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Jesse's Ex: I'm Being Replaced by Sandra Bullock

7/13/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder just told the judge in their custody case that she believes Jesse has hatched a diabolical plan to have Sandra Bullock "replace" her as a parent.


Moments ago in an Orange County courtroom, Janine was being questioned about Jesse's recent move to Texas -- and his attempt to have 6-year-old Sunny live with him permanently in the Lonestar state ... miles from where Sandra Bullock owns a home.

Janine argued that she doesn't think Sunny to go -- and stated, "I believe I'm being replaced by Sandra Bullock."

As TMZ first reported, Janine had expressed issues with Sunny's relationship with Sandra in the past in a series of emails with Jesse's sister ... in which Janine wrote, "All Sunny ever talks about is Sandy, Sandy! Wtf?!"


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Words of advice for Janine - It's time to start loving Sunny more than you hate Jesse and Sandra...
Your disdain for them is clouding your judgment, and your words will come back for you to choke on one day...
Be thankful that Sunny has such a decent role model in her life, since you're too busy playing the victim...
Sandra actually loves ALL of Jesse's kids as though they were her own...Does that mean she's "trying to steal them"?...No...
It means that their bio Mom's lucked out in that there's someone in the picture who sees the KIDS needs and puts them first...
Get over yourself Janine...

1533 days ago


This woman's behavior is quite typical of a parent who has not made the right decisions and has put her relationship with her own daughter in jeopardy. Yes, this little girl is going to look up to the people that are there for her and do what is best for her. No, she is not going to be crazy about a drug-addicted, drama queen who causes nothing but problems all the time. Why not work with Ms. Bullock to create a good atmosphere for this little girl? Isn't that what this is about? Well, now that would the question wouldn't it? You see every time you see Janine she is talking about Sandra Bullock. She does not seem to be very concerned with her daughter at all in my opinion. She is obsessed with Sandra Bullock. Even after the divorce Jesse got she is obsessed with Sandra Bullock. Instead of acting like a high school teenager focus on your daughter and what is best for her. You are making a damned fool of yourself and are not helping your daughter at all.

1533 days ago


@ patti sullivan- you said it all girl! you took the word right out of my mouth! the question is, will she quit obsessing about sandra long enough to realize this?

1533 days ago


Janine being replaced by Sandra is the BEST thing that could EVER happen to Sunny! Would you want that tattooed freak, drug addict, for a mother?

1533 days ago


So Sunny's moving up in the world of parents. Good for her. Did this stupid woman think she was going to win mother of the year for being a drug-addicted ex-con porn star who admits she doesn't even care if her child eats or not? Sandra should just adopt Sunny and get this no-good woman away from her.

1533 days ago


there are pics of Janine going into court today and all she is doing is making faces and posing for the cameras. she is giving peace signs and has a great big grin on her face... she is totally loving the media attention. you can also see jesse in the background with his head down for most of the shots. janine looks awfully happy and cheerful for someone who is going to lose her daughter to TX. she looks like a total attention hog! ugh!
fyi- you can see the pics at

1533 days ago


Make your mind up, skankho! One minute she is extolling the virtues of Sandra and how much she wants her in her daughter's life, then she turns around and badmouths her. She is nothing but an attention whoring skank and I honestly don't think she has the ability to really care about anyone but herself. Some people are, sadly, like that - totally self absorbed.

1533 days ago

Pound Sand    

That is because she knows you are slutty skank!

1533 days ago


If Janine was so worried about being a good parent then why did she have to lose her child before she decided to make things right. She didn't seem to care what her oldest son thought when she was still appearing in movies while he was in high school in Oregon being cared for by his grandmother and aunt. I didn't bother her to bad talk Jessie and Sandra to everyone that would listen, nor did her mom, and that was in front of her kids. So, why is that okay? Now she is married to a felon and both have had problems with drugs, so until her problems are taken care of I don't think that Sunny should be subjected to that environment. I don't doubt that Janine doesn't love Sunny, but why not act like the mother in the bible and want the best for your child, and sacrifice yourself for the betterment of your child, instead of, being self-serving and subject her to an environment that she can't live down. I know what Janine's children feel like because my mom was a stripper and growing up I was very embarrassed and wished that I had a different life, but I can't imagine having it as publicized as this is.

1533 days ago


Hmmmm? Oscar winner or washed up porn star with enough tats to make dennis rodman puke? Hey porn star, you're a dirtball. buh bye!

1533 days ago


If you were a porn star before Sunny was born that would have been one thing, but you will not get any sympathy from anyone by continuing in the porn business. You can't say it was because of having to support your daughter and son, because you were getting over ten grand a month in child support from Jesse alone for Sunny. In one month you made what some mothers make in a year, and they only wish they could stay home to care for their children, yet you chose to stay in porn and be around unsavory people for your own personal choice. No other reason. You only want what you can't have. You have always wanted to be in the spotlight and right now you are soaking up the fact that Jesse and Sandra are and need to ride their coattails for publicity.

1533 days ago


Appears she's telling Jesse one thing and the court another. Not sure what she thinks she'll get out of this.

1532 days ago

Michelle A.    

Yeah he would. I wouldn't want a money hungry woman like you as my mother either. Just leave the poor family alone. poor sandra!

1532 days ago


Crazy, used up, selfish ****. If this slaptard dedicated as much time to becoming a better parent as she does to using drugs and banging men for a living she'd surpass Sandra. Broads like this don't understand concepts of love, loyalty or integrity. They are in love with money and themselves. They are only interested in making a quick and easy buck. They don't have the guts to hit it out everyday to make an honest living. It's easier to ensnare some man or expect the government i.e. taxpayer to take care of them and their multiple babies by multiple daddies or to show their puss puss in a men's magazine. These bitches like to call themselves "liberated" and "empowered". It's now obvious that this is just another low rent, money hungry, attention whore that our culture is churning out regularly. Clearly Jesse was meant to be this tramp's ticket out of the lifestyle she enslaved herself to of her own free will. Hell this **** probably stopped taking BC specifically for the purpose of trapping JJ. Yet we are supposed to feel sorry for women like this. Courtesy of the radical element of the women's lib movement(and if you disagree with them you're labeled a woman-hater or misogynist) and our money centric-fame driven culture we will only continue to see MORE, not less, of these types of women. This woman isn't free, she's a slave. To think some men deliberately make women like this their wife and the mother of their children and actually expect a positive outcome. Take a look, folks, this could be your daughter someday.

1532 days ago

Oval Beach    

Notice how Sunny isn't saying "mommy, mommy" WTF indeed.

1532 days ago
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