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Miles Austin Stomachs Kim Kardashian's Teeny Bikini

7/22/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

With her bikini bottom stretched from coast-to-coast, Kim Kardashian went for a dip in the ocean with her ripped NFL boyfriend Miles Austin in Cabo on Wednesday.


Seismologists warn of a massive crack near the ocean floor.

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what a PIG!

1552 days ago

Your Momma    

It is not about hating on Kim or that we need to accept the fat she has a big butt, her butt is just nesty looking and if she is going to put it out there to be seen then she should be able to accept the criticism. Her entire fame is from being on tape and photos. I think her butt is very wide and lumpy looking. I do not think it is attractive at all, I rather see her from the front.

1552 days ago


GAG! Kim K and the Kardashian "family" is a tragic example of what America is becoming ... a nation of amoral, cravenly self focused, feral children. The fact that people watch their "reality" show speaks volumes of what we are willing to tolerate as a society. I am not sure I have ever seen more unladylike, disgusting, vulgar, catty, almost subhuman behavior than I have in the Kardashian sisters and their conniving mother.

For the record, as a Saints fan, I am SO GLAD I won't see much news about Kim K anymore! There was a real classic about her showering with Reggie Bush to "conserve" water for the sake of the "environment." Another reason to gag.

1552 days ago


For all you folks upset about people "hating" on the Kardashians I want to make a distinction.

What people don't hate is the Kardashians per se, what they hate is what the Kardashians represent. That is: GREED, POWER, PRESTIGE, CRAVEN HEDONISM, MANIPULATION, LUST, UNBRIDLED SEXUAL RESTRAINT, LIBERAL ELITISM and a SELF FOCUS that is rarely seen even today. I for one, hate these kinds of behaviors because they are utterly destructive, both to them who practice them, and to others. So yes, the Kardashian family makes me gag, and they should make you gag too.

ONE MORE THING in the Kardashian family ... it is the mother ... don't know her name. SHE IS FILLED WITH THE WORST FORM OF HUBRIS KNOWN TO MAN. She rules over the pathetic and Hen pecked Bruce Jenner and it is AWFUL to watch. Yes, I watched the show a time or two; I am a Saints fan. The Kardashians are the EPITOME of the OVER INDULGED, ROTTEN Hollywood leftist culture that HATES America and serves SELF ONLY. I cannot stomach the Kardashian family and neither can most thinking Americans, thank God.

1552 days ago


You're all so mean! All I see a BEAUTIFUL curvy HEALTHY girl!! She should definitely invest in a pair of Skineez capris though to exude confidence with that rockin' bum of hers!

1551 days ago


That too small swim bottom and cellulite booty is so unattractive. Does she really really think that is cute?. You know cameras are on you and you wear that out in public!? WOW! Hollywood trash and we get it and were very aware your ass is the only reason why every NFL player wants to screw you. Why don't you focus on your self-worth, self-esteem and independence instead of how many clothing stores you can open, how much $$ you can make off your ass and your superficial life and continuing your obvious dependences on men? And I'm not saying this out of jealously that she's with Miles (bc I am jealous of that but more upset he's decided to make this rendezvous w/her public) but there is nothing classy about this chick and Miles knows it. When you come back to reality Miles I hope I have some respect to salvage. I will continue to support you as a great player for our team but don't support this decision. You can do better...smh

1551 days ago


OK, This is just gross! She should at least cover her "coin slot"...lol

1551 days ago


She is so freakin nasty. How could any man want someone with an butt like that? Gross, gross, gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put some freaking clothes on. If you don't have the body for a bikini, don't wear one.

1551 days ago


Most black guys like full figured women with hips, natural boobs and fat butts. White guys like women who look & act like porn stars, no matter how fake the parts are.

Nobody pays attention to Kim K. unless she is dressed like a ho or wearing a bikini. She'll keep getting passed around the black elite circuit by black athletes, actors or musicians until she either gets too old or gets tired of being humped and dumped.

1551 days ago


You know what I dont get is how FAT AZZ CHICKS think they look hotter by wearing something obviously ten times too small for them. Jusssst because u r a celebrity doesnt mean u are automatically all that.

1551 days ago


You guys are morons. Kim his incredibly hot and you'd be nuts not to want at those knockers.

1551 days ago


that massive ass is not attractive

1550 days ago


I love the K sisters but please cover your crack up... it is not cute, sexy, or attractive. I am not hating cuz I have a big butt too but some things need to be covered. Seems like she dosen't want to admit that she needs a size bigger.

1550 days ago


Im a guy and even i can tell she needs to buy like 3 sizes bigger. She is huge and buying smaller clothes doesnt help kim. Do us all a favor and cover your nasty fat please!

1548 days ago


She is soo fat. If her fat ass wasnt so full of nasty cellulite she wouldnt be so disgusting. Not even Coco makes me wanna puke as bad as her...yikes and that says alot

1548 days ago
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