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Oksana's New Rep -- Quits Before He Started

7/30/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's new PR rep Howard Bragman is out ... even before he officially signed on.


Sources tell TMZ Bragman had all but agreed to help Oksana -- that is until she gave an impromptu interview in front of a grocery store early this morning.

We're told Bragman completely supports Oksana and believes she is the victim here -- but, as one person put it, "He can't help a client who won't listen."

Interestingly, Oksana's last publicist Steve Jaffe said almost the same exact thing on his way out the door.


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Wasn't someone on here saying the other day that Oskansa/Octomum has been using radaronline for years to get what she wants said out there?! Perhaps if they muzzle radaronline she won't have the same chance to rant on and on - I mean this is the company that released the tapes KNOWING they were under legal seal by a Judge, this is the company interviewing someone the Judge told to shut up lol!!! As the p.r guru says, you can't help someone who won't stop talking and smirking at the cameras day after day!! Her smirk gets more offensive every day and although I'm not a violent person I'd love to smack that smirk off of her face!! This is a woman who, if her claims are true allowed her children to be around an abusive person, never taking them out of what she claims was a dangerous situation - that means she's not fit to have custody of those kids!! If her claim is false, she is a liar, an extortionist, a con artist and she illegally recorded tapes of Mel in his own home which she (or one of her sticky handed friends/relatives or lawyer) released to the media! She is still not fit to have custody of those kids!!
BTW someone mentioned women always get custody of the kids - sorry sweetie not in this day and age, more and more Judges are actually placing the kids with the better parent and that's not always the mother lol!!

1516 days ago


yeahhh she's burying herself ..Mel hit her..Mel is a will take care of itself shut your mouth...all mel has to do is set back and watch you distroy your own case with your won"t get any money acting like this...but I do believe that mel is a coward with a thick yellow streak running down his back...don'y help in his defense the good old boys club is THICK in hollywood...just ask OJ...ohh my bad...

1516 days ago


an added note to danger baby:

Mel is doing what he's supposed to be doing and keeping quiet, letting his lawyers do their job... it's US that's running the smear campaign, not him

Posted at 12:20 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by Squeaky Shoes

I love your sense of humor! You Rock! LOL! ;)

1516 days ago


Howard is a straight shooter....That being's obvious what Oxksana is all about.
I hope the authorities presiding over this debacle realize the extent that oxksana has gone to in her efforts to destroy a perfectly fine upstanding man like Mel Gibson...

Send oxksana back to Russia with the BP loser Tony Hayward...
they can enjoy destroying each other and spare us all the stench of human waste.

1516 days ago


Ox is destroying herself here, but she must think her dreams are finally coming true and imagines herself the centre of the universe with this tacky little show she's scripted: written by Ox, spoken by Ox, score by Ox, starring Ox

Mel Gibson is simply the vehicle. Guess she and her hanger-on family members believe Ox has finally made it to the big-time, using a baby and Mel Gibson as the launching pads

In truth, it's already over, but don't tell Ox -- she's enjoying it all so much to see she's already sliding to the bottom of the yesterday's-news heap

What's next for Ox once this ends with a whimper -- low-budget porn ?

Come on, Dalton -- rescue your son

And Mel -- fight for full custody of that infant

Then we can all close the book on this cheap and ghastly Russian melodrama and never have to see that blob-faced female again

1515 days ago

new mel fan    

Oksana really has spit in the face of REAL victims of Domestic Violence. I've had some very heated arguments with my ex-boyfriend and he said worse. EXCEPT he was intoxicated. Yes, he did! He threatened to really harm my entire family, even my 64 year old grandmother and let me tell everyone, there is NO WAY, NO WAY, the police would not have been called IF she was honestly scared to death! NO WAY. 3 MINUTES AND THE POLICE WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!

They came for me were because I KNEW HE WOULD have done what he said! Fear makes a person call when we KNOW the ONLY people who can help are the police!!! She needs serious therapy and fast! I fear for the baby and her 12 boy. She could have that disease Munchausen by proxy.(Where you hurt yourself or your children for attention) Mel said she shook the baby. I'd not just allow this to slip the minds of people.

