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Rachel Uchitel

No Plans with Michael Lohan

7/21/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Add Rachel Uchitel to the list of people who think Michael Lohan is delusional ... because she denies doing any TV show with him -- a show Lohan claims sparked his fight with his fiancee.

Rachel tells TMZ she only met Michael once -- at a party on Long Island -- and hasn't spoken to him since. She says he did mention plans for a reality TV show, but she never agreed to be on it ... in fact she claims he never even asked her to be on it.

TMZ broke the story ... Lohan's fiancee Kate Major filed a complaint with police, alleging that he got physical with her during an argument.

Michael claims Kate's jealousy over the alleged TV show caused the argument.


No Avatar


OMG....LMAO.....What a circus!!!!!!

1553 days ago


God this guy is such a douche

1553 days ago

Big Daddy    

No wonder his family is so screwed up!!!

1553 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Two no talented waste of space pests

1553 days ago

Pretty LL    

Not that I think she'd touch him but Rachel IS a huge liar. she denied anything with tiger for a long time too. Hoooor

1553 days ago


I never thought I'd say this but I believe U Can Tell. Lohan has consistanly said he never touched his ex-wife, which Dina and his children have contradicted, not to mention the ex-girlfriend and now the current fiance. He also claims Blohan speaks to him all the time, when evidence to the contrary has been presented. You watch, he'll go to the jail when visiting hours are and say Blohan said this, that, and the other. As if!

1553 days ago


She already mentioned the Sex and Drugs tiger and her did, the 10 million was to keep his use of poly max extremes out of the media which is more damaging to his golfing status.

1553 days ago


OMG this is a case of who's the biggest and best liar!! Sickening!!!

1553 days ago


Come on, Mikey!!! Another big lie! Why would Rachel go on a show with you???? LOL, she was offered a show by Trump for God's sake and you are a nobody with no backing for a show!!! Dr. Drew offered her 500K and you haven't a dime to your name....ummmm, who should we believe, I wonder???

1553 days ago


uber-tan, fake tits, butta face & a cowboy hat, sure sounds like "a party on Long Island" to me.

1553 days ago


Both blood-sucking leeches.

1553 days ago


I love when bottom-feeders squabble like they're significant.
I'll smash my right hand after typing this BUT -I have far more respect (*gags*) for Lowhand than DoucheNtell.
Idiots and losers, the lot of them, seedy and sleazy. Unattractive and ugly to boot.
Why? -I don't understand the need to follow and present their every word and (mis)deed.
Back in the day, ick and nast were ignored. Fast forward to today with ick and nast holding court main players and mainstay of pop culture.
In this case (above) we are regaled with a tired rebuttal from a leatherfaced homely two-bit extortionist whore who's claim to (in)fame(y) is to have been an gape-mouthed fugly golfer's knob-polisher ... and in the other corner (*ding ding*) we have a has-been drug-addict's ****headed delusional dad day-dreaming of being a BFFOB Mark Burnett while denying that he kicked the headcheese out of yet even another bottom-scraping fugbucket of human waste.
Okay ... now I'm off to spank my eyeballs and crush my hand ... please excuse me ...

1553 days ago


Why are there even stories about this guy?? Okay, maybe if it's a story about Lindsay and it's mentioned that her loser father won't leave her alone.....but without her in the story, it's just a story about some guy who's a loser!

1553 days ago


dipchit will do/ say anything to get his face on camera

1553 days ago

you know it    

no need to tune in afternoon soap operas. just read TMZ.

1553 days ago
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