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Michael Lohan

2nd Degree Harassment, Really?

7/22/2010 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer is scoffing at allegations that he physically attacked and threatened to kill Kate Major, claiming if he really did then why was he charged with a petty offense?

2nd Degree
Lisa Bloom tells TMZ, "Most often, second degree harassment violations are resolved by the payment of a fine of up to $250."  Bloom adds, "Second degree harassment is the lowest level charge that can be brought in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident, when there are no substantial physical injuries alleged, which is the case here."

Bloom says Lohan, who has not yet been served with the criminal complaint, is "100% innocent."


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This girl is Ugo's!

1556 days ago

Tom Paine    

And Michael is blissfully happy to be posted on TMZ yet again.

Anytime you want to boycott...

1556 days ago

Dee Madison    

judging by the size of M Lohan's "fiance's" pupils.. she's been into the Lohan medicine cabinet also

1556 days ago

who dat    

Lisa Bloom is another media whore that i wish would go away. It figures she is the daughter of the biggest media whore of all. Guess it's a genetic defect that runs in the family. It's really amusing when the attorney is a bigger sleaze than the client. All this is allegedly of course.

1556 days ago



Is there one person who would even notice, much less care, if TMZ ceased enabling M. Lohan's delusions of self-importance by posting "news" about his non-Lindsay life?

1556 days ago


This guy is such a low-life loser. Even his low-life loser daughter doesn't want him, that's what a low-life loser he is. Now he wants to be Mel Gibson. He should be arrested RIGHT NOW, taken DIRECTLY to jail, and his case be put at the bottom of EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD, and he just sits there without access to even an AM radio. I mean it. Enough. We have had just about enough about LOSERS. Give me some feel-good story, like...I don't know, Kathy Griffin dies.

1556 days ago


Michael Lohan says he's been sober for 6 years??? Yeah right, I bet he has a case of NyQuil in his medicine cabinet and does shooters of it all day long.

Lisa Bloom reminds me of a pea**** in the face.

1556 days ago

who dat    

It wouldn't surprise me at all if these two a-holes cooked this entire incident up for publicity.

1556 days ago


Man she is uglier than a mud fence...crooked face much?

1556 days ago


# 3 I was thinking the same thing she is on some meds.

1556 days ago


And people wonder why Lindsay is such a hot mess? Dad suddenly gets engaged to a Jon Gosselin reject (is there anything more skanky?) who is obviously also a raging alcoholic in her own right. Mom denies Lindsay has a problem, because Mom wants to keep partying and barhopping with her own daughter--and getting into fights in ice cream parlors. I assume Lindsay is also paying for Mom's rent, hair extensions, belly-baring outfits and Botox, because Mom certainly isn't working. If Lindsay ever hopes to stay sober, she needs to dump BOTH her parents; they are BOTH pathetic hangers-on who are just using her. Hang in there, Lindsay; praying for you.

1556 days ago


Who are these people? They hook up with anyone and then are surprised they turn out to be *******s.

1556 days ago


What ugly B*tch. She looks like a blonge Khloe Kardashian... Nasty.

1556 days ago



1556 days ago


Is that a giant herpes sore on her lip or a bad lip job? Pupils dilated much? Sack-chasing d-list wannabe's? She'll either end up a knee-replacement surgery guinea pig, a rehab rat or in porn. This country has found a way around the prostitution laws and a big majority of women here are in this mindset. What does the future hold for the young teen girls following suit?

1556 days ago
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