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Tiger Woods Mistress -- More DNA, Please!

7/15/2010 8:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The porn star who claims Tiger Woods is her baby daddy has filed court documents -- obtained by TMZ -- practically begging for a judge to force Tiger to submit to a DNA test.

Devon James -- mistress # 20ish -- claims there was a "misunderstanding" when a prior paternity test showed that a man named Pele Watkins was most likely the father to her 9-year-old son.

In the docs, Devon states that she believes Tiger is the real father -- and she's willing to provide information on the time, place and hotel location where the child was conceived to help prove her point.

She's also willing to name "his golf buddies who were there at the time in Pebble Beach."

As we first reported, Tiger denies the whole thing ... and recently filed papers of his own asking a judge to throw out the entire paternity case.

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Gentlemen this is what happens when you hook up with some of these women. They don't love you; they want your money. No, you are not God. You are a paycheck, and nothing more. Stop thinking with your johnson and leave the tricks alone. If you are going to sleep with one wrap it up twice. Don't trust her; she is trying to trap you. Good Luck.

1564 days ago


Let's be fair to Tiger, he had her like 9 years ago! Way before the herpes, skank hair, massive amounts of hard drugs,other STD's, and bad tattos ravaged her body.

Hey dumb skank, if you know you are going to be on TMZ.com (Because you called them) try to class it up and actually do your hair, wear a **** that doesn't make you look like a dipsh#t. For god sake you look like you just got off a 4 days bender.

1564 days ago


did she just finished F@@king someone in the building to try to chage someone's mind and end up get herpes from it??

1564 days ago


Holy ****...Tiger slept with some skanks but THIS one takes the cake!! Damn, where did he dig up this piece of trash? I’m not sure which is more disgusting...the VD below her lip or the moustache above it.

1564 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

You people could call this gal every dirty, sick, name you can think of---BUT REMEMBER--- Its girls like this that TIGER WOODS slept with!!!!!! What can you say of a GUY that sleeps with EVERY PIG he meets????? Who is the filth MONGER HERE??? What kind of chick is dirtier than TIGER WOODS??????? I wouldnt want to shake hands with Tiger- He is something to be avoided on and OFF the golf course!!!!

1564 days ago


She looks so proud of herself... Almost as if she's not wearing flip-flops while unwed and pregnant, while wearing a t-shirt declaring herself an adultress, all while she's standing there with a tattoo on her leg and herpes on her mouth. Mama must be so proud.

1564 days ago


Damn, she needs to use her child support money for some herpes medication. In EVERY candid pic I've seen of her, she's sporting some HUGE fever blisters. Ouch... What man wants a BJ from that nastiness ? LOL

1564 days ago


LMAO!!! She just wants to get PAID!

1564 days ago


Now it looks to me like she is trying to get rich if the first test says that 99.9% the other man is the daddy then she needs to leave Tiger alone. Can someone say GOLD DIGGER.

1564 days ago


I cannot believe Tiger woods does not have aids at this point?!?! Or A heavy string of HPV or Herpes or Hepatitis?

I soooo believe Ulciwhore got paid to keep quiet!

cmon its impossible he rolled the dice sooo many times... even 50Cent the rapper mentioned how Tiger is a "betting man" and how he is nuts to go rubberless with sooo many women.

1564 days ago


Yes, Tiger's Momma is very proud; at least as proud as an ex-pole dancing adultress can be of her and her lovely idiot son.

1564 days ago


Would she even know his name if he wasn't famous? I say NOT...So let me get this straight, he's the one guy she had unprotected sex with.

1563 days ago


Carmen, "The media has reported" on Tiger's DNA and we all know how reliable the media is on anything pertaining to this subject. I am sure the court will do what is right and legal and hopefully this psycho will be held accountable as will her attorney.

1563 days ago


Is it really her? she looks like a man!! Tiger must be attracted to trannies....

1563 days ago


Maybe he should just keep his DNA on file somewhere and hand out business cards with the directions for the test...

1563 days ago
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