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Lindsay Lohan -- 'She's a Little Upset Right Now'

7/28/2010 9:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is stewing in her jail cell -- so says her lawyer -- and it's all over the judge's plan for LiLo when she gets out of the slammer.

After meeting with Linds behind bars, Shawn Chapman Holley told cameras that Lohan is "upset" with the prospect of going directly to rehab after her jail stint ... because Lindsay wants to have a little family time first.

As we previously reported, Judge Revel made it clear that she wants Lindsay to begin her 90 days in rehab as soon as possible ... following her time behind bars.

Besides that -- Holley did mention that Lindsay has been eating the jail food ... and that she looks "great."


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Ahhhh she really misses her drug dealer.

1462 days ago


Delmar, you're an idiot. The SCRAM bracelet should have NEVER gone off, not even for a .04. No drinking means NO DRINKING! And if she doesn't have prescription abuse then why are her Doctors that gave the prescriptions being investigated for writing illegal prescriptions for her?

This judge is the ONLY person that is trying to help Lindsay. It's people like you that are her problem.

1462 days ago


Hey Spot... Don`t comment if you do not have the facts. I know for a fact that when a Judge or MVA orders you to install a blow-n-go in your car YOU have to pay. In my state if you are ordered to rehab and can not afford it, you will wait until an opening is available in a charity funded rehab. Since LL can afford to pay...she will. Can you see her in an everyone else but her rehab. She wouldn`t last 2 days.

1462 days ago


I agree completely
Since October this judge hasn't handled any of this case fairly or rightly.
I guess Lindsay is going to rehab as the judge attached the totally unfair condition to her probation that she can't drink any alcohol which makes no sense at all as she hasn't driven since 07 and still isn't allowed to drive. On July 6th the judge applied no fairness at all if she passed all the drug tests then the prescription drugs shouldn't be a factor as her probation terms clearly state she can take drugs which she has a valid prescription for. 1 drink in 2 months after no restriction was placed on your alcohol consumption since 08 means you need rehab. It is ludicrous.

The judge knew she violated in May and that is why her presence at the hearing on May 20th was made mandatory. She should have just gave her the 30 days and been done with it.

1462 days ago


Nicole... I bet you have problems with relationships.

1462 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Perhaps Nicole and Delmar should go someplace quiet and share their neglect of the facts and faulty logic with each other.
The truth of the matter has been stated repeatedly and they both continue to ignore reality.
If they would get a room together the rest of us who don't wear the sycophants rose colored glasses could enjoy the real world.
These two are the exact sort of enabler that Lindsay is using to prolong her self destruction.
Believe it or not Lindsay is not the Wizard of Oz and she does not hold the keys to any kingdom.
She is an addict and alcoholic and needs to come to grips with her character defects and begin to make some progress in her spiritual healing.

1462 days ago


What we learned from Linds in jail :
-She still doesn't give a ****
-She's not physiologically addicted to alcohol/blow
-Adderall is her best friend
-She's thirsty
-Rehab is seen the same way as before. "mandatory vacation".

Cheer up Linds. Soon it will be over. No more scram!

1462 days ago


In this case "a little family time" means "time with Dr. Jack and cousin Eightball."

1462 days ago

Peter Sc    

I would prefer Promises any time compared to a jail.

1462 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

"Family time"??? ... after ONE WEEK in jail?

Hang the bitch.

1462 days ago


@ilovegossip your moniker says a lot about yourself. I HATE gossip. Because Lindsay's SCRAM went off does not mean she drank. SCRAMs are notorious for false positives. There's a few possibilities. A false positive, an environmental reading, or somehow Lindsay unknowingly drank someone's drink at the MTV awards show. The SCRAM is not irrefutable proof of Lindsay drinking. People were convinced she was on Meth, Coke, and various other illegal drugs and the tests show she isn't. She showed no withdrawal symptoms either, she would of if she were on these drugs. And every urine test she took for alcohol came back negative.

As far as the doctors, Lindsay's criminal insane father is the one saying they should be investigated. The public doesn't even know who they are. Lindsay has had these prescriptions since her mid teens. The only scrips she tested positive for were adderall that shows every week and dilaudid, that shows only around the time of her oral surgery and not after Jun 7 and won't because it isn't refillable. The script thing is nonsense.

To say I don't want her to get help is presumptuous and rather ignorant on your part. The help I'd like to see Lindsay get is help for whatever traumas that have wounded her from her childhood. Todd Bridges was considered an "addict" at one time and what was at the root of Todd's turning to drugs and crime was being raped as a boy and his father not supporting him and supporting his rapist. So, live in your superficial world where you think Lindsay's so called "addictions" are her real problems. People that know more about Lindsay consider much more aspects to her life than drugs and DUI she did in 2007.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


@95 Mike

Stick to the point??? what does a blow and go device have to do with rehab you idiot.
If financial ability was an issue the judge would have had to cover it in the hearing before the rehab was mandated. It was ordered by the court and at no time during her hearing was the cost or even which rehab facility she would eventually go to mentioned. Mandated rehab can be at a very discounted price for court ordered rehab and also some insurance covers it. My question was and is still valid, who pays for the rehab?
What if upon release from jail she and her lawyer say she is broke, in debt, and rehab will bankrupt her then where does she go after the 24 hours are up. If she is transported directly to the rehab facility and then tells them she can not pay then what?
One last thing, blow and go devices usually cost less than a thousand dollars, 90 days of rehab costs 75 thousand or more so asking who pays becomes a real point especially when California is broke and hopelessly in debt.

1462 days ago


Laffinbear... We should be greatful for people like Delmar. I know I won`t drink today after reading his comments. That`s the way I was.

1462 days ago


geezzzzzzzzzzzz we don't care, i hear the others in jail are taunting her, boooooo hoooooo they will play with her like a dog with a bone, NO PETTY LOHO. you put your nasty ass there so deal, NO NOT YOUR DEALER, you need to deal the cards you played and YOU LOST, poor sport, ya play ya pay" i can't believe she will get out soon, lets all take up a pot and by food for her so the jail doesn't have to let her out, we will give pbj sandwiches , milk,water, some fruit, i will donate so the city doesn't have to let her out early, she needs to be there for her entire sentence. who's in we just need pennies a day to keep her in there, no outside food, no visits, let her feel the pain of being on her own and paying the cost to be the boss.

1462 days ago
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