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Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself In

7/15/2010 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to blunt her 90-day jail sentence by moving in to a sober living house.

Lohan was spotted entering a facility in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Lohan's mother, sister and Sam Ronson were seen at the facility later that day.

As we first reported, attorney Robert Shapiro has been hired to help Lindsay either reduce or eliminate her jail sentence.

TMZ broke the story ... Shapiro is trying to push rehab immediately hoping it will satisfy Judge Marsha Revel.

Part of Lindsay's sentence was to check into rehab for 90 days after serving the jail time, but this appears to be an example of putting the cart before the horse.

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "Why is that I had to cry from the mountain for Lindsay to listen to me, and now finally she is doing what I said?

I just pray they implement everything else I said, like getting Lindsay clean of all meds, picking all new friends and management, and that Dina put her motives aside and she go to counseling with Lindsay and me."


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I think its BS if she does not get any jail time. EVERYONE else would have to do jail time, Why should she be any different?

1469 days ago



Like every other DUI case, she should HAVE to do her jail time. Many structured DUI sentences are a combination of jai and rehab time. No way around it. She has two DUIs, a possession conviction and a reckless endangerment conviction. Yet she hasn't done any jail time--oh wait, 84 min. I have three DUI convictions over 10 years.The last one was a .08 and I was sitting in a parking lot, car off but with keys. I did 90 days of jail, am serving 9 mo. house arrest and am attending counseling. Where is the equity?

Posted at 8:22 AM on Jul 16, 2010 by Cathy
Finally someone who has actually stated the truth. THANK YOU.
If you read my other comments & you will know that I completely agree with.
LL does NOT deserve any "special treatment". She needs to realize that she has a lot of problems & that her "D" status is not going to get her out off this.
I've said it before,IF there are doctors at this sober house (what a joke) who can evaluate LL & give her meds. that will help while she's there & in jail.

How much time were you sentenced to? Did they let you out cuz of house arrest? I have heard that is pricey, but much better than jail. I'm just curious. I know not every one can afford this, but I'm sure if they had an opportunity to do house arrest, their family & friends would help pay.

1469 days ago



@Jade Evergreen
That is lies there is ZERO proof/evidence that Lindsay has taken illegal drugs since 07. No one knows what was in the Cannes picture unless they were actualy there. Lindsay was allowed to drink while on probation until May 24th so the vodka isn't an issue.

Free Lindsay

Posted at 2:11 PM on Jul 15, 2010 by Nicole
You must be a Lohan family member. If the picture from Cannes could be deemed "doctored", then whey won't LL threaten to sue?

Regardless, taking Adderall -legal speed- is not acceptable unless a person has ADD. I doubt she does. We all know LL does meth (among others) & uses the adderall to mask the meth in her drug tests. This isn't anything new. I've met people who have done the same thing. They just pay a doctor enough $ & they get the prescription + more.
What about running down hotel hallways begging for xanax in the wee hours of mornings. What about the e-mail that she sent out to everyone basically comparing herself to Howard Hughes?
Her behavior & attitude have proven to me & MANY others that she is an alcoholic & drug addict. Even addict specialists have agreed. It does take a rocket scientist or former Rockette to figure this out.
Instead of defending your daughter Dina, you should start helping her.
JAIL THEN REHAB. Do you honestly think the judge is going to say "O.K. I changed my mind, LL can stay at this joke of a sober house & not go to jail." Do you think the judge hasn't seen pictures of FU on LL's middle finger? I wouldn't recommend LL stepping foot in the court house.
Dina, your comment was a joke, just like you.

1468 days ago


If Lindsay get's out of jail time, I'm going to smash my head in a kitchen drawer and move to Singapore.

1468 days ago


Lindsy is going to be fine and all of you were still remain the same full of hate Jesus loves her and all her fans. She is special and she is going to make it. everyone goes through bad times so what!!

1465 days ago


Lindsay what happen to u. I used to love ur movies. wait I still do. I loved Just My Luck. well i don't look like ur having much luck

1463 days ago
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