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LeBron James Takes His Talents to the Bahamas

7/19/2010 8:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With his self-promotion tour now complete, LeBron James ventured down to the Bahamas with his girlfriend for a little R&R ... and showed off a shockingly relevant tattoo on his body.

Notice the word "Loyalty" running down LeBron's torso?

Wonder how the city of Cleveland feels about that.

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Honestly, we Clevelanders don't give a rip anymore. He's gone-we've moved on. We have ALOT bigger things to worry about around here besides LeBron. End of story.

1564 days ago



1564 days ago


Admire his talent, yes.
As a person? Definately NO!
He realy needs to get over himself. Having such a big head is really not attractive at all!@!

1564 days ago


Oh Tamara we all know you. I bet dumb ol Cleveland won't want you in their city either!

1564 days ago


Patricia I hope your boss (if you have a job) takes you in front of the whole company and fires you. Then maybe you will get why people are upset with him.

1564 days ago


AS Michael Jordan - the best player ever - stated - KOBE is Number 1. Live with that Labron.

1564 days ago


@MiaB-You don't know me! Honestly I am from NYC you think I really care about Cleveland. In about three years that whole entire city will be bankrupt!!! One minute they complain about how they will lose money once LBJ leaves but then they are helping the owner raise money for that fine. How stupid can you be! That owner is not going to help that city find jobs. Like I said DUMB OL CLEVELAND

1564 days ago


Leave him alone! He fulfilled his contract and does not owe the Cavs anything!

1564 days ago


dont diss cleveland someone had to do somethin right teachin the rich man how to play something. and another thing he has enough money already he just wants to be the biggest and richest man alive he is all about the money a rich **** i hope he never wins a championship he will never be as big as mj hope he finally changes his number heard he was along time ago richie talk crap somewhere els dont talk crap about cleveland thats what happens when rich ****s leave

1564 days ago


I have not been a James fan but I am leaning that way. Who are
these people being such cry babies: media #1, owners #2, former
players #3 and his so called fans #4. We live in America a free
society and 99.9% of us would go to the highest level with all
the money we could gander along the way. Many of you would do
not think this man has the right to choose where he wants to work, that is insane. Who and what should he be loyal? I had to be loyal, a Marine Corps lifer, James is not in the military.
Even in the military, sometimes you can choose your duty station. Mr. James just keep cool and when you play jordan's team of North Carolina, always beat them by 50 points, but never ever let them beat your team, even if you must play on one
leg. And thats what I call sending a message the right way. All fans are fickle including myself, thats why we are fans, but these other folks need to get do their jobs and stop being jealous.

1564 days ago


LeBron heads South but his Mom heads West

When LeBron made is statement on "Live" TV that he was taking his talents to "South Beach" I thought "Man, South Beach ... that's a nude beach in Miami" for real .... been there before myself. What are those talents he was talking about? Hummmm I wonder now!

1564 days ago


So what folks are saying is, he was supposed to stay stagnant rather than take the job with a greater chance of achieving his goals? I don't know anyone in their right mind who are willing to give up their career goals in order to appease their managers or clients. This is his career and basketball is a business, just like any other, you have set aside the emotions and do what will best help you accomplish your goals. He fulfilled contract. When you are looking for a new job do you tell you boss your intentions...heck no. You wait until everything is finalized then put in your notice. Why, because there is a greater chance you will be railroaded, once word gets out you looking for a new job. And I speak from experience.

1563 days ago


Lebron is only what the fans made him out to be. You reap what you sow. He made his decision for him not us. He's an entertainer/athlete and will do such no matter where he goes. Why are people spending so much negative energy on him? as soon as the season begins, and he's doing well, everyone will be on his bandwagon again. I too wish him well.

1563 days ago


WTF, I just do not get it. just because he is from Cleveland and the team drafted him, does not mean he owes them his entire basketball career! Like it was some kind of personal affront to the city! He did not want to play there anymore, became a free agent and made up his mind. I am so annoyed with everyone acting like he is a bad guy for doing what was well within his rights! If that is the case every NBA team should be made up of local, homegrown players and there should never be any trading or free agency.
Get OVER it.

1563 days ago


LeBron has not been disloyal, Cleveland has.

1563 days ago
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