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Oksana: I Didn't Want Mel Gibson's Money

7/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... there is one reason and one reason only she ultimately turned down $15 million from Mel Gibson -- she did not want him to have unsupervised visitation with Lucia.


TMZ broke the story ... Oksana agreed during her mediation with Mel in May to a $15 million package.  In return, she promised to keep all of the "evidence" confidential -- which included the secret tapes.

As we reported, Oksana and Mel signed a one-page agreement, but when the longer form document was later presented to Oksana, we're told she balked because it included a clause which gave Mel unsupervised visitation.

0722_oksana_child_cleanOur sources say Oksana felt Lucia was in danger and said she would turn down "any amount of money" to keep Mel from unsupervised visitation.

UPDATE: Moments ago, Oksana was asked what she wanted to get out of her battle with Mel ... and she responded, "Just my child. I'm fighting for the life of my child."


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Makes sense to me. Okay angry mob... let's hear your allegations and excuses. They're always colorful and interesting.

1552 days ago


RIIIIGHT!!! She loves her daughter so much that when she supposedly got punched by Mel she never took her to a doctor. Yeah. She doesn't want Mel's money. This woman keeps digging herself deeper and deeper in crap. Gonna sit back and watch how this plays out. IT is like a soap opera.

1552 days ago


I am kinda hoping someone famous will die so that way every updat eon TMZ will not be about Mel & Oksana... ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

1552 days ago


Also, if money wasn't her interest, why on the tapes does she mention money?

1552 days ago


I heard **** Cheney just died. Does that make you feel better?

1552 days ago


oink$sana is still oinking.

1552 days ago


All of this for that??? Why couldn't she just talk to her lawyer about that?

1552 days ago


Oh, BS. She leaked those tapes on purpose to cover up her own crimes. After all, it appears Gibson wasn't paying-up anyway. She signed the custody in May, why on earth did she do that if she was so worried about her abuser? It simply doesn't fit that she is sooo worried about her daughter. She simply didn't get paid. She said she had not had any money in two months. Let's see, July, when this started. About right. She wasn't getting paid and the only defense legally she had about these tapes was IF she screamed abuse. They had a fight, I feel certain. Her injuries appear to be consistent with falling, not being punched in the face. We see hundreds of abused women. This story just doesn't fit the mold of abuse, physical and we do not know what they were fighting about and/or why. She doesn't let us know because she edited the tapes to erase it. You simply cannot logically believe this one sided, taped, photographed story. I believe Robyn, and if someone would list the issues in Oksana's past, you will find that she has done these similar things surprise. Her colors haven't suddenly changed!

1552 days ago


So, she admits to extortion basically because she isn't going to go public with her so called evidence if she gets what she wants...she is such a lying twit and i said it from day one.

1552 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

This BEECH is Gonna finally get called to the mat for being a "LYING USER WHORE" who Has a hIstory of selling herself to old Men.
She is A RUSSIAN PROSTITUTE turned HOLLYWOOD WHORE as she was 23 yrs old and banging, the" then 53 yr old" Timothy Dalton and trying to trap him by having that fruitcake son Sasha by him. Then, his career stalled and he was out of money so she dropped him when her path crossed Mel Gibson's.
She's a PREDATORY HOOKER who always goes after foolish old men. She manipulated a drunk and possibly drugged Mel on those tapes and said and did things to incite him and then edited them off the tapes, all the while sounding so calm and controlled.
She's a calculating slut and the whole world knows it. Just read the comments. Other than a few disgruntled Jews still hangin on from his drunk driving arrest and their anger over his Passion movie, no one is on her side.
Oh and also the PIG Oksana also dated and lived with a 60 yr old retired british ballet dancer when she was 22.She also lived with and dropped several other older men. There are numerous articles out there about her doing this and they were all out there before the Mel thing blew up, so this isn't "Mel's People" putting this crap out there. Stop feeling sorry for her just cause she's female. She's a coldhearted slut, just like Mel called her on the tapes. She has a history of using her va jay jay as a meal ticket with the elderly. Timothy Dalton wasn't the first.

1552 days ago


This alleged violence happened in early January. I would like to know the date Oksana signed the agreement for $15 mil.

1552 days ago


# 10 - wow:

Exactly. Not too hard to identify the crime. Especially since her fear some 7 months later riding on the first claim that Gibson wasn't paying her stinks of extortion and a cover-up called abuse as her justification for leaking the tapes. She made them, she was involved in their distribution. After all, radaronline is so faithful to HER story, also for a reason. Radaronline says, "Oksana has verified ther accuracy". Right, I bet she did.

1552 days ago


Her handlers told her she could get more ... that's why she walked away and trumped up all the bullsheet.
Remember, this is the fraud that claimed her baby was hit and injured but yet only took herself to a DR -and a pediatrician at th!
*~~~"mo' money, mo' money, mo' money"~~~*

1552 days ago


Can't blame her a bit. The guy seems quite rage prone and doesn't mind having a child as a target considering what he said about her son.

1552 days ago


This alleged violence happened in early January. I would like to know the date Oksana signed the agreement for $15 mil.

Posted at 1:48 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by Name

1552 days ago
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