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Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

7/18/2010 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ they are "outraged" by the claim that her injuries were "self-inflicted," calling the allegation "absurd and disgusting."

TMZ first reported ... at least one expert who has analyzed photos and other evidence concluded the damage to Oksana's mouth was consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

Sources connected with Oksana claim they have plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, not the least of which is Mel Gibson saying on the recording that she "deserved it."

As we reported, Oksana's dentist believes she was not struck in the mouth, in part because there was no soft tissue damage or swelling consistent with a punch. 

Nevertheless, sources connected with Oksana say the dentist's testimony will ultimately provide powerful support, in part because she told him that Mel hit her and that she wanted to protect him at all costs.  As we reported, the dentist says he observed bruising to Oksana's left temple area, but she did not want the photos he took to show the injury so she covered it up with makeup and hair, and looked off to the side when the pics were taken.

And one more note.  Sources connected with Oksana's dentist, Ross Shelden, tell TMZ, the dentist regrets saying yesterday that the photo circulating on the internet was altered and "he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion."


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look mother I'm dead    

#7...there is something seriously wrong with ARE a woman hater and beater. bet you're "small" too.
#9...first wife probably "obeyed" him...wife 2 probably mouthed back....that's when they hit. verbal abuse is just as bad and boy he is loaded with it....
#11. you're the smartest one of the bunch. you hit the nail on the head.......

Posted at 6:56 AM on Jul 17, 2010 by elle
I am not a woman hater or a woman beater you brainless twit.They dont call me yardstick for nothing babe.I go all night.
I am the smartest one of the bunch and dont you forget it babe
maybe you need to spend some time in hammertown
and I get all my news from tmz national enquier and people magazine.

1566 days ago


This womas has an agenda. Just sayin'.

1566 days ago


Timothy Dalton was probably their to support his SON who has been put into the middle of a **** storm by his gold digging ex. The son was testifying yesterday. I doubt he was their to hold his ex's hand. He couldn't hold it anyway. It was in Mel's back pocket. He didn't stay long. That says it all. He's probably pizzed as hell at her. I know I would be if that were my son.

1566 days ago


These liars always get angry like a snake before they are exposed. She's about to be known for what she is and I hope they prosecute her!

1566 days ago


She lied. Gold digger. Team Mel!

1566 days ago


"It's so obvious she is LYING.

She has all these pics and video (according to investigators) of her TEETH but takes NONE of her bruised temple? YEAH RIGHT!"

I never really thought of that one, good observation. Why take photos of your "broken" teeth, supposedly do***enting abuse, but not take pictures of the bruise on the temple. And...why tell the dentist that Mel hit you if you really want to protect him? Just say you fell, like other battered women do.

1566 days ago


#21 You can't say that TMZ was scooped by Popeater, because they own Popeater. Radaronline yes.

1566 days ago

TMZ you need to look into a better language filter, one that doesn't just search out groups of letters. Sheesh.

1566 days ago


Let's elevate our culture and stop celebrating or paying attention to people who use or manipulate others for personal benefit.

1566 days ago


To #11 and #15, who say this is all trash and berate those that read it: WHY are YOU here reading it? What drew you in? You must have read the article to have made assumptions on the commenters' remarks. Do tell.

1566 days ago


ok, how do you know Dalton was supporting her?! He could have been going in to make sure his son was holding together ok. One picture doesn't mean support for crying out loud. I haven't read anything about it, except for seeing the picture

1566 days ago


she is one ugly and fake woman

1566 days ago


Now that Oksana's story is falling apart, she's trying to do some back pedaling. I was in a verbally abusive relationship (got out fast) . Listening to the calm voice of Oksana sounds phony. In fights like that people talk over each other, but in the tapes there are pauses.

But that's old news. Sound experts will easily prove they are doctored.

Oksana has done a great disservice to all the real abused women.

1566 days ago


Seriously, what is TMZ doing here? They are obviously just pissed that RadarOnline beat them to the audio tapes, so they are trying to be the contrarian. Mel Gibson on the tape admitted to hitting her when he said "you deserved it." If someone accused you of something you didnt do, would your response be, "what the hell are you talking about? I didnt do that." Or would it be..."you deserved it."

1566 days ago


Excellent idea to give a deranged, homocidal/suicidal psychotic overnight visitations with an infant and firearms. Good call judge. Maybe this judge would like Mel to babysit for his granddaughter? If nothing happens to this baby, it will be nothing short of a MIRACLE.

It just goes to show how the courts are not equipped to deal with the mentally ill. Often they wind up in prison when they really just need medication. Or, they go unrecognized by the courts, as he did in this case. Why would any judge not listen to that tape and order a psych eval before handing over custody? I think Oksana's team was just out-lawyered. That's all it ever comes down to... who has the best lawyer and the most money to fight. Where were the psychiatric expert witnesses?? Ridiculous.

1566 days ago
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