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Oksana Ready to Sue Mel Gibson Over Music

7/28/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new legal war brewing between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- and this one's over her music ... which she can't release without his signature

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ that she's prepared to sue Gibson to release a CDs worth of new music that he executive produced and co-wrote.

As we first reported, Mel's not in the mood to sign over his publishing rights on the music because his team believes Oksana's trying to destroy him.

At this point, Mel letting Oksana release a CD and go on a promotional tour would be like Obama letting Kim Jong-Il borrow a nuclear warhead.

Our sources on both sides, say the music matter will most likely land in court -- or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement.

And the band played on...



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o rly    

Is her music any good? Is this like one the Real Housewives releasing a single?

1546 days ago


I can't imagine her suing him again.

1546 days ago


Oh NO!!! Mel, don't let her! PLEASE!
Her "music" made my ears bleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would sooner listen to fingernails on a blackboard.

1546 days ago


why what mel said to her on the phone was bad..its clear that this bitch is out to destroy mel gibson.she has done nothing but run his name through the mud and sue sue sue.

1546 days ago


Mel! Greetings from Sweden!

1546 days ago


Oh boy was he stooopid to give her everything she wanted! She is a talentless whore who only seduces and sues for cash. Don't do it, Mel. Let her pay the utilities on the house, her own car insurance, everything. Why did you even give her a car??? She's just using it to destroy you!

1546 days ago


But Okskanka said she wasn't interested in his money....

I know.....
Make her live on her own dime in her own rental, own car, clothes, etc NOT ONE CENT TO HER, then LET HER RELEASE CD'S AND LIVE OFF HER OWN FOR A CHANGE...her sales could reach what? $1000???? The ONLY reason she sold only 200 cds' is b/c she was w/ Mel, and even w/ 5 million in videos, she can't sell!!!

What a disgusting human being, what a great role model for her kids....

Then jail her for extortion, lying to authorities and fabricating evidence.
why not enroll Lucia in ho school now?

1546 days ago


Why are people attacking Oksana? Did she MAKE Mel say those things?

The dude did it to himself, regardless if she's a gold digger opportunist, which there are many in LA, including Mel himself.

So stop with the attacks on this lady who definitely has been through a lot. I almost think Mel has minions from PR coming on here and writing half this stuff. Now that would be a good TMZ investigation...and even better story. Are you listening Harvey?

1546 days ago


She said in the tapes she never asked him for help with her music. Being he co-wrote some of the songs she should just prove she can write her own and find financing herself. I forgot you need someone rich and powerful to help with a music career when you're a mediocre musician and can't sing. Gibson should be jailed for helping put out that last album alone. Maybe she can ask Foster, Dalton and/or the rest of the midlife crisis list to help write or finance her next album.

I think I'd worry about saving my children before trying to release songs I wrote with a man I claimed abused me and is a danger to them. She needs a new lawyer and PR people, the ones she has now don't seem to be helping much.

1546 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Yeah right, and Mel is paying the rest of us to post good things about him!
Mel a "gold digger"??? seriously!!
You are an idiot and paranoid too! Go to celebitchy "the official Saint Oksana site" you troll!

1546 days ago


Dis was originally published Aug. 2009.

I em Oksani. Here is an abbreviated summary about me.

I get married to non-famous men so i could eat and not work. Then i try to hustle famous men who do not wish to marry wit me, but my solution for this, is to get pregnant quickly (like ASфP!). At least then they will owe me something. Wit me so far? In addition I feel if THEY are famous then I am entitled to be famous too.

But so far it didn’t work so good (basterd!).

So for my new approach I tried to sell my trade to a rich married Swedish heir wit young children (Swedes LOVE music). To hasten my destiny, i even called the tabloids and they took picture of us. But that didn’t work out either (basterd!).

i personally prefer socialising to work. but to each his own.

Most recently I take clothes off for famous desperate, drunken, anti-Semitic guy, wit church on his land… that smarter, more independent womens with more pride than me (who care about stuff like that, pffft…) don’t sleep wit. Which it seems is almost everybody… but i try not to think on the negatives.

I never did get these uppity girls wit scruples (I must look dat word up). My philosophy is don’t question details too much if the person is famous.

Anyway… again I do pregnancy trick and make music video with him as he is not thinking too clearly- and I am certain no one will suspect i really do not excel at music enough for fame, or i’d have a job doing arrangements at music publisher, or booking small clubs, or have a gig somewhere like that Siberian girl wit same name as me…

So what was my result? Well people who know me good tell me my artistry in videos is superb. But I don’t get the comments from those who know me less well about the incessant wailings of their dachshunds. Or about their 16 year old siblinks who sing and write music in such a way that their dachshunds remain silent… and that even peoples who are not close friends or parents also like to listen to them. Which they seem to think is better… but i try not to think on the negatives.

Oh and what is wrong wit special surgeries I got in Romania?

And who IS Octomom?

Anyway if this don’t work out to make me truly loved, important person, and at long last… wife of famous man, i will try exceptionally hard to make desperate, drunken, anti-Semitic guy, wit church on his land, pay me exceptionally well for my time. What’s he going to do? Throw daggers at me? Set my piano on fire whilst I am playing it? Make me look like monkey’s ass in a video? Drive around drunk in car wit the kid, explaining loudly about Jewish history?

Hет! It’s Win/Win!

Oink! Oink!

1546 days ago


If he paid, co-wrote and produced the cd then he can do whatever he wants. Oksana knew this to begin with when she signed an agreement. Again another contractual agreement that Oksana is thumbing her nose at-welcome to the real world dear where you have to earn your living on your own merit and be aware of your business contractual agreement's fine print. You cannot sleep with a man or have a man's child to get out of this one. Ha!

1546 days ago



I agree.

Ox battered and bruised face is only a close up photo of the veins around her eye area.
Has she ever had botox injections in that area prior to the pic being taken??

Excuse now is she didn't go to the hospital the night of the severe and brutal beating because there was no one to watch her kids. HUH??? She has paid nannies around who I'm sure can be called at a moments notice.
And what, she has no friends in town who would step in?

And what about the police. HELLO!!!

You can easily call 911 and have the police at your door to fill out a police report in your home (or Mel's home). You don't need a babysitter for that.

You don't even have to press charges and/or have Mel arrested. You can simply have a police report done as a matter of record.

Especially for the sake of the baby she claims got hit during the battering.

Instead she continues a relationship with him traveling around the world and to red carpet events and now months later she's afraid for her life and for the baby.

She couldn't get a settlement to her choosing so she prepared herself with exaggerated and possibly made up and doctored evidence.

Posted at 1:14 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by miz

Didn't realize another story was posted about this.

But this situation with her music is also what I mean about Ox not getting what she wanted out of the settlement agreement.

What he appeared to finance big time ($$$$) and contribute his efforts to.

So not only did she want normal child support.. she has to be provided with a mansion and millions of dollars for herself plus the music he contributed Big Time to.
And she probably didn't want to sign any Confidentially Agreement.
She wanted the Control and his money.

Nice mother who claims he's ill, has anger control issues puts this all out there to help the Mental Health of her baby's father and provider.

Nice chick.

1546 days ago


Don't sign off Mel. After all she's claiming not to want his money, so therefore he should not sign off on this album. She should disassociate herself from all things Mel is associated with and that means the album.

1546 days ago


Interesting. She initiates this publicity with the tapes, et. el., just before her CD is ready to be published and a tour. Of course, her first music release flopped. Who could ask for better publicity to sell the second release?

1546 days ago
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