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Kelsey Grammer -- No Prenup!!!

7/14/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kelsey Grammer took a page out of Larry King's playbook, and got hitched to Camille without a prenup.


It's pretty stunning, since during the run of "Frasier" Kelsey was the highest paid actor on TV ... making $1.6 mil an episode at the end of the show's 11-year run.

As we first reported, Kelsey is asking that some of his "Frasier" money be declared his separate property.  Turns out, he was married in 1997, four years after the series launched.  So Kelsey's separate property request only covers the first 4 years.  His earnings for the remaining 7 years, as well as much of the syndication money, will be considered community property.

Going 50/50 is risky business, when you've already been married twice before. Camille is Kelsey's third wife.

Just a note for the future.



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Men who marry women young enough to be their daughter always deserve what they get as well as what they lose.

1561 days ago


SERIOUSLY HOW THE HELL ARE WOMEN SO EASILY taking a man for everything he owns?

It's like this entire country/legal system is ran by all women..rofl wtf is going on here?

1561 days ago


another dumbass just like Paul McCartney.

1561 days ago


Lest we forget, Kelsey had a hell of a cocaine habit. He was probably blasted out of his mind when he got married.

1561 days ago


You can tell by the picture how much love she got for him( the way she look at him) :D

1561 days ago


Being wealthy these days and not getting a prenup is akin to having sex with a hooker without a condom. Wait, they're all hookers, some just demand a ring instead of cash....sorry libfems :)

1561 days ago


4 Carvey:

What did he do to piss you off so much? His past drug problems or something? Sheesh.

1561 days ago


I'm wondering if all Frazier money is safe since the contract for the show was signed several years before the marriage?

1561 days ago


The expressions on their faces in the photo used above should be the opposite.

1561 days ago


Check him out at the end of the Middle Men Trailer!
Hopefully she doesn't get a hold of his credit card statement!

1561 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I'm losing my respect for this guy lately. He can't seem to hold a job, his marriage is falling apart, his politics are not very respectable, and he's clearly an idiot for not having a pre-nup (and now wanting it both ways).

Whatta maroon.

1561 days ago

David Gabay    

I'm always amazed at the way people handle their finances when getting married for the second, or third time. I am a prenutpial lawyer and advise my clients in this situation to try several approaches to protecting their assets: prenups, trust agreements, etc. This is going to cost him way more money than he needed to spend.

-David Gabay

1561 days ago


Why do these nutty celebs feel the need to repeatedly get married? I live common-law and I can't wait to get my own space back. Never again will I live with someone else never mind marry them and give them half my money because of it. It's a strange world.

1561 days ago


"What a maroon"?? And HE'S the idiot?? Jesus H. You can practically count on ONE hand the number of out-of-the-closet Republicans in Hollywood. Why do people have such issues with that? God forbid, a minority don't share the majority point of view over there...

1561 days ago


Couldn't happen to a nicer rightwing tea bagger.

WHAT is up with the celebs with a ton of money marrying these gold diggers? Do they really think these good looking women are attracted to their looks and personality? Do like George Clooney does and just date for a year or so and then move on.

There is something wrong with people who just have to keep getting married over and over again.

Don't like him anyway so I hope she takes him to the cleaners and then drops him off in shantytown although that won't happen because after all is said and done, he's still richer than you or I.

You know that old saying about insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results?

1561 days ago
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