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'Survivor' Producer's In-Laws -- Send BBR to Mexico!

7/22/2010 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman's sisters-in-law are sick and tired of waiting for the U.S. government to extradite the "Survivor" producer back to Mexico -- so they staged a public rally today to prove it.

The sisters of Bruce's wife Monica -- who was murdered last April in Mexico -- marched to the L.A. federal courthouse with a group of friends this afternoon ... chanting "Justice for Monica!" and carrying signs with messages like "U.S. Government, Please Help This Brutally Murdered Mother."

Mexico has already formally asked the U.S. to extradite BBR -- the prime suspect in his wife's murder -- but U.S. authorities have yet to respond.


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john smith    

A warrant for the arrest of Beresford-Redman was issued by a judge in mexico for first degree murder on May 31st 2010. He needs to be extradited ASAP to face trial for the murder of Monica.

1516 days ago


The US Government seemingly ignoring Mexico's extradition request makes it harder for me to feel outraged when other countries give us a hard time about extradition (like with Roman Polanski).

1516 days ago


I totally agree with #3. The US Govt. is so arrogant that they feel everyone has to do what they say but they answer to no one. What a bunch of BS that is. If the US Govt. feels they do not have to follow extradition rules set up in agreement with other countries, I see no reason why other countries have to extradite anyone back to the US. It works both ways, Govt. Clowns.

1516 days ago


Good for Monica's family! Keep fighting for her!

1516 days ago


I also agree with #3. The US threw a fit when Switzerland wouldn't cough up Polanski but I don't see this country in a rush to cooperate with Mexico. And this is a murder charge not a crime that happened 30 years ago that even the victim wants prosecutors to drop.

1516 days ago


Goooooooooooooo MONICA'S FAM, get that JACKAL back to Mexico, where he BELONGS, in prison forever!!!!!!!!!! Fight for the
children, they belong w/ MONICA'S FAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

1516 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Our extradition treaty with Mexico is reciprocal, if this Federal Judge chooses to not honor their request, the implications can be profound.

Mexico can start do the same to our requests. And we'll have people fleeing to Mexico to escape murder charges.

Let's hope the Judge does the right thing.

1516 days ago


I agree with all of you. Send this bum back to Mexico to face the charges. Poliitico Pablo you are absolutely correct about the potential long term effects of not honoring their request. I am still confounded why the judge insists on keeping the kids in this murderer's household. It is as if Monica did not exist. Just as BBR wants it...but why is our judicial system going along with this narcissistic sociopath?

1516 days ago


I feel so sorry for her family and children. I hope that justice is served in this case. My prayers are with them.

1516 days ago


If I was a US Judge I would not extradite him. Not after the hotel has had other brutal murders that have gone unsolved and the police charged up his cell phone.

1516 days ago


Beth - I hate to tell you but the police charging up his cell phone if that is what happened has nothing to do with all of the evidence they have against BBR and whether he should be extradited.

1515 days ago


This case is almost identical to the Andrew and Zachary Bagby case. Those kids should not be anywhere near Bruce, and we as a nation should be helping to support the fight for Monica.
For those of you that have never heard of the Andrew Bagby you need to watch the Dateline special or check out the award winning film 'Dear Zachary:A letter to a son about his Father '
If anyone from Monica's family or her supporters are reading this comment, please contact Mr and Mrs Bagby or Kurt Kuenne via email. They may know lawyers that can help you, or recommend resources for support during this battle.
Stay strong and keep fighting for Monica's honor. You are not only helping her but anyone who this may happen to in the future. Keep fighting, justice will prevail.

1515 days ago


Yes, I agree with all the above comments... I just hope this guy dont get away with it by using cell phone excuse or that his is being used as a 'scapegoat' by a 'conspiracy' plot betwen the mexican goverment and the hotel... because, the only one who had done a life insurance a week before on this woman before she was murdered was this Bruce guy...

...and the only ones who want to profit on her death is this Bruce guy and his parents, by trying to validate a fake will were his parents inheret her own house and he is trying to sell the 'couples' property before the judge decide any of this!! How crazy is that?!! :O

I guess he needs to make as much money as possible to pay his way out of jail...

I really hope this people dont damage the kids by the time they realize they have no other place to run... Lets keep this kids and monica's family in our prayers!!


1515 days ago


Not really worried about Mexico getting BBR on immediate request since normally Mexico will not extradite to US without a full case file of evidence translated for them, even then THEIR cops get to decide if there is a case!!! Just because he's been charged (no one else was even looked at - which is bad!) it doesn't mean HE did it!!
Justice for this woman is getting the right killer, not just assuming her inheritance will be a reason, after all, if he's convicted ALL the money will go to HER family hm?! Of course they want him in jail lol!!

1512 days ago


emerald - have you read much about this case? There is so much evidence and actions (fighting, the guard seeing him hit her, the other guests reporting loud fighting and her screaming, his affair, his buying a life insurance policy for a half million a week before she ends up dead, evidently DNA - which we all find out about if BBR ever gets sent to Mexico and much, much much more but definitely means, motive and opportunity)and non-actions (no grieving, no statements to make an effort to find the "real killer" just how to get her money as fast and as soon as he can and how to keep her kids away from her family and anyone having anything to do with his murdered wife.
Said it before and will say it again the man is an arrogant, narcissistic sociopath and lets all pray that he doesn't walk away scot free from murdering his wife. Makes it that much easier for the next man to do the same.

1512 days ago
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