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Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself In

7/15/2010 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to blunt her 90-day jail sentence by moving in to a sober living house.

Lohan was spotted entering a facility in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Lohan's mother, sister and Sam Ronson were seen at the facility later that day.

As we first reported, attorney Robert Shapiro has been hired to help Lindsay either reduce or eliminate her jail sentence.

TMZ broke the story ... Shapiro is trying to push rehab immediately hoping it will satisfy Judge Marsha Revel.

Part of Lindsay's sentence was to check into rehab for 90 days after serving the jail time, but this appears to be an example of putting the cart before the horse.

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "Why is that I had to cry from the mountain for Lindsay to listen to me, and now finally she is doing what I said?

I just pray they implement everything else I said, like getting Lindsay clean of all meds, picking all new friends and management, and that Dina put her motives aside and she go to counseling with Lindsay and me."


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These people (the Lohan's) have no idea that they must also live with the same rules as the rest of us. Lindsay needs jail now more than ever. She doesn't decide her sentence, a judge does. I hope the judge pulls her out of there and puts her in jail. Even 30 days would work as a wake up call. For my part, they can throw that mother of hers in with her.

1527 days ago


Personally, I think Lohan entered into Sober House, because when she doesn't turn herself in for her jail stint, she can say your honor I was at sober house. I felt if I went and got help I wouldn't have to go to jail. Another ploy, just like the lost passport.

1527 days ago


Should be interesting to see just her attorney show up in court on Tuesday and tell the judge LiLo is not there cause she moved into a "sober living" house (whatever the heck that is). I am sure the judge will understand and let it go (not). More likely the judge will issue an arrest warrant and double her jail time.

1527 days ago


yes u people r right the judge will be soo piiisssed off. lol

but it will be interesting to sit back and watch the show on july 20th.

remember it was tmz who messed with the judges mind telling the judge what she was going to do to lindsay in story after story. now lindsay is getting the help she needs but the judge is stuck with how to safe face. to order lindsay to jail or let her stay in rehab???? if it were anyone else the judge would let them stay in the rehab and deal with the jail issue at a later date.

1527 days ago


She's still going to have to do jail time, but staying at a Sober Living facility until next week is a great idea. It's better then going out to restaurants and clubs and being surrounded by temptation. It's sad she didn't make this move earlier, but at least she's there now.

1527 days ago

Um, wow...    

LOL...can't wait to see how the Judge reacts to this pathetic attempt at trying to avoid jail... *cue the tears* Um, yeah... Jail, then rehab, trash!! I bet this lawyer quits after this hearing, too... I couldn't be paid ENOUGH to put up with her!! Just do your time...put on your big girl pants, and suck it up!! You're GUILTY, SO...just accept it!!

1527 days ago


Seems like I was too pessimistic when I said Lindsay will be back by Christmas.
Enjoy your "vacation" as you once put it. Your next big move, get rid of the scram.

1527 days ago


OMG Lindsay, just suck it up and do your jail time, it'll be less than a month with good behavior, enough already.

1527 days ago


my question is how the hell can she afford robert shapiro?

isn't she supposed to be broke?

1527 days ago


Throw the bitch in jail! I'm so SICK and DISGUSTED by celebrities buying their way out of ACCOUNTABILITY!

1527 days ago

pink glitter    

What a real bunch of HATERS* Miss Lohan will NOT I repeat NOT go to jail...The judge will understand that this course of action is simply the best for me

1527 days ago


Own up TMZ readers - you will miss her while she's away.

1527 days ago


is it me or what all thou i know she did drugs years ago , but i am having a hard time believing that she is some hard core drug addict. yeah i know she did something really outrageous 3 years ago , and i wont make excuses for her since my cousins daughter was killed by some one on drugs who was in and out of drug treatments . but i do not see the med's that she is taking now as being excessive , hell , she needed the anti -depressants frankly with a father that she has now . her father is so outrageous and a joke . she is not really taking a lot of stuff , from what i have heard frankly. it seems that everything gets over blown on these sites and the prosecutor and the judge actions have been ridiculous. i think that she still needs to file a motion of appeal and i think she would win it , even if it is a long shot.

1527 days ago


That's such an old ploy."oh I'm trying to get better"the judge won't buy that crap for a second.

1527 days ago


this is such a ploy to get out of jail. hopefully the judge issues a bench warrant when she doesnt turn herself in on the 20th. stupud whore. id love to see the average joe pull this **** and get away with it.

1527 days ago
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