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D.A.'s Office Will Not Rush Mel Gibson Case

7/14/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the Mel Gibson investigation tell TMZ ... the D.A's office will not become "part of the howling mob" and rush a decision on whether to prosecute the actor.

We're told reps from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department told the D.A.'s office last week ...  the case could be sent over to prosecutors as early as this week, but now that will definitely not happen.

There are critical witnesses still to interview -- including Oksana's dentist and 12-year-old son -- as well as the presentation Mel's lawyers will make to Sheriff's detectives.  And the Sheriff's department still needs to review and authenticate the tapes.

We're told prosecutors are in touch with Sheriff's detectives but they are not attending the witness interviews.

One source involved in the case put it this way:  "Mel isn't going anywhere.  He's like Tiger Woods.  There's no where he can hide in the world.  And she (Oksana) isn't in any danger.  We're in no rush to make a decision.  We're going to do it right."



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I hope he dont kill her or himself while they ****a round with their investigation.

1525 days ago


At this point she is not in danger, at least in the Police's eyes. If she ends up dead then Mel Gibson will be the first person they look to, the second person is THE TRUTH aka Sweatheart who has been a RAPIB fan of Mel's and then they will look to all here on TMZ who have said negative things about her.

I hope she is safe, she has alot to be fearful from outside of Mel and I hope the RABID fan does not harm the baby or her son.

1525 days ago


see what comes from messing with married men

1525 days ago


Let me add BRET to the list of suspects!

1525 days ago


People haven't you heard? Money talks and bull*hit walks!

1525 days ago


Don't be naive people. A billionaire racists isn't going to go to jail people. That is why the man is so arrogant.

However in a civil suit he will fart a few million at this woman to make sure she goes away.

Also, his racists base will make sure he continues to make money.

I'm just saying the truth.

1525 days ago

Ken Maness    

When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog will kick him. -- Hindu Proverb

1525 days ago


lol Ken: I think its called Kicking a Man when he is down.

Goes to show: When men turn 40, or 50, you better just hide your money, and lock yourself in a barn somewhere and keep company with the cows... Come out in 10 years when you might be safe from Woman Mongers!

1525 days ago


This is the case of the Warrior Bride and the Lost Matri-Money... nothing like a scorned bride wannabe.

1525 days ago


Oksana will just find another aging star to stalk, engage and become pregnant by then seek financial support. She is a prowling alley cat undeserving of respect or consideration. Time to get the cat spayed and send it in a crate to Russia in the cargo hold.

1525 days ago


i wsh they would DEPORT Oksana and her 2 F***ing Brats!!! Back to Russia. im SICK of the news being all about her and that racist BONEHEAD, Mel Gibson... let here become a HOOKER in Russia to msupport the F******G BRATS!!!

1525 days ago


the tapes are quite hysterically funny at times, i had a good laugh .... thanks Mel

sounds to me Gibson is more mad at himself for being a complete idiot and falling for yucksana and being used...unfortunately it wasnt just a costly money mistake, its an emotional one as there is a child involved, he realizes there is no way no how with the skank and just wants to do right by the daughter

Yucksana, its obvious you are only good for bj's like most of the other russian parasites, you come from a screwed up country where there is an actual school in russia teaching women how to be skanks, instead of an education they get lessons in giving bj's and trapping men...nice huh?

1525 days ago


Nice to hear they are going to take their time and make sure they have all the facts.

1525 days ago


Well it's a good job SOMEONE isn't rushing to judgement!! The LAPD were going to send a case to prosecute before interviewing the dentist, interviewing her son, or listening to any contrary proof Mel's lawyers have to provide him innoccent, or without LISTENING to the tapes ALL OF THEM?! Oh yeah, I'd have soooo much confidence in a case presented that way - NOT!! The media and websites like tmz may be calling for his immediate death as a horrific woman beater, a racist etc but it would be sooo NICE if there was actually any proof other than Octomum/Oskansa's word for it - she does after all have an agenda hm?! The dentist himself has committed a crime by not reporting her alleged assault, even if she got down on all fours and begged him not to call the cops!! It's handy how patient confidentiality is being used to get him off the hook - unless he testifies to that he's screwed career wise lol!!
Her 12 year old son by Timothy Dalton was living with her at the time she says, but she didn't send him back to daddy to protect him from the evil Mel, nor did he tell daddy hm?! If he had you can bet Dalton wouldn't be letting his kid stay with her under those cir***stances - that would be child endangerment!!
None of us know the truth until the evidence is submitted, so me I'm real happy the Prosecutor is going to wait until all the evidence is gathered before letting the LAPD file charges hm?!
So far, if Mel is right and can prove it with e-mails, she's committed blackmail, extortion, she's illegally taped him in his own home and on the phone, she's done something he could prove to get a restraint order over a month ago, she under her own admission has coerced a dentist into not reporting an assault (as is required by law), she's released the legally sealed tapes to the media to try to win her case in the media, she has NEVER until 5/7/10 reported domestic violence, she has endangered her child by Dalton and the baby IF the abuse is right, she's refused to comply with visitation over the baby, she hasn't yet even PROVEN with DNA the baby's his and has demanded thousands in child support and to keep her!! Possibly either her or her lawyer PAID someone to release those tapes on their behalf!
Don't you find it strange that someone who's sooo savvy about trapping someone by showing abuse, didn't use CCTV in the house, it's easy and cheap to do and would have proved her case right out! No she has audio tapes that could be a mimic, that could have been edited, that were easy to incite someone with, then she says she has photos of bruises (also easily faked in this day and age, an old trick) but no one saw her with them?!
Sorry, but I don't believe a word that comes out of her over filled lips/mouth!! She deliberately got pregnant, thought she'd get more money out of him than the legal agreement, he refused to be blackmailed and she went public with a nasty, dirty little smear campaign that she thinks will win her case!! He's not married to her so alimony is out, now it's child support IF the baby is his, until it turns 18 or 21 - unless of course the kid leaves her for him lol!! Even if this can all be proved she's still a ho for old men with money!! Pity the next poor s.o.b, he'll be on his deathbed when the miracle of her conceiving triplets comes to light, he'll have a heart attack before the DNA can confirm it either way and she'll be in the money yet again lol!! Perhaps she'll finally get someone to marry her because Timothy Dalton never did!!

1525 days ago


Mel PICKED a RUSSIAN WHORE to get pregnant. Nice going, Mel.. Now your daughter will be a Whore in Russia because Oksana will leave AFTER she TAKES YOUR MONEY!! You got RIPPED OFF , you dumb Polock!! LOL, you deserved it for all the grief you put your wife through for years, for ALL the names you called her, All the CHEATING you did on her!!! you S***!!!

1525 days ago
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