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Mel Gibson's Lawyer Presents Case to Sheriff

7/20/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyer is meeting with Sheriff's investigators right now, presenting evidence she believes proves Oksana Grigorieva has fabricated the case against her client.


The meeting is being held at a courthouse in Los Angeles, in a conference room.

In addition to presenting evidence that Mel did not strike Oksana, we're told attorney Blair Berk will ask Sheriff's deputies to go after Oksana for extortion and falsifying evidence.

Berk's track record may be just what Mel needs.  Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party.  Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.

After the meeting, we got video of Blair Berk and L.A. County Sheriff's Detective Tom Lewis.  We asked Berk if Oksana was guilty of extortion and lying to the cops.  She said it was an "inappropriate question."  Lewis was mum.



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The court needs to take their child, and her son away from both
of them. Can you imagine what type of environment they are growing up in? Her gold digging, child neglect, and his abuse both physical and verbal, plus the profanity she was using in front of her children are both grounds to remove those children from their homes. The children need to be brought up in a healthy environment, and not exposed to the madness that BOTH have created.

1555 days ago


Crap, I hope this psycho doesn't get off scott free. I'd like to see him finally face some consequences for his mental and emotional instability, maybe that would force him to get help (and probably some medication too).

1555 days ago


Of course she has to throw in the gun angle so it would be considered felony domestic violence. Otherwise, the taping is illegal. Her son didn't tell his teacher? His father? He will share in any money she can chisel out of Mel, plus he probably hates Mel, so I would doubt the boy's testimony. She has her eyes on a civil trial, but still if the tapes are throw out, she has nothing.

1555 days ago


Jeez, Sweetheart, I have been reading some of your drivel (and threats) and not commented, YET, but you are just annoying, at this point. Don't you work? Or sleep? Take a breather! You sound like a bona fide looney toon. I'm dead serious. While Mel's camp may appreciate your devotion, any intelligent human being can see you are doing more harm than good to his reputation. Someone like you, who types these constant, looooooonnnnngggg rants, does not bring anything positive to Mel Gibson or his reputation. You need to go away for a while. Mel, somebody, TMZ, get this woman off of this comment board!

1555 days ago

Random Comment Person    

BlindGossip – Money can’t buy you love, but it sure can buy you a public relations blitz. This American-born actor doesn’t have the best reputation in the world. However, despite his claims to a lessening fortune, he’s still got plenty of dough to buy temporary mates to bolster his image. On most websites, public opinion has resoundingly turned against this actor. However, on some of the most popular news and gossip sites, there are a puzzling bounty of posts lauding him as a great man and the victim of a conspiracy. Turns out that it is no coincidence. There is actually a team of people who have been hired specifically to adopt multiple personalities on each of about a dozen of the most popular news and gossip sites. Their job is to try to make their client look better by posting positive and supportive messages about him… and negative messages about others. If you look a little closer at those posters, you’ll see that they are new and exist solely to support this m* f* son of a w* c* b*.


1555 days ago




1555 days ago

jack e. jett    

so she gets wealthy people out of trouble? i am sure it pays well but in the eyes of most of america...i think that makes her a cu*t...

1555 days ago


She is a nasty money hungry tramp who got pregnant for the sole purpose of $$$$. And anyone who says they have never themselves or known someone who can rant and rave while intoxicated, while some crazy chick is eggin them on is lying. He just got sick of being used and was over it. She is just desperate for media with her lame aspiring singing career. She's nuts. Totally TEAM MEL!!!

1555 days ago


I dont care what goes on between Mel and Oksana.
Theres too many problems right now with Haiti, OUR economy and our government on the brink of going socialistic.

1555 days ago


Geez he looks like he is in his late 60's.

1555 days ago

su.san smith    

I would still watch Mr. Gibson's movies, ect.
She was just out for money and nothing more.
AND None of us here that are commenting were that FLY on the wall to see what really happened or on the phone when calls were made.
So Do not Judge lest you be judged.

1555 days ago


The dentist who failed to report evidence of violent crime also should be charged. Any health care person in California who sees something must say something, regardless of what the patient asks. California doesn't have one set of rules for gang violence victims and another set of rules for domestic violence victims.

1555 days ago

Random Comment Person    

"She was just out for money and nothing more."
"So Do not Judge lest you be judged."

Um, hypocrite much?

1555 days ago


If she was actually being physically abused, wouldn't she jump at any and every opportunity to get away from him? They agreed to $15M and she would have been free of him, but she refused. Most battered women would agree to walk away from their abusing spouses for free. Think about it.

1555 days ago


Of course, money can buy you out of any mess you make in Hollywood. If Oksana had two black eyes, I'm sure this lawyer will convince the Judge that she asked her son to do it because the black rings around her eyes were too small to have been made by Mel's fists.

Whether this lawyer gets him off or not, the tapes are out there and the court of public opinion has spoken - Mel is an a**hole!

Even if Oksana had the tapes edited, those ugly words still remain on the tape. I guess what Mel was really saying is "Those n*****s really know how to dance" and not that he hoped Oksana get's raped by a bunch of n*****s. I also guess that Mel didn't refer to a hispanic household employee as a "wetback". He was simply trying to let her know that her back was wet. Oh yes! I guess it's all cleared up now. Why didn't you say that in the first place Mel? By the way, I'm sure your little rant about Jews being responsible for the world's problems was also taken out of context. You definitely couldn't have said that!

You may win your little battle in court, Mel, but you really need to seek help instead of finding ways to make Oksana pay because she exposed your true face.

You're behavior seemed to start getting loopier after the success of "The Last Temptation . . ." Is it possible that all the riches you made on this film (in an industry where there are Jews is very high places) made you feel untouchable? Have you gotten crazy enough to think you're as powerful as God now? If so, you've got a lot of work ahead of you.

1555 days ago
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