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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Son On a Beach

7/29/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Do not worry" ... Dr. Conrad Murray was merely rocking his infant son to sleep while taking a dip in Miami today where he and baby mama Nicole Alvarez are on vacation.

As we first reported, the LAPD believes Dr. Murray sent shipments of Propofol -- the drug that killed Michael -- from a Las Vegas pharmacy to Nicole's apartment in Santa Monica.

Dr. Murray is due back in court to face involuntary manslaughter charges on August 23.


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What about his approximately 8 other children, they're not good enough to go on vacation with POPS? LOSER, CHEAP, MURDERER!

1510 days ago


*/**************keep that flotation device on yer kid, i wouldn't want you to be negligent and kill him or anything. cus then you would have to say he drowned himself*//******************************

1510 days ago



He would just blame the baby and say that he wanted to be in the water and that the life jacket wasn't working.

1510 days ago


grump, you are right. he will say that he requested a lifeguard be on duty and that the kid liked water so much that he took himself to the beach

1510 days ago


What the 6 other kids don't get a vacation? thought this man was broke. yeah right....Is a cute kid but his daddy is...well I have no words....

rip mj

1510 days ago


Call me crazy: but I think all this propofol crap is just a bunch of trumped up BS.

1510 days ago


No comment. OhWell.

1510 days ago


A bunch of sick individuals on here. BARF!!!!

1510 days ago


Michael knew his days were numbered...he knew what he was doing to himself...the idea of getting old freaked him out...why else do you think they did 100 hrs. of his rehearsals? He would never have made all the concerts....I do love MJ...he was done.

1510 days ago


I think when Michael hired Murray he had already treated his children for prior illness's like the flu and such. So it stands to reason that MJ thought Murray was a capable Doctor at the time. And maybe he was up until the time he saw all those $$ signs and decided that administering a very dangerous drug was worth the risk no matter what the cost; even a human life.

I just cannot imagine how desperate Michael was for sleep to beg for something that is always used in a hospital setting. I believe that it could have been Murray who told him that Propofol is safe to use and that he would be there to monitor him at all times. And why wouldn't MJ believe him. He was his personal Doctor who was supposed to know what he was talking about. I don't know very many people who would question their Doctor. After all, they are the ones with the Medical Degree right?

As for the theory that Michael gave himself the extra way! Murray has held strong in his statement that he was only out of the room for 2 minutes to use the bathroom. There is no way Michael could have come out of a drug induced sleep, found more of the drug, injected it into the IV in a matter of 2 minutes. Doesn't ring true. If you have ever had surgery you know how slowly you come out of that. You are groggy and can barely form a sentence and Murray wants us to believe that Michael was capable of that.

Conrad Murray is well aware of the unethical treatment he gave MJ and he needs to face up to that fact. And the Judicial System needs to make an example out of him so that no other Doctor with stars and $$ signs in their eyes ever decides that this is proper medical treatment.

1509 days ago




1509 days ago


Interesting sequence of stories. I wonder how much this is TMZ, and how much is coming from the various parties (e.g. Jackson family, or the police, or Murray’s group, or Klein’s).

7/17 Donte is MJ’s love child – a rehashed rumor from last summer (not TMZ story?, actually made it on Fox News though)
7/25 MJ and movies about Nazis, and has a large library of movies (what other movies?-suggestive, innuendo?)
7/27 pseudo love child Mocienne – a rehashed claim from last fall
7/28 Katherine Jackson’s interview – rehashed from a month ago
7/28 photos of Hayvenhurst
7/28 7 doctors cleared – 1 name going to medical board
7/29 Murray on vacation
7/29 Klein is getting a new – respectable – job ?

There’s also Randy’s tweets about a loved one selling a video of MJ (which hasn’t been shown yet), and Jermaine saying Murray should drop dead.

1509 days ago


I would guess that the Jackson family had been told ahead of time that the 7 doctors weren’t going to be charged.

Is Klein telling us (if he did) about his new job because he has been cleared, and his name isn’t the one being sent to the medical board. Or, because his name IS the one being sent? Is he trying to prepare a defense to the medical board by sending out this rumor: that the Federal government views him as a “respected professional”?

I find it interesting about the TWO rumors of love children in a week. Where did the idea of rehashing these old stories come from? The Jackson family? Klein? Murray’s camp?

Is Klein going to be saying, AGAIN, that MJ was gay (and/or Murray might be saying this)? Are the Jacksons trying to defend MJ’s reputation as straight by sending out rumors of illegitimate children? The Jackson family tried to find “secret girlfriends” but don’t seem to have.

It was in May that Klein was telling that story about MJ being gay. Then it came out that Klein was having financial problems, and he shut up for a while. And, for that matter, it was pointed out by some people, that doctor/patient confidentiality does apply, and he shouldn’t be talking about MJ’s sexuality.

It’s interesting to me that Klein is presenting himself as this “top professional in his field”, a week after the illegitimate child gossip is going round. And right after the story comes out that one name is going to the medical board. What is the connection?

Or is this all (or almost all) TMZ just jerking us around?

1509 days ago


Michael Jackson is responsible for his own death. He chose his lifestyle, he is responsible for the way he lived. If it wasn't this doctor supplying him with drugs it would've been another. Time to move on and get over it.

1509 days ago

ugly hot mess    

That baby dont even look a year old, seems like Murray was living it up after MJ died..Making babie even after he killed a man (not on purpose), but hey I guess everyone deserves to live, right? And his gf looks like one of those females who dont care who they have a kids with as long as they have a penis..Hoes who have babies by criminals and gang banngers, lawd help these types of females..

Could you please but up the story about Bill CLinton and his poor niece. I need a good laugh!!! They having a 3 million dollar wedding while his niece is on Food Stamps.

1509 days ago
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