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Lindsay Lohan -- Still Lawyerless

7/10/2010 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has not decided on a new lawyer yet, but hopes to have one by next week ... this according to her lawyer in New York.


As we first reported, Shawn Chapman Holley resigned as Lindsay's lawyer just days after Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in the pokey.

Stephanie Ovadia, who is representing Lindsay in her lawsuit against E*TRADE, tells TMZ they are still interviewing lawyers and "no attorney has been retained." She added that they hoped to have one chosen in the next couple of days.

Sources close to Lindsay have told us she has vowed to appeal her sentence.


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Craig Swinson    

She can appeal but she is going to do jail time, no matter what.

1531 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

this chick needs to go st8 to jail...... Not it's and no buts!!! I'm sick and tired of celebrity justice. Our system is corrupt, all these judges and layers that let these celebs get away with it, need to be fired.

1531 days ago


Yeah, I bet there is a long line of lawyers waiting to represent this broke ass train wreck in her "snowball's chance" appeal. Another checkmark in the loss column.

1531 days ago

What lawyer would want to deal with her crazy fits and crying? And worse, good luck getting paid -- her checks bounce.

1531 days ago


Stephanie Ovadia is a joke in herself. Word is that attorneys have turned Lindsay down because of her bad attitude. Most likely, an attorney would have to work for free anyway, Lindsay doesn't pay her bills. Lindsay's bad attitude and addictions have cost the state of CA enough already. Wonder how many doctors are giving her scripts for her meds?

1531 days ago


I can hardly wait until next week..."Lindsay's new lawyer is Santa Claus! Straight from close reliable sources (a small dwarf with pointy shoes named Harvey)". Of course, a few days ago, TMZ told us the new lawyer would be Tiffeny Feder - Cohen. Then Tmz told us Tiffeny had already contacted the sheriff. And today they tell us there is no lawyer...

1531 days ago


Ok seriously - how can LL think her name is like a brand name?

That whole Etrade suit is effing hilarious.

1531 days ago


May the State of California remain tough and commit her to at least one week in jail. Her parents are the underlying problem, i.e. their "princess cash cow" is better than the rest of the youth in America. She needs a solid detoxification of everything that keeps her from getting in touch with true self--nicotine, marijuana, illegal, and pharmaceutical drugs before she enters a real not a "princess" program. If her parents keep up with their bs, she will definitely end up dead. To her friends who worry about her not smoking in jail, SHE WILL SURVIVE and come out a better person.

Boycott anything--movies, music, clubs, or products--where Lindsey Lohan is involved and let her parents create new cash cows for themselves.

1531 days ago

Woody Nelson    

Help us help @LindsayLohan join this Facebook Fan Page plz RT help us get her on SNL again!

1531 days ago


My god. How delusional is this idiot? Suing E*Trade (that's a loser if there ever was one; it'll get thrown out of court before it's even heard) and now trying to lawyer up again, to appeal a sentence that can't be appealed. Still posing like an attention whore...

I hope her new lawyer, whoever that is, gets a huge retainer upfront. BLOWhan is almost broke & apparently didn't pay her 1st attorney. Also, she started lawyer shopping & didn't tell her 1st attorney; that's why she quit. I think she wants to sue the world... wait, what? Oh for christ sakes... *is served with BLOWhan lawsuit papers*

1531 days ago


Appeal all you want, your still going to jail on the 20th. I think the only way she can stay out of jail is a 5150 commitment to a mental facility. Those places are far worse than jail!
I also think that jail is the kiss of death for those civil suits that are pending. They are going to stay pending for a long time. The argument that jail and then lock down rehab prevent her from assisting in her defense is very strong. Any money she gets for an interview after jail will be long spent by the time there is a judgement.

1531 days ago


She could try reassembling the Dream Team..but that obviously aint gona happen.

Unless somehow they can find a lawyer,and prove a good case to make intoxicated driving legal,and recreational use of cocaine legal..They could get her case thrown out of court??

Maybe they can try to say she was forced to plead guilty to these charges in 2007,because she had a brutal interogation,and was forced to sign the papers under duress?

A presidential pardon?

Whatever the Lohan strategy is gonna's gonna be more stupid than the things I just mentioned above.

Once this appeal process start...she's defiantely gonna be the laughing stock of America.

1531 days ago


Why doesn't she just stop her whining and snivelling and go to jail. People would have a lot more respect for her if she just turned up at the police station and said 'OK, I know what I did was wrong and I'm willing to abide by the judge's ruling. I'm ready.' People have no respect for her trying to weasel her way out of what is a fair and light sentence.

1531 days ago

EDEN G.    

I love Lindsay Lohan. She should not have been sentenced to 90 days in jail at all. Hopefully after all this she goes back into acting, I'll she can rise up to be a star once more.

1531 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

She's going to appeal then they are going to give her more time.. She needs to just do the time after all she did the crime.. Stop being a cry baby

1531 days ago
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