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'K-Town' -- Like 'Jersey Shore,' But with Asians

7/18/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If this video is any indication, the new reality show "K-Town" -- billed as an Asian version of "Jersey Shore" -- will do for Asians what the original "JS" did for Italians. And that's not a good thing.


TMZ has obtained this cast reel for the new show -- which has only shot its pilot and hasn't been picked up by a network yet. There's definitely a Situation or two, a Snooki, a Pauly D type (who is most likely a club promoter, not a DJ) and their version of Jwoww goes by Jwao (kidding).

GTR for life. 


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#34, Italian are Caucasions, aren't they? The ones on Jersey Shore just tan too much. Most of the Italians I have met do not look any different than most Caucasions.

1536 days ago

Alan Haggard    

Prediction: This is going to be exactly like Jersey Shore only hotter and skankier, with more overly-dramatic crazy people and unnecessary BS.

1536 days ago

Alan Haggard    

Also, more egocentric & superficial than anything in the history of television.

1536 days ago


don't show this crap on TV this sucks who cares about these kinds of shows

1536 days ago



You make it sound like you live among some strange species of animal and they are about to do a Discovery special on them. How could you live in an Asian community for 20 years and not make some Asian friends? Asians aren't any more secretive than anyone else. But like any people from another country and culture they tend to socialize among themselves. The people that immigrated over often speak little English (especially if they were adults when they came over). The children adapt well to both American and whatever Asian culture they come from, but tend to have a lot of Asian friends because they have a lot in common based on background.

As far as this "show" goes (if it isn't a parody) they just found a bunch of people that want to be famous and will do anything to get on TV. Just like any other reality show star of any race.

1536 days ago



1536 days ago


What an ugly cast! They would never even have made it through an audition in Asia looking the way they look. Please! Spare me, networks. Don't pick up this show.

1536 days ago


i'm asian but this concept is really dumb. What asian problems are there? are they going to fight over math homework?

1536 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

This sounds like a great idea. Isn't it lovely how these creators use such originality to come up with these block-buster shows. Hey wait, I've got an idea for a new show. We could fellow around prostitutes in New Jersey doing their daily stuff like having sex for money, doing drugs and getting their azz handing to them by their pimp. And we could call it Jersey Whores.

1536 days ago


The silly sh*t people will do to be on TV! I thought Asian cultures were very conservative and had high standards for showing class. Maybe, Koreans will protest by lynching the cast.

1536 days ago


is there porn involved?

1536 days ago


If anybody thought Asians weren't as capable of being idiots as other races, this will do quite well to disprove such a theory. "Stupid" is an equal opportunity condition. Welcome to the Retarnation.

1536 days ago

Oh no!    

Scarlett is pretty cute but what is she doing pinching a loaf?

Why is everything so getto these days?

God help us all...

1536 days ago


oh dear.

1535 days ago


I have a nail shop and I want to be on the show.

1535 days ago
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