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Mediation Sources Call Oksana's Black Eye 'Absurd'

7/29/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the mediation between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are scoffing at a newly released photo showing Oksana with a black eye.


According to the sources, the notion that Oksana held back the photo is "absurd." As one source said, "She produced photos of her mouth showing the damage to her veneers, she testified in great detail about the Jan. 6 incident. If she had a black eye she would have said it."

The sources also say, on the financial end, Oksana held every piece of damaging evidence over Mel Gibson's head -- notably the tapes -- and that is what produced a $15 million settlement.  One source said, "If there was a black eye it would have been $16 million."

And the sources say the day after the alleged incident Oksana's dentist never made any mention of a black eye -- and two days after the alleged incident the pediatrician she saw also failed to observe a bruised eye.

The sources note something else ... there was an ironclad confidentiality agreement in the settlement -- so it would have been pointless for Oksana to hold anything back because it could never be used again.


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karen lee    

For the real story of Oksana, check out UK DAILY MAIL, May 2009
“Oksana's road to Mel: From Russian poverty to Hollywood royalty via an embittered British husband and a Bond actor”

Some indisputable facts:

At 19, her mother was horrified she married a much older man who was a drug addict – just a month after meeting him. HE shared HER desire to live in the West – and she was prepared to use her talent and undeniable beauty to secure her dream.
At 20 she got just the break she was looking for – a ticket out of the USSR.
That chance came when she met Sergey Kuzmin who ran a cultural centre in Saransk organizing an exchange program to Britain. He said of their relationship, “‘She was utterly determined to get away and use her beauty to get on in the world.”

At 22, in Britain she married [now] 60-year-old graphic designer Nicholas Rowland who said, ‘I was married to her only very briefly [few months] … a period of my life I would rather forget.’ Asked what sort of a woman Oksana was, Rowland replied: ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’

The most permanent thing about their short-lived marriage was the British citizenship she got. Some years later, she hit the jackpot when she was introduced to Bond’s Timothy Dalton and although their affair lasted many years [she bore him a son] but he never married her.

Three years ago, she struck gold when she was introduced to the married Mel Gibson.

1511 days ago


"I was a victim of a great deal of emotional abuse and manipulation during my marriage by a woman who was a master at portraying herself as the victim and me as the perpetrator. This woman constantly hemmed and hawed about her troubles and how everything was everyone else's fault, including mine. Then, when the divorce got under way, she turned into the nastiest, most aggressive and selfish person I had ever seen. I'm a pretty tough guy, but I was floored by it. Thank God I had some good friends and I had picked up your book before the ordeal was finished. Needless to say, I was left broke because she took all my money. That, and she immediately violated nearly every term in our separation agreement - that a judge had just stamped. More must be done to uncover the ruthless ways of such women. I think a big problem is that most men have a 'Do The Right Thing' mentality. What we don't realize is that a bitch has no version of the "Right Thing' other than getting what she wants. The result is that we unwittingly subject ourselves to round after round of emotional blackmail and abuse until we just can't take it anymore. We give in, give the bitch what she wants, and then she goes on to the next victim. You don't have to be physically abused to suffer. More must be done to highlight the emotional abuse so many men withstand in relationships. I think it is an even bigger problem than physical abuse." One of the many anonymous stories that has been in a relationship with an "Oskana" types.

1511 days ago


TMZ so called "Sources" are full of Sh*t and everyone here knows it, Multiple times this so called source contradicted themself in the articles.

Oh and btw 1 million extra for a black eye?>?>? WTF! Should have been way more.

Also this means TMZ believes the source confirms Mel hit her cause the veener incident was invoved in the mediation and was agreed to under the would be settlement.

HE ADMITS IT ! YAY finally the douche!


So much for Mel the great now you know he is a s***b*g and a woman beater....................his poor poor fans who stuck up for him.

1511 days ago


#52.. I really don't like Oksana, but must admit, that this very beautiful song...

1511 days ago


squiggy, how in the heck did you come up with that conclusion?!

1511 days ago


HArlotO'HAra: Oksana wrote the music, Claudia Brant wrote the lyrics - check the official release of the song. Oksana - all the best luck to you in your war!

Posted at 11:52 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by amba

amba...claudia is by far the more talented artist and if you listen to her works and then listen to oink$sana's you will recognize her influence on un dia llegara.

again, how you can compare it to ave maria is flabbergasting.

1511 days ago


yeah yeah we've all heard the tapes....but can we listen to the un-edited version please???? oksana's team are running out of argument - they keep brining up the tapes but we've already explained that they were tampered with/edited/spliced/conversation were re-arranged and taken out but they keep brining it up and calling the mel's team can't even explain the ridiculous pictures that were posted on ROL - sound like you're the stupid one.

1511 days ago


Comparing anything composed by Oksana with the Ave Maria is sacrilege.

She just not that talented.

Oh - and last I checked the Blessed Virgin Mary didn't sell out her child to the tabloids in they style of Oksana. In order to protect Jesus she fled with Him to Egypt. That's what mothers.... REAL MOTHERS do!

Posted at 11:53 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

great post!!!

1511 days ago


Everyone who calls Oksana a gold digger - listen to this song that she wrote: This is most beautiful musical written by a modern composer, a true modern "Ave Maria".
I was in the Mel's camp before I heard this song, but now I do beleive her, whatever the sites like write about her. She is a great composer, and I wish Oksana all the best luck in her legal suits over the rights to her compositions, and I wish that Selin Dion sings her songs one day.
What a shame what Mel did to this talented beautiful woman! I hope that Oksana get her reputation restored and compensated for all sufferings and moral distress caused by this maniac.

Comparing anything composed by Oksana with the Ave Maria is sacrilege.

She just not that talented.

Oh - and last I checked the Blessed Virgin Mary didn't sell out her child to the tabloids in they style of Oksana. In order to protect Jesus she fled with Him to Egypt. That's what mothers.... REAL MOTHERS do!

Posted at 11:53 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by Tellthetruth59


Couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!!!!

1511 days ago


Mel Gibson destroyed his own marriage, one mistress at a time. Being a stauch "Catholic" Mel refused to use condoms while violating his marriage vows.

1511 days ago


How's come that music producer that Oskana was banging before Mel didn't snag Oksana and her music if it is that good?

1511 days ago


wonder when this picture of her was taken, because I saved it and blew it up and her eye is discolored in the same area. not as red, but discolored. So I take it this is a normal pigmentation for her. You see the freckle under the eye and all that.

1511 days ago


She is so screwed.

1511 days ago


I knew it. Because the other side of the story wasn't being told. What comes around goes around. I hope she gets $0.

1511 days ago


i've wondered the same kickaboo. jmo, he didn't want to jeopardize his professional reputation by producing an album for her.

1511 days ago
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