawyer, despite his infidelity there isn't any proof of drug use.

I'm sure the judge will take into account how Sunny feels about moving. But from what I heard she wants to have a relationship with her brother Louie (the son Sandra adopted)" - RabbleRouser

@ RabbleRouser

Wrong, it's not that simple Mr. Knowitall. Janine still has visitation rights. Janine objects to him moving their daughter out of state because it will place an unreasonable burden on her ability to see her daughter. Unless Jesse can show he has VERY good reason to move out of state the court will view his moving as an attempt to cir***vent the visitation order and hold him in contempt. The only way he will be able to legally move out of state with Sunny is if Janine AND the judge sign off on it and agree it's in Sunny's best interest.

And another thing, Jesse has already risked being found in contempt of court because he has denied her unsupervised visitations despite the court order requiring him to do so. That's going to give the judge all the more reason to be dubious about his intention to move beyond the courts jurisdiction.

His attempt to move out of state with Sunny is an obvious ploy to deny her the court ordered unsupervised visitations she is entitled to under court order. Jesse's scheme to deny her visitation isn't going to work. He needs Janine's permission if he is going to move out of state. They will have to come to a mutual agreement that it's the best thing, and the judge will have to agree it's in Sunny's best interest too and approve it.

As for all of you other brain dead morons thinking this COURT MOTION is a personal swipe at Sandra. Buy a clue you stupid f*cking morons. This is about Janine's right to visit her daughter, which Jesse is attempting to deny in violation of a court order, not about whether Sandra can also see her. If Sandra wants to spend more time with Sunny she can move back to California where BOTH OF HER PARENTS LIVE. Jesse is claiming in part that he wants to move to Austin so Sunny will be closer to Sandra and still able to see her.

Well guess what? If Sandra had any intention of continuing a close relationship with Sunny (despite being her short lived ex step mother) she wouldn't have picked up and moved to another state like she did. That is not the action of someone who wants to remain close to a child. And that's exactly Janine's point to the court. Despite Jesse's claim Sandra obviously isn't interested in maintaining a close relationship with Sunny. That's bloody obvious, her actions speak louder then words. Do you think Sunny didn't feel abandoned when Sandra suddenly split after claiming she wanted to remain a part of the kids life??? Well think again... actions speak louder then words.

1564 days ago


Move Away Situations by San Jose Child Custody Lawyer John S. Yohanan

"The most important concern in any child custody situation is protecting the relationship of the child with each parent. This is particularly challenging for non-custodial parents and California family courts work hard to ensure that parental rights are protected.

However, there are times when the well-being and the needs of the custodial parent come into conflict with the needs of the non-custodial parent: in situations in which the custodial parent wishes to move out of state or to a distant community."

"Typically, California family court judges do allow parents to move to a new location if they have a good reason to move, such as a job offer. Judges have been known to deny a relocation request if an attorney was able to prove that the move would have a detrimental affect on the parent-child relationship of the non-custodial parent, especially if it looks like the move has been initiated in order to deprive one parent of his or her visitation rights.

The family court judge will consider the costs of transportation when making a decision regarding child relocation and will often require the parent moving to another state to pay for the cost of visiting the non-custodial parent. It's also common to grant that parent larger blocks of uninterrupted visitation in an attempt to ensure time with the child stays approximately the same, even though not as frequent.

If you are considering moving away and taking your child with you, do not simply move away and violate your court order. Talk with an attorney first and properly petition the court for a change."

1564 days ago


what it all comes down to is the well-being of Sunny. the only thing Jesse can be accused of doing is trying to provide Sunny with a gorgeous home, surrounded by loving people who are looking out for her best interest and an environment that is media, drug and porn free! where as Janine is so selfish enough that she is going to deny her child this loving home environment so she can tote sunny from sleazy, roach infested motel to another? Janine wants Sunny to stay in California so she can get every opportunity to pose for the cameras, acting like a real mom (see the difference? Jesse and Sandra try to keep her out of the media).
Janine may be the Sunny's biological parent, but she needs to make some serious changes in her life to convince anyone she is capable of being her mother. if janine works harder at providing a better life for herself, Sunny will appreciate her more in the long run.

1564 days ago


@andrea- regardless, they are only visitation rights and not sole-custody. (that was my point)

1564 days ago
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