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Kelsey Grammer -- No Prenup!!!

7/14/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer took a page out of Larry King's playbook, and got hitched to Camille without a prenup.


It's pretty stunning, since during the run of "Frasier" Kelsey was the highest paid actor on TV ... making $1.6 mil an episode at the end of the show's 11-year run.

As we first reported, Kelsey is asking that some of his "Frasier" money be declared his separate property.  Turns out, he was married in 1997, four years after the series launched.  So Kelsey's separate property request only covers the first 4 years.  His earnings for the remaining 7 years, as well as much of the syndication money, will be considered community property.

Going 50/50 is risky business, when you've already been married twice before. Camille is Kelsey's third wife.

Just a note for the future.



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He must have really loved her to go for no prenup. I wonder what happened to split them up. Hope they play fair in the divorce.

1570 days ago


What good is money when you don't have love?

1570 days ago


Ride a pole, suck a ****, become a rich chick.

1570 days ago


This poor guy has seen so much sadness. His dad was murdered. His sister was raped (and murdered, too, I think). I think a lot of his substance abuse trouble stemmed from all the sadness and brutality he's had to endure. So he's a romantic. He loves being in love. That doesn't make him stupid. It makes him human. Show a little compassion, people. His marriage fell apart. Two little kids are seeing their parents break up. I hope this doesn't send him on a downward spiral. He seems like a nice guy who wants a family and a wife who loves him. I'm wishing him well.

1570 days ago


Whenever you see an older guy and chubby and gray hair, etc, and you see him with a hot younger wife, it's always safe to say she married him for the money. Look at the chick Mel has (had), and this camille - doh! it's the money. Won't be long before Grammer will be pressed into losing his temper, where a handy phone call will be recorded, and poof, Camille will be off filing charges and laying claims to all his money. The cycle of life for rich older dudes and their younger hot wives. just doesn't end.

1570 days ago


What a great guy!!

Kelsey Grammer split with his wife of 13 years before the Tonys, but asked her to fly to New York for the awards and pretend their marriage was fine while staying at a hotel, sources tell Page Six.

Grammer, 55, dumped LA-based wife Camille Donatacci, 41, by telephone just over a month ago, telling her he "was done and wanted the single life."

But family sources tell us Grammer begged her to fly in to put on a united front at the Tonys days later on June 13, then refused to let her into his apartment.

One source said, "Kelsey was so cold. He told her it was over and he wanted to see other people, but still asked her to be at the Tonys. She stayed at the London Hotel, and in public they acted like a couple, but he wouldn't let her in his apartment, or discuss a reconciliation.

"Some friends say he changed after he moved to New York five months ago," the source said. "He started hanging out late with a new crowd after the show, and became more distanced from Camille. He was living the single life.

"Just over a month ago, he called Camille out of the blue and said he was done with the marriage and wanted to start dating. Camille was devastated he could be so cold. For her, it was totally out of the blue."

Camille -- who had previously helped the former "Frasier" star beat his drug and booze problems -- filed for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences" and seeking primary physical custody of the couple's children -- daughter Mason, 8, and son Jude, 5.

Grammer's rep, Stan Rosenfield, said, "No, Kelsey did not end their marriage by telephone. Yes, she [Camille] did stay at a hotel." Asked about Grammer's alleged partying, he said, "He has not started drinking."

Grammer's rep said: "While some of what you write has an element of truth, none of it is accurate."

Grammer said on his Web site earlier this week: "Camille and I had been discussing the possibility of a separation for some time before all this happened. She finally decided she should file. I respect her for this decision. I mean her no harm."

1570 days ago


There would be no Frasier money if she didn't sober the junkie up. He'd be dead in a ditch somewhere years ago. She saved his life, that alone should be worth more than what the mans got. He also said if it wasn't for her he would have died when he had his recent heart attack. The man is sleaze!

The guy is coming across like a real d-bag, lowlife. I guess it's true what they say about him being such a phony.

1570 days ago


What a f--king MORON! She's hot! WTF were you thinking to abandon her and her kids?!? Hey, Larry King...ehhh...I mean, Kelsey Grammer, you're not getting much better than her. If you do get a younger version, then you can bet she only wants your money.

1570 days ago

Ron Golden    

Chaching....she knows how to work that money maker.
He'll be making a fool out of himself soon.
After 40 shouldn't men start thinking with their brain?

1570 days ago

RJ Hunt    

This dude is SOFA-KING screwed...

1570 days ago


Guess when he decided he wanted the single life again and phones to tell his wife - his wife had no choice and he knew it would cost him big -
It was his choice so he pays the freight on this decision.
Sad for the two young kids - Kelsey should know better at his age and with 3 marriages. Next he'll be hooked up with some new bimbette.
Note to Kelsey: She will not be that adoring young sweet thing you think she is - she'll be after whatevers left of your $$$ Fool!

1570 days ago


He knew the pitfalls being married twice before.

Besides, half of all his money is still a lot of money. Now he can go score young fresh babes.

1570 days ago


Wow, this marriage lasted longer than I ever thought.

Here you have a guy who has had major substance-abuse issues, who has been married many times, and also is linked to allegations of improper behavior with a babysitter/underage girl (several years back). So he marries a fake and unskilled ex Playboy bunny (when will men learn) who says because of her IBS she can't have they buy them. (That reasoning made me wonder about her)

This marriage had no chance.....and their kids are caught in the middle.

1570 days ago


This won't be populaar but,

I'm a woman of a certain age myself ,ahem, but I still don't think it's right that women "automatically" get half of everything in a divorce!! It's just wrong.

If I'm leaving you to go on with my life I don't want ANY of your ****, including your money!! I'd think abt it every nickel I spent. Just go away!!

I DO believe in taking care of your children, but you shouldn't lose everything to someone you don't love and doesn't love you. I just don't get it!!

Off my soapbox now.

1570 days ago

Joe Blow    

Die screaming, spammer.

1570 days ago
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