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Mel Gibson on Tape -- Stone-Cold Sober

7/27/2010 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson might have a slew of explanations for his rage-filled recorded rant at Oksana Grigorieva -- but alcohol is not one of them because he's sober as a church mouse ... has been for years, we're told. 


While some have presumed Gibson's rant was alcohol-fueled -- sources close to Mel tell TMZ he hasn't had a drop since his infamous DUI arrest.  Y'know ...THAT one ... which happened four years ago tomorrow, by the way.

People in Oksana's camp say she acknowledged Gibson's sobriety during child custody mediation -- but she also wanted to make sure Mel didn't go off the wagon during visitation with Lucia.

Our Mel sources say booze is a non-issue for him these days.


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Whip It    

bi-polar/manic=gold digger's make you cRaZy!
WhIp IT!

1547 days ago


Pain killers.........................................

Just a guess

1547 days ago


Who is sick of hearing about this stupid b*llsh*t?

1547 days ago

Hugh plain and simple..he's just a mean sonofabitch.

1547 days ago

get a life ho    

Thats scary if he rants and raves sober. What a nutcase.

Posted at 1:10 AM on Jul 27, 2010 by Trish

My thoughts exactly ! Scary .,.,.

I'd lie and say it was booze .,.,

dam this racist is just plain nuts .

1547 days ago


I'm not surprised in the slightest to hear he was sober during these tapes. I couldn't understand why people were assuming he was drunk. He doesn't sound drunk. He sounds angry, sad, dejected, enraged, but not drunk. He's not slurring his words. He's almost too articulate for his own good. You can understand every profanity-laden word he's saying.

1547 days ago


Why not leave Mel the F--k alone and go after a world class racest oliver stone.This is tireddddddddd stuff guys.This woman drove him nuts .YOU NEVER? DO YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO ATACK STONE!Or just hate Mell. fn boring

1547 days ago


team Mel !!!!

1547 days ago


I also don't understand why people are jumping to mental illness to explain Mel's anger on the tapes. He sounds like a man who lost his temper and has a potty mouth -- nothing more, nothing less.

1547 days ago


I saw him in may 2009 in a supermarket in Malibu at the winesection. He didn't look sober to me. :)

1547 days ago


An interview Gibson gave in Playboy, July 1995 (Vol. 42 ; No. 7 ; Pg. 51). Some excerpts:

PLAYBOY: This certainly sounds like a paranoid sense of world history. You must be quite an assassination buff.

GIBSON: Oh, ****. A lot of those guys pulled a boner. There's something to do with the Federal Reserve that Lincoln did, Kennedy did and Reagan tried. I can't remember what it was, my dad told me about it. Everyone who did this particular thing that would have fixed the economy got undone.
Anyway, I'll end up dead if I keep talking ****.

-Or his career will be destroyed

1547 days ago


If he was sober that makes this worse. I have read a few stories suggesting he has early onset alheimzers, and now I am begining to believe it is possible. His father is famous for "crazy" talk as he got older.

1547 days ago


On the tapes one can hear a desperate and hurt man and those are strong feelings.

It smells SET UP because the Russian woman is compleatly calm and show no emotions what so ever and asks him specific questions on the tapes. The tapes also clicks here and there. I´ve never heard an argument like that between two people so the tapes to me is fake and that´s the reason I feel sorry for Mel and wish him the best.

1547 days ago

Margaret Freeman    

Mel is one hurt man,saying a lot of stuff he shouldnt, But read up on this woman, didnt she have about four other husbands. I read she just uses guys to futher her future. Too bad Mel fell for this crap. By the way, why in the hell didnt she just hang up? She knew how he would react to anything she said. I would like to hear the entire conversation, not just what she wants us to hear.

1547 days ago


whether or not he really was sober is arguable.But an alcoholic not in denial about his disease would never refer to drinking as a "non-issue".It is always an issue, if you want to remain sober & alive.In the past mel has fully admitted to claiming himself an alcoholic.If he is still on the wagon perhaps it is as a "dry drunk" which would certainly add to his already deeply installed sense of meglomania, entitlement & rage issues.We love to see our"sensitive bad/good guys ranting & raving on screen but too many times the auteur runs the risk of readily identifying with the legion of a**holes he/she has won acclaim for in the cinema venue.Mel has bought his own myth that that all of his opinions are acceptable and valid.He truly believes that he reports to no (wo)man, and he is above the law.I don't see him ever honestly accepting responsibility for his misogynist attitudes and deeply entrenched racist beliefs.

1547 days ago
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