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Boozy Faceplant

Right Before the Arrest

7/30/2010 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained footage -- pretty painful footage -- showing a wobbly Snooki trying to get on a bicycle right  before she was arrested earlier today ... and as you can imagine ... gravity wins.

Snooki Falls - Video
Some time after the faceplant ... Snooki did something to attract the attention of Seaside Heights police ... who eventually arrested the "Jersey Shore" star for disorderly conduct.


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That show is so trashy, The guys think they are all that. "I was fist pumping" and Dancing who says things like that. The girls SLUTS it is not even good reality TV Ive watched like 3 times it is so freaking dumb. Who cares about a bunch of 20+ somethings drinking and Boffing people. Helloooooooooooooooo

1523 days ago

to little    

LMAO hahahah that is funny stupid nasty skank ho anyways

1523 days ago

to little    

LMAO... nasty skank

1523 days ago


I can't figure which is bigger, Snooki, Or the self proclaimed Situation's nose. Is it just me, or is big nose's body hilarious. His little midget baby arms, Gonzo nose, and the acne that looks like the kid from the Cher movie the Mask funny? Great abs. By the way, does that get people jobs these days? Some would think modeling, but with his face? Hysterical how big these kids' heads are getting!!!! If I had a choice for a top 5 list of people I'd love to beat to a pulp, 1) Justin Bieber 2) So called Idiot Situation 3)Kate Gosselin 4) Snooki 5) OBAMA

Posted at 2:45 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by Bearcat34
LOL!! Post of the day!

But, I'd take dummy Kate off the list and replace it with the person who started the term "Just Sayin"...

1523 days ago

Cristina in Tampa    

...if that's not a "rock bottom", then I don't know what is!!!!

1523 days ago


Oh give her a break you loathsome haters. Who the f*ck made you perfect. Just the fact that you're on here reading this stuff - you're far from it, baby! Face the facts: Shooting her down just makes you feel better about yourself and your own sorry pathetic and boring lives.

1523 days ago


Hmmmm.... TMZ, the pictures of the "person" on the bike show a girl whereing different outfit then your pics of her in HanCuffs. Hmmm...

1523 days ago

get a life ho    

At the jail they added an additional charge of conceiling 20 lbs of crack under her skirt .,.,.,,,

1523 days ago


What a shame, ruining her life to make the producers richer! When they are done with her she will be a possible ireversable mess. And this is what society wants to see on TV? Why. Its a disgrace and nothing we should be enabling nor should we support it by watching it airing it or even filming it. I certainly do not want my kids to think that her behavior is something to idolize.

1523 days ago


Darn it ! I went to the beach today and didn't pop up on the boardwalk to see the circus show she was performing. BTW there are nice beaches and then there's Seaside Height's beaches.

1523 days ago


Sorry that Just Sayin bothers you so much. Just continue watching Hate Gosselin, and Gremlin Snooki. They are obviously such great icons. Hilarious how you are upset w/ my "just sayin" comment w/ people like "Snooki" clouding our TV's. You must be a real winner. How can you watch? Does your trailer actually get MTV? Pathetic loser. I honestly wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire!

1523 days ago


A fat girl so drunk that she can't ride a bike. Always attractive.

1523 days ago


HA HA HA!!! LOL!!! Fat drunk and stupid little oompa loompa in jail.....Yep Snookie you are now more white or orange trash than ever if that's possible..MTV PLEASE MTV PLEASE CANCEL THE JERSEY SNORE!!!!!

1522 days ago


she's so ugly, she has to sneak up on a glass of water........

1522 days ago

the truth    

this GONNA BE SOON DRUNK really makes herself look stupid . so does the rest of the cast. that show reminds me of Jerry springer. all they do is get drunk , fight and make food. they are AMERICANS! raised and born here. I'm sick of hearing about the italian thing because its old now. they also made jersey look like a nasty skanky state. i cant wait until their 15 min are up. when they are they will end up in rehab.ALL OF THEM. Kate Cosslin (sp?) is done. shes not getting ratings and shes another one i cant stand.the only time shes with her kids and doing things with her kids is in front of the camera. please no more shows with parents showing off kids because those shows are way to boring .
like i said they make new jersey look like trash and they are Americans . they were never raised in Italy. people in other countries dont like when Americans say that they are German , dutch , Spanish and so on. they hate that more then ever because the idiots were not born there! and stop with the orange skin. nice white milky skin is beautiful . not orange !that situation lifts his shirt up and all i see is ribs. its nasty as hell. nothing attractive about that at all. that boy needs food.

1522 days ago
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