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X-Rays Critical Evidence in Mel Gibson Case

7/22/2010 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

X-rays taken 2 days after Mel Gibson allegedly punched Oksana Grigorieva could be pivotal evidence in the Sheriff's investigation .... TMZ has learned.


Sources intimately familiar with the case tell TMZ Oksana went to a pediatrician, Dr. Gordon, on January 8, complaining of headaches.  She told the doctor her eyes were not tracking properly and he then ordered X-rays.  Interestingly, the pediatrician was not her children's doctor.  It's unclear why she chose a pediatrician.

The X-rays will be especially important because the dentist who saw Oksana the day before has made conflicting statements about Oksana being struck in the mouth.  And the dentist's photos do not show any injury to Oksana's temple area.  The dentist says Oksana covered the bruise with hair and makeup.

Oksana claims she was punched twice -- once in the head and once in the mouth. 

And there's this ... we've learned in the mediation Oksana said she told the dentist and the pediatrician she had been hit but "refused" to say by whom.  We know the dentist says she told him Mel had struck her but that she wanted to protect him.



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Breaking news you say?

*yawn* Sounds like the same old story.

1556 days ago


OK, so why is her kid's pediatrician diagnosing an adult? And secondly the X-rays must have been normal or gold-digger lady would've told the whole world. *yawn*

1556 days ago


Much better. Mel is looking a little better in this pic and she is looking a little more crazy. Btw, it's official, we can all move on with our lives. The truth has been spoken:

1556 days ago


Excellent question bmull. A pediatrician is licensed and insured to practice pediatric medicine and although trained in general medicine, would be at risk for a medical malpractice lawsuit from Miss Grigorieva.

"OK, so why is her kid's pediatrician diagnosing an adult? "

Posted at 1:09 AM on Jul 22, 2010 by bmull

1556 days ago


So what mel had a spat.he didn`t do anything.he`s ok.

1555 days ago



LOL! A man without guile can be a refreshing change, eh?

1555 days ago

Why oh Why?    

It´s hard work telling lies - you´ve got to remember what kind of lies you came up with and to whom. And, above all, synchronizing with all the other liers.

This is just getting more and more confusing by the day.
Mel is doing exactly what Oksana should be doing: keeping his mouth shut.

1555 days ago

Jack Cook    

The dirty skank couldn't lie straight in a coffin. She has spread so much crap she is up to her neck in it. What sort of low life whore would stoop so low. I hope they gaol her then extradite her back to the poverty she whored herself out of by going to England and slutting about with anybody who she thought might be able to feather her nest. The US courts won't take too kindly to the lies and deception she has told them. Send the pig back to Russia. A forty year old burned out slapper who has played all of her cards and never had an ace among. This thing is not fit to be the mother of any child nd its a shame that Mel didn't knock her teeth out and give her 2 black eyes like she claimed. Go home pig woman and see what would happen if you tried this crap over there. Plastic face, Plastic tits, and a plastic life.

1555 days ago


I just don't believe the actions this woman has taken to put blame on Mel. If he did all this she should of went to the police and not to the media. She should of not recorded the phone call with her staged remarks. This is more like a woman scorned, trying to get revenge. If Mel was so crazy why is he the one demonstrating such strange behavior?

1555 days ago

Lynn M    

X-ray? More like a CT scan. What is an x-ray going to show? And while she was at the pediatricians, did she have him evaluate the baby's bruised chin?

1555 days ago


She has made up all this physical abuse stuff to have the upper hand in a money/custody settlement.

1555 days ago


oops.. meant to say she is demonstrating such strange behavior? My bad!

1555 days ago

Lynn M    

Yeah, I always used my children's pediatrician to evaluate my headaches. What a piece of work! She was just laying for Mel.

1555 days ago

Lynn M    

As another poster said, the problem with lying is you have to keep track of your other lies. This woman has been on the defensive concerning rumors since she got together with Dalton. She and her mom both have mentioned how unfair people have been in articles done over the years. If the rumors bothered her, why oh why wouldn't she just take the settlement and fade quietly into the sunset? Because she's been planning for months to leak these tapes if she didn't get her way.

1555 days ago


Where else but in this country a man can beat a female and the people support the man. Of course Mel is not from here, he just makes his money here and then beats up women.

1555 days ago
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