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Sherri Shepherd:

I Found Pics of

Hubby Having Sex

7/17/2010 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sherri Shepherd's divorce trial just got nasty today, when the co-host of "The View" testified ... while her newborn was in the ICU, she found pictures of her husband having sex with someone.

Shepherd testified after having a preemie baby weighing 1 pound, 10 ounces, she was going back and forth to the neonatal intensive care unit for several months. She said one day upon returning home, she found pictures of her husband Jeff Tarpley having sex with a random woman, whom he later impregnated.

Shepherd filed for divorce shortly after finding the photos, back in 2006.

We talked to Sherri in the courtroom hallway just a few minutes ago, and she wanted us to say Jeff's a good dad. 


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Rudy that is hilarious!!! She is ultra stupid beyond words but I missed that one!

1505 days ago


#40 Del WHAT? You are on the wrong blog.

1505 days ago


Miranda...#86....he may be darlin but you'd be the last to know. There is no excuse for letting yourself go like that....unless you wanna blame Mickey D's.

1505 days ago


#86 marinda.....he might be darling but you'd be the last to know! There is NO excuse for letting yourself go like that....unless you wanna blame Mickey D's.

1505 days ago


I'd rather JO with sandpaper thn have sex with that pig.

1505 days ago


Makes me wonder . . . if he was cheating was he also slipping her something to make her have a miscarriage and instead the baby was born preemie? People do all kind of sick things when wrapped up in their own selfish designs.

1505 days ago


The situation is ugly, but she's being pretty classy about it. Nice to see a woman not totally trashing everything about her soon to be ex.

1505 days ago


For Godsakes..Do you people have a soul or conscious? Even if you don’t believe in God maybe you might have heard of a thing called Karma? Apparently they were in love at one time or another…So no matter what he or she looked like they decided to be together for better or worst. If he was not willing to stand by this he should have gotten a divorce. God Bless America and her ignorant residents. Because of the comments like the ones on this site the rest of the world looks upon America with disrespect and bewilderment. How can you be human and write the things I have seen written here… One more time…God Bless America!

1504 days ago


see if she would have been down with a man like me she would have been treated like a

somebody tell her holla to be happy

1501 days ago


Can't any man in Hollywood be faithful to his wife? Why get married in the first place if you cannot committ to your spouse?

1464 days ago


WTF is WRONG with some of you people?? I can't believe some of the blatantly racist comments regarding black men and cheating. I guess Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Jesse James, John Edwards, Eddie Cibrian, Kevin Federline, and Bill O'Reilly didn't get the memo that White men don't cheat, huh? Smdh! A cheating man is a cheating man; doesn't matter WHAT race he is. Obviously, there was something that Sherri and her ex-husband loved about each once upon a time, which is why they chose to get married. How dare some of you shallow motherf*ckers assume that it was Sherri's looks that drove her husband to cheat! Let me find out that the foundation of a marriage is based solely on ones physical appearance. If so, I expect to see a lot of you telling your sob stories about your cheating spouses (if any of you even have one).

Some divorces can take YEARS. So the notion that she "needs to move on" is a moot point when you consider the following: alimony ( in this case, HE'S probably the one needing it.) community property, custody and visitation, etc. Maybe she has moved on for all we know and this divorce is just bringing her down. She gets paid $55,000 an episode for The View, so what does she really need from her ex-husband?

1464 days ago


come on people she is gorgeous,stop with this noncent's!!!!!?

1462 days ago


She is built like a shrimp.big up top and small at the bottom!!!!He knew what he was getting when he married her.She is not a looker in the body aspect but she seems to be a good person!!!!

368 days ago
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