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Dr. Conrad Murray -- Son On a Beach

7/29/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Do not worry" ... Dr. Conrad Murray was merely rocking his infant son to sleep while taking a dip in Miami today where he and baby mama Nicole Alvarez are on vacation.

As we first reported, the LAPD believes Dr. Murray sent shipments of Propofol -- the drug that killed Michael -- from a Las Vegas pharmacy to Nicole's apartment in Santa Monica.

Dr. Murray is due back in court to face involuntary manslaughter charges on August 23.


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LC4Michael I agree that the Judicial System needs to make an
example out of him so that this won't happen again.

1544 days ago


Black babies sure are ugly! No wonder Michael wanted them white. If that thing came near me in a pool I would think it was a turd.

Posted at 2:26 PM on Jul 29, 2010 by mt

Wow your ignorance is shining through. Feel better now that you've picked on an innocent child?

1544 days ago

ugly hot mess    

Oh, and I forgot. Thats not a freaking BEACH, its a POOL!!! dang TMZ!!!

1544 days ago


Dumb ass move on his part to show that he is a loving father and his kid needs him, wow.. what a PR stunt once again,counting down to see how many more PR stunts he will pull for upcoming court date!

1544 days ago


Where's Dr Death's WIFE????

1544 days ago


So Dr Death gets to have a Vacation with his family and Michael can't.... Dr Death you're responsible for 3 Kids having no Father and being forced to live with their money grabbing family!

I hope you get the jail time you deserve..

RIP Michael!

1544 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

Correct me if I'm wrong.... (and I'm sure you will)....but I had read somewhere that this was nit the first time that Michael had used Propofol to help him sleep. I read that he used in while on one of his tours. Of course as we all know that you can't believe everything you read when it comes to Michael.

Posted at 2:51 PM on Jul 29, 2010 by Lee lee

Lee Lee, you are correct. Michael was given this drug by Dr.Neil Ratner, an anesthesiologist during the HIStory tour. Rater toured with Michael as his personal physician.

1544 days ago


just get this sad feeling. Thinking about Michael´s beautiful children orphaned because of this person.
And there he is enjoying his life. The world is not fair.

P.S. How can he afford all the things he is, well, affording? Isn´t it STRANGE? PR team and spekesperson, big house, car, lawyers, vacation etc. HOW?

Posted at 2:57 PM on Jul 29, 2010 by Siggisis

I have been asking the same question for a year, now!!!!

Somebody is paying Dr Death for his SILENCE!!!!

1544 days ago


MJ is responsible for leaving those kids without a parent.
He was a selfish a hole to begin with if he really gave a crap about those kids they would of have a mother
He was a selfish freak,if he cared about them he would have stayed away from drugs.

1544 days ago


How can someone who even accidentally(?) killed Michael and sit there with no conscience.
Paris, Prince and Prince ll have no father and the grandmother is overburdened in raising his children.

I hope justice is served for Michael.

1544 days ago


Ooops, some heavy monitoring going on here at TMZ. Posts are removed. I wrote a semi-long post about what I think about TMZ being a propaganda machine for Murray showing him with his baby just like Hitler´s propaganda machine made sure that he was seen holding babies and talking to kiddos. (Who was it again calling Michael a "Nazi flick fan??)
That post was removed. I was angry and a few not so nice words found their way into it - I hope that is the reason for the editing and not the content. There IS free speech, right, TMZ?

I will rephrase my post tomorrow, GN.

1544 days ago


Where are these positive stories about Anna Nicoles doc's...I'm waitinf for them. No, they won't come. The only docs that you champion are MJ's docs. This guy is a murderer at worst, or an incompitant fool at best. Do not give him any air time

1544 days ago


Hummmmm, murder plots, pay-off's, family secrets, Murray's visit to MJ's grave and stories of having no money to smiling on vacation, TMZ throws us random MJ thing is for sure...

Something wicked this way comes...

This whole thing reads better than a mystery novel...I just hope it has a happy ending.

Rest in Peace Michael

1544 days ago
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