THE ROSE GARDEN IS A PSYCHIATRIC FACILITY IN CALIFORNIA! She knew that and that is why she could not get away with calling the police. She would have IF she was REALLY scared! OR IF SHE COULD HAVE MADE IT SOUND LIKE THIS WAS THE CASE!

Without telling the world my story, I'll say my ex ended up in prison for 4 years for a felony and this was after the calls. He also attempted to stalk me after he got out but my new husband, the love of my life and my BIL scared him off. We STILL watch out for the nutter! Any PR rep person who takes her FAKE case must not want a career.

HOW DARE THIS WOMAN!!!! My ex hit me in the face and threw me to the ground and head-butted me about 10 times, YANKED my arm when I finally got up and tried to run away causing me to fall on straight my FACE in the kitchen, cutting open my nose. MY eyes were swollen shut and 3 months later they were still healing. The one punch to the face burised my right eye and the head-butting blacked them both shut, major concussion, 8 day in the hospital and plasic surgery to fix the deep cut on my nose and I still have a scar on my upper right eye near my eyebrow. My neck will never be the same. Forever damaged and the years my husband suffered, WITH LOVE, to help me over-come fear...........

My story is not even that bad. Oksana, you are WASTE OF AIR AND A SHAME TO ALL WOMEN!

He went to jail 20 minutes after he did that because I got to a phone. 911 was all I dialed and was scared to speak but they sent 6 cop cars because they could hear what was happening in the background. Our police officers are not stupid Oksana!

Oskana is a LAIR! Scared of a man on the PHONE? 911 dumb gold-digger! The police would have came but you did this on purpose. YOU HATEFUL NASTY WOMAN! USER! You are a danger to your children!

Shelters for battered woman will take you and your children any time! A woman from RUSSIA knows this VERY VERY VERY WELL! Since about 14,000 woman DIE per year in that country from DV!

See the USA is a whole lot wiser than you thought. So they say she is going to be on dancing with the stars? That show will take anyone.

She deserves to be in jail. You can't get even a PR firm to help you but you can do it alone. Keep telling your stories. The tabloids will eat it up, we will laugh our a**es off at you.

Maybe Mel will allow you to release your CD so you can see EVERYONE but RO, who IS paying you, knows you have no fans.

Hang tough Oksana. The ride is going to get worse. You are a shame and not a real woman. A foolish little girl who has never known how to really love. Mel is a GOOD man. Yes, he said some messed up stuff during his DUI arrest but alcohol is not a "truth serum" and the pack of "n" words thing was not a nice word to use but he, in his twisted way, was telling you to STOP walking around alone, like you do all the time, dressed like a hooker all over LA. LA isn't a safe place. And MEAN people come in all colors you dummy!

I do not hate her, but I dislike her evil naive ways. Hopefully she will grow up. 40 years old is OLD to be so CRUEL, HURTFUL and NAIVE!

Woman were supporting you and felt so sad for you. You made fools of them all! I smelled a rat after all the media attention. Like Mel's life is more important than the WAR or the horrible ECONOMY! Nice way for them to hide REAL news.

Seek professional help Oksana and not a Public Relation Rep or Lawyer. A good psychiatrist! You need it asap.

1515 days ago


The media fell over itself to announce that Mel Gibson and his 'concert pianist' girlfriend had come out in public

I expected to see a woman of some class, especially after Mel had rhapsodised over her on a talk-show

Couldn't believe what I saw in those first photos, taken at the Wolverine premiere -- rubber lips and grossly inflated cheeks, accompanied of course by the now standard and obligatory fake breasts and chiclet teeth. And wasn't that fake hair, as well ?

She looked so cheap. It was shocking to see. As elegant as a burlap sack. Had Mel gone mad -- or blind -- I wondered

But then I looked at Mel. And I was shocked afresh. Overnight, his light had been extinguished. He looked WRETCHED ! He looked GREY in the face ! He'd aged ten years ! I'd never seen him look so DEPRESSED and EMBARRASSED ! He looked ILL - SICK - DYING ! So this is how this new woman affected him ?

