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Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Detective in Court

7/15/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the detectives who just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing just said he's there for one purpose -- investigating alleged child abuse.


Detective Dan Scott, who works for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Special Victims Bureau, just told a TMZ producer in the courtroom hallway, "We investigate child abuse."  

Detective Scott is in the hallway with 2 other detectives, waiting to enter the courtroom.


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Mel is the poster child for manic depression with psychotic features. All of the xenophobes on here give Americans a bad name. I don't care if she's Russian, Greek, French, whatever. There's good and bad in any group. Treating her like she's Russian, therefor barely deserves to live is just evidence of the bad in our society. Congratulations for your acheivement.

1523 days ago


Mel, Mel, Mel 8 is enough

1523 days ago


do***enting, do***enting , do***ents, do***ent or would you accept doc u ment ing?

1523 days ago


If Mel does suffer from Manic Depression or Bipolar disorder, then he has my sympathy, and not my scorn. It is a horrible disease if not treated with medications and therapy. Bipolar disorder does not make a person violent, so I do not think Mel Gibson suffers from this disease. He rages when he drinks, and I believe he has a substance abuse problem, and he is a danger to himself and others. Why he has the substance abuse problem is a whole other story.

1523 days ago


People are wondering why she waited so long to report him. I see why even women are sticking up for Mel, she waited until she had enough proof or everyone one would have been calling her a homewrecking, golddigging, tramp...It takes two to tango and Mel is just as guilty as being a homewrecker, and a trick.

1523 days ago


this site sucks!!!!!!!! ... and Harvey seems like a smart guy but what's up with the staff? They can barely articulate anything without saying "like" and "I don't know". I mean..damn ... must not be hard to get a job there! The guy with the long blond hair ..on one of their live video feeds is just agrees with Harvey and doesn't really say much of anything. are a smart guy ..get some people that have some snap ..... It would def make a difference!

1523 days ago


Poor Lorena Bobbit, John must have used her for her cooking.

1523 days ago


Actually, did anyone else post the Mel Gibson Insane Soundboard yet?

1523 days ago

Miss Cali    

Gene he is manic depressive. His drinking does not help matters. His mental illness produces severe highs and severe lows. Alcohol is a natural depressant. I have an alcoholic in my family that is somewhat schizophrenic and when the drinks start pouring the depression is very severe.

1523 days ago


@36 I agree with you but Bipolar people can become violent if not on meds. One of my best friends is married to one and she has been covering for his episodes for years. She protected him, when he hit her she never called the cops. I have witnessed his rages, somewhat like Mels. We all thought he was going to kill her, but she wouldn't leave, then wouldn't you know it one day around Christmas he went into one of his rages and picked up her favorite porcelein Asian figurine which was very large and threw it at her, it hit her hand and severed of her artery and all tendons. When the police came she made up and excuse and didn't tell them he did it, she had major surgery, was in critical condition for a week due to massive blood loss, and then went through 6 months of painful rehab. She finally left him some months later but he refuses to give her a divorce, they now live in separate states and I think thats why she is still alive. Most bipolar people refuse to take their meds like they are supposed to and they can be violent and dangerous.

1523 days ago

Michelle E.    

Enough already with this a**hole

1523 days ago


O.M.G. PLEASE remove baby Lucia from both of their custody. If this alleged child abuse took place back on January 6, 2010, why the hell didn't Oksana call the police and report the incident??????? What the f*** kind of mother allows that to happen to her baby and takes a picture, but doesn't report it? I'll tell you what kind of mother. A beyotch of a mother who probably struck her own child in the hopes of getting more money out of her husband. Something that went on 7 months ago and is just now being brought up in court? I say to the Judge use your common sense and take away both their parental rights to this poor, helpless little baby.

1523 days ago


Granted these two are royally messed up beyond help. But Mel is the victor in the craziest category here. Tapes or none, he's dangerous and needs to be locked up and kept away from any women or child and any ethnic groups for that matter. It's apparent from his other children, who I have on good authority are completely screwed up as well, that he has no business in raising any children. I only feel pity for Oksana that she chose the wrong celeb to gold dig from. But poo poo on old man Mel for thinking he can beat up and degrade this women purely because she allowed him to screw her. Who's screwing who now you raciest adulterating abuser. Oh and here's a paper bag, try not to pass out in your fit of hyper-venting rage pants loser.

1523 days ago


Robyn was the very fiber that held his family together. Kudos to the author of comment below for her statement!

Does anyone realize that the whole time that Mel was married to Robyn that you hardly heard anything about him or his wife. Then he left Robyn for this Russian golddigger and look what happens. Mel you should have stayed where you belong and told this whore to get lost

Posted at 10:53 AM on Jul 15, 2010 by Carol

1523 days ago


I am very disappointed in all the negative and hurtful things said to and about Mel Gibson. He is truly his own worst enemy, why would he get mixed up with such a tramp. I believe Mel Gibson to be a good man and loves his child that she is holding for ransom. She is of the same ilk as Blakely, there are women that spend all their time trying to nail a rich husband. It did not pan out with Timothy Dalton, so Mel Gibson was next. Please, where did the tapes come from? Do you know she was wearing a recoding device her ear, That sound suspicious. She knows how to push his buttons and she pushed.
We don't know all that was on the tape, just the part she turned in. She is everything he says she is and I think he was targeted because of his drinking and his wife divorcing him He was just a Mark. He was set up and she probably had help to do it. Because of his prior remarks he is being persecruted in the media and will not get a fair deal by the courts.
I love and support Mel and he's a genius that does not need Hollywood.
Hang in there Mel. I love you, you are a good man.

1523 days ago
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