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Photos, Video Raise Questions About Oksana's Story

7/16/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson investigation say the photos and video of Oksana
's alleged injuries are raising "serious questions" about her story that Gibson struck her.

Law enforcement sources who have analyzed the pictures and video -- yes, we've learned she had video shot as well -- tell TMZ there is "no evidence of external or internal damage," making it inconsistent with being punched in the face.

As we have already reported, Oksana's teeth were not damaged -- they were intact.  The dentist has submitted a sworn declaration saying one veneer was out and one was cut in half, but the teeth were not damaged.

Furthermore, several experts who have examined the photos and video say there is no evidence of any soft tissue damage, which would be present if someone were struck in the mouth, and it would be "highly irresponsible" for the dentist to so quickly replace Oksana's veneers.

We're told law enforcement is investigating the scenario that the damage to the veneers could have been self-inflicted.  We're told at least one expert who has evaluated the photos and video believes it's a self-inflicted injury.

As we first reported, Gibson's lawyers will make a presentation to the Sheriff's Department ... in part arguing that Oksana made false statements to authorities.


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I am truly impressed with Mrs. Robyn Gibson to have stood up for her ex-husband of 28 years. That really takes forgiveness, strength & love. I have read & heard, that she has such a wonderful reputation among her peers and is a phenomenal human being. And by doing this for her ex, she truly is!
And who better then Mrs. Gibson, his wife of 28 yrs. would know if Mel was an abusive man? And because of Mrs. Gibson's action, Mel had a big win in court & the judge will allow him to have visitations with his baby!

This gold digging, calculating, manipulator will at the end be proven for what she truly is! And I pray for him and his whole family, that Mel will get the help he needs.

Let's NOT forget folks, this woman worked him and was after him, for his money .... The mighty dollar, yes money makes people do sick, sick things!
We have NOT yet heard the whole story ... Why didn't she EVER call the police? Nor ever go to the hospital or ever just go make a police report @ the station, if she feared calling them @ the house? No hospital records @ any hospital? She makes it bad for all the women who truly are abused, all over the world ... No evidence, of any kind!
Even the dentist who treated her for her broken teeth, is saying he does NOT believe she was hit in the mouth!

No, evidence but she secretly tapes him enraged & demands MILLIONS for HUSH money! And why does his voice sound one (1) way? As if he is speaking over the phone and her voice as clear as a bell? The experts are saying she is speaking over a professional microphone, why? Have you heard some of the experts?

I see her for what she is "a total fraud" and I hope she does NOT get away with her scheme. She should be the one to get arrested for her manipulative scheme, for her extortion, & all this time the police are wasting on this B. S...

Yes, he didn't handle the extortion as well as other stars have. I guess his frutrations got the best of him ...

How come she didn't go to TMZ or did she? They are the best in the business ... Did she try TMZ first? Did they turn her down because her story smelled as bad as 3 day old fish left out on the porch!

We don't know the whole story as of yet, but we will ... There are three (3) sides to a story his, hers & the truth! Who among us can say, we are perfect? That we have NEVER made a mistake? Let's not forget, that when we point (1) one finger @ someone, the other (4) are pointed at ourselves!
So let's not be so quick to judge Mel, we do not know everything... How many on T.V. have already condemned him "as an abuser and that he is finished in the business" That to me is like reading a book by its cover!
That which won't kill you, will make you stronger!


1536 days ago


John, you know this how? Riiiiight.

1535 days ago

Hristov Kaluyinski    

I don't trust this woman. I'm Ukranian and believe she's just a gold digger. Mel is a wonderful actor and I hate to see some cheap woman destroy his career. She is an attention seeking liar. All her tapes are orchastrated to paint her in good light. Very calculating woman.

1535 days ago
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