It's my opinion it was over in five minutes with the alleged 'concert pianist'. And judging by Mel's visible unhappiness, he was already living a hell on earth

And there she was, bloated like a rubber beach-ball, soaking up the remnants of Mel Gibson's glory. It reminded me of a parasite, sucking the last blood from a dying host

Hope life returns to your soul soon, Mel. If it does, hope you never make the mistake of hooking up with another vampire. Because I don't think you could live through another episode like this

1515 days ago


[quote] The Rose Garden is a PSYCHIATRIC CLINIC in California [/quote]

Ah ha ! THANK YOU for that !

Now the truth is coming out !

And NOW we begin to really appreciate how Mel's voice was misinterpreted by 'someone', in order to create a sensation which Ox probably believed would grant her the fame and fortune she craves

The irony is -- not even Mel Gibson and millions of dollars were able to make a star of this creature !

So, now we know and it's good to know -- ' The Rose Garden is a psychiatric facility in California'

that puts SO much in new light, doesn't it ?

Wonder if Ox still believes she can charm her way through forensic scrutiny of the alleged 'Mel Tapes', huh ?

Should someone warn her that although she apparently impresses herself ( coming as she does from a place that's a hundred years behind ) it doesn't mean she'll be able to con her way through legal hearings by experts who've seen thousands of fake breasts, fake lips, fake hair & fake teeth before ?

Be interesting to learn how she earned 100,000 dollars per annum too, as she claims. Very interesting. Is she going to claim she earned it via 'lingerie photos' such as the cringeworthy examples online ? They rank in awfulness and awkwardness with the black and white 'beauty contest' photos taken while she was still in Russia

Sure, Ox. We believe you. Sure we do. All successful 'concert pianists' go out and buy cheap underwear in order to pose semi-naked on pianos. Of course they do (rolls eyes)

1515 days ago


Mel dumps his wife of 28 years for a beautiful and much younger woman, Oksana. While Oksana is pregnant with his child, he cheats on her with a much younger porn star. He then beats Oksana and threatens to kill her for smiling at the gardener. Mel continues to toss racial slurs like candy. Yet, the vast majority of people on this site and others, defend Mel.

Oksana is a naive but good looking and possibly mysterious-because-of-her-accent foreign chick who used men and her beauty all her life to get what she wanted. She also remains stubbornly ignorant about how PR is supposed to work in hollywood (which would make it impossible for her to ever start a music career). Meanwhile, Mel has a good team and listens to their advice when he's not in a crazy fit.

Bottom line: Mel is an classless redneck manwhore who has years of PR behind him who has the public blindly wrapped around his finger. Mel needs to be punished for what he did. Oksana needs to start acting like an adult and a mother instead of a simpering victim, and go get herself a respectable job.

1515 days ago


I always break out the recording equipment when I fear for my life. If someone’s breaking into my house, the first thing I grab is the camcorder. If someone’s calling and threatening to kill me, I grab the tape recorder. Then I call my lawyer and the local news stations. Isn’t that what everybody does? I guess just those of us interested in justice, I like to have proof when I don’t go to the police.

Posted at 11:36 AM on Jul 30, 2010 by Scooby


1515 days ago


I wonder if she gets $$$ from radaronline? ++++++Of course. Cash. Through the third person, fourth bank, r fifth country, and her friends in the Moscow showbiz/ Cash. She turned down the 15 million agreement because she wants her daughter A NUMBER 8 child in the trust fund not sure the court can rule that for her though what a disappointment_________ I am totally with you whoever posed this
"Oksana really has spit in the face of REAL victims of Domestic Violence....."

1515 days ago


Anything for money!

1515 days ago


It's obvious sh is in cahoots with RadarOnline. What are the odds that all of the tapes were 'leaked' to them & THEN they are the ones that just 'happen' to run into her at the grocery store & ask generic questions... her setup is so transparent, it's collapsing around her.

1515 days ago
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