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Lindsay Lohan

Thinks Jail

Isn't a Done Deal

7/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Shapiro can work wonders -- he was part of the team that got O.J. Simpson off -- but sources in the crazy world of Lindsay Lohan say he has not convinced her that she must surrender to a jail sentence.

People who are interacting with Lindsay tell TMZ she has been in obsessive denial over her surrender Tuesday, when she must begin serving a 90-day jail sentence -- which will be whittled down to 22 days behind bars.

Lindsay is convinced there is still a way she can avoid jail, even though Shapiro made it clear he would only rep her if she went to the pokey.

Here's the irony -- Lindsay expects Shapiro to pull a Shawn Chapman Holley ... code for getting the judge to overlook her past screwups and keep her a free woman.  Holley eventually quit when Judge Marsha Revel made it clear ... there were no more cards to play.

And, we're told, the reason it took so long to find a new lawyer is because Lindsay only wanted someone who could keep her out of jail but no credible lawyer would make that promise.

And here's the thing. From what we're hearing, there is no way in hell Judge Revel is going to back down.



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My goodness, she is really in denied!

1527 days ago

Alan Carver    

And here is the reason why Lohan hired Shapiro, thinking once again, that she can AVOID at all costs her mistakes and not have to go to jail! She will continually cry whine kicking and screaming on Tuesday until the bitter end that she is innocent! Well you dumb TWIT you are not innocent and Judge Revel made it pretty clear as to the WHY's of her sentencing - again you REFUSE to accept your mistakes and pay the price! Shapiro made it very clear to you that he cannot get you out of jail! You are going to do jail time beginning on Tuesday and whether you like it or not, Judge Revel is not going to let you off the hook! You have had three years - THREE YEARS to get your classes taken care of but instead you played a game and LOST! Judge Revel knows this and the only way for you to get it - and get it good is to go to jail! You have committed CRIMES you dippy twit now you go to jail like everyone else that has committed these same crimes! You just didnt have to do it on the day that Judge Revel sentenced you! GO TO JAIL SHUT UP and GO AWAY! You are PATHETIC LOHAN!

1527 days ago


There has been and continues to be a major disconnect between reality and what Lindsay think is reality. She also seems to have no idea what the public really thinks of her. This could be because of substance abuse OR she is surrounded by people like her mother who keep telling her "you are fine" and "the media is out to get you". The bubble around people like this can be scary. She deserves 6 months in jail followed by a year in rehab while not being allowed to work.

1527 days ago

David Crawford    

In all honesty the celebs that are going to jail like Lidsay should have to foot the bill. Why are tax payers having to pay for rich peoples mistakes? California is still on the verge of Bankruptcy.

1527 days ago



1527 days ago

Good riddance!    

It's going to be a great show on Tuesday! Little miss delusional Hohan and her complete rejection of reality is going to smack her right in the face! Instead of taking to horrible risk of actually doing something responsible and acting like an adult, she will do everything in her power to be a whining, cowardly failure in eyes of the public. She had better hurry up and get that duckbill she calls a face and the roadmap of downtown Boston she calls a forehead filled with a good couple of pounds of Liquid Nails industrial caulking filler, because after jail she's going to look like every bit of the puckered b-hole she already is. Besides, stripe go well with you....prison stripes, that is. Thank you Judge Revel!

1527 days ago

Team Mel    

LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is a better person than you and me.

Signed, Team Mel.

1527 days ago


She still has a few tricks left up her sleeve. She'll cry like a baby in court begging the judge for forgiveness, telling her she's really a good person. of course, the judge won't fall for for that. 1st or second day in jail, she'll suffer a so-called nervous breakdown(she's claustrophobic, she swears) & she'll be hospitalized or brought to some kind of psych facility or back to her lawyer's posh rehab facility where she'll spend the rest of her prison sentence. This girl has no conscience at all.

1527 days ago


All these TMZ stories about Lindsay that relate to the judge and court are clever but really despicable. It isn't like Lindsay can comment on any of them as it just brings more attention to the issue and of course whatever she said would be placed under a microscope.
If the stories are accurate then she literally has the worse friends in the world that are willing to talk to the media a few days before she begins a harsh and excessive sentence.

I hope tomorrow she is ready and just shows no emotion so that there isn't any embarassing pictures like the last time.
Tomorrow before she goes to court she should just do whatever she has to do to get through the day and block it out except drink as she will be wearing the SCRAM until court.

1527 days ago

David Crawford    

Lidsay who will you pick? Lesbian Lover behind cell door 1,2,or 3. Hows the b-tch NOW!

1527 days ago


Unfortunately, this self-absorbed turd will end up writing a dairy, selling her interviews and making a fortune off this,
instead of getting out of it what it is meant to be: self-examination.

1527 days ago

David Crawford    

Well let her make her deal with the Devil. It wont end good. Just make sure she doesn't drop the soap.

1527 days ago


You shouldn't worry L. You'll make some money with jail. Vodka and Blow can wait...

1527 days ago



Do yourself a favor and go get a gun and get it over with so we won't have to hear about your sorry ass life. You are a drug addict, alcoholic, and a sorry ass bitch! Try the local gun store and be sure not to miss aiming the gun at your head. You won’t be missed. Bitch!

1527 days ago


"From what we're hearing, there is no way in hell Judge Revel is going to back down."

Nor should she.

1527 days ago
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