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Settlement Reached

In Jon & Kate Custody War

7/27/2010 7:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The epic child custody war between Jon and Kate Gosselin is finally over -- TMZ has learned the former reality couple has reached a settlement agreement ... but the terms are extremely confidential.

As we previously reported, Jon filed documents in a Pennsylvania court back in April asking for primary custody of their eight kids -- and demanded an opportunity to renegotiate his child support obligations.

But earlier this month, the two sides officially agreed on a new arrangement that involves both custody and financial obligations ... but the terms of the deal were sealed by the court.

A source close to the couple confirmed the deal -- telling us, "An official agreement between Jon and Kate has been reached and they will be working together for the benefit of their children."

Lawyers for both sides had no comment.


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I bet Jon only wanted the kids so he could make money and I bet he wanted to pay NO child support!!!!

1549 days ago



1548 days ago


So Jon was just blackmailing Kate like he did TLC. He didn't want custody of the kids, as he could never handle all of them and he only likes to play and he said on the show he hated the work involved in raising the kids but he liked playing with them. All Jon wanted was to NOT get custody of his kids but was using that to get his child support cut down. All he likes to do is play Farmville all day long and Twitter and does no job searching. His idea of a job is staying home, playing games and doing surveys for $$$ and Twitter for $$$. The man can't hold down a job as he has been fired numerous times because he is lazy but the man is real good at blackmail. What an absolute waste of a man. Kate is the mature adult who is the one that works to support her children and obviously loves them. All these jealous women that hate her, only hate her for one reason. They are green with jealousy. How pathetic is that?

1547 days ago


She is still the same old Beeotch that she has always been. Its never about her kids, its about her all the time. I wish she would just go away!!

1547 days ago


People love to critize, why would the goverment would take her kids away? she is not abusing them at all,u all talk garbage,if u do not want to see her on tv..then support her children while she goes back to work as a nurse again and baby sit her children too. I can't stand stupid garbage and i can't stand people that are so damn jealous!!!!! thats what it is and you can't tell me anything different..I wish and pray that this happens to you that talk garbage to see how you will act!!!

1547 days ago

MB Wilson    

I am on Kates side. She married a lazy husband who let her do most of the work raising those kids. Then he had to cheat because she was nagging? Whine Whine whine.

He just wants to be supported so he can run around with young
girls. Hope kate makes him work for his money. The children are fine and very normal thanks to her.

1547 days ago


Say what you will...but my 78 year old mother and her friends are devoted to Kate and her endeavors to my total bewilderment. This is her fan base, the group that kept her on DWTS for a number of weeks. Kenny Mayne, the ESPN sportscaster who is notorious for being the worst contestant ever on the show, was a better dancer than Kate. Mom also never misses ANY of the REAL HOUSEWIVES shows on Bravo, shows I have never seen and am shocked at their popularity. My point is...there is a fan base out there that will support Kate. Com'on, the woman has to support herself someway. Her deadbeat ex sure isn't pulling his weight. Sure, once the fan base dwindles, their lifestyle will have to be toned down. You have to remember, that show and the enticement of fame cost her her marriage, her brother, her best friends and most of her common sense. Give her a break.

1546 days ago


I am trully hurt by this family's tragedy. I saw the show tonight, and it said: Kate plus eight, so I assummed that Jon was away on a business trip or something, my heart is trully broken about the devil coming into this family, and tearing them apart like he has. Jon and Kate, don't give up...I will trully be praying for you and your awesome family.

1541 days ago


HEY TMZ!!! Don't know why your not showing the video of the kids in hysterics when Jon has to drop them off at Mommy Dearest's house. Are you in TLC's back pocket too?? Are you being paid like ROL is to not show anything bad about Khate??

1540 days ago


I think Kate is doing the best she can with the cir***stances she was dealt with. You don't see her slutting herself all over the town like Jon did. He is a disgusting pig and getting FAT at that. Time to roast him for a change!!!

1524 days ago


so sick and tired of that whinny bitch.. jon should get the kids. get a life kate!!!!

1471 days ago


In my opinion,
1. Kate needs to go sit her selfish,*itchy azz down somewhere and think about all the bullcrap that she has put Jon and their kids through. Then she needs to do some MAJOR apologizing and work on fixing some of the damage SHE has caused.
2. Someone needs to give Jon majority of the custody of the kids to him. He clearly is a better parent than she EVER will be.
3. Kate needs to undergo some major therapy for her selfishness, controlling issues and anger problems.
4. Kate needs to realize that most of us do not consider her a "working mom". Being filmed while doing what you are required to do for your children, (not on the special trips and outings that have been paid for by others), is not a job, its just a way of life. There are millions of mothers who do this for numerous amounts of kids and are not considered working moms nor do they get paid for it.
5. Jon and Kate plus 8 was and cute show and it has changed and deserves to end.
Finally, Kate, you are not a "Star" for real. The sextuplets are the "Stars", without them you would just be the nurse that you used to be. Go back to that and be of help to people, make money for you and they 8 kids that you are using for your gain and let them be kids while they are.

1333 days ago


I don't like Kate. I used to watch the show and she had always been a bitch to Jon, always complaining all the time. No one deserves her....

1298 days ago


I don't care what anyone say's she's hot!

1053 days ago
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