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Big Money Rehab for Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Facility

7/31/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The race to get ready for Lindsay Lohan is on, as the rehab facility she will check into undergoes its own major rehabilitation -- one that cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars, we're told.


As TMZ first reported, Lindsay will get her court appointed 90-day treatment at a center based in Newport Beach, CA -- although we've learned she will actually be at a satellite compound in nearby Costa Mesa.

According to well placed sources, administrators are putting the finishing touches on a roughly $220,000 remodel, and from what we've been told ... Lindsay will be living in the lap of luxury.  Checkout the baller list of refurbished items:
- Brand new hardwood floors
- Repainted walls in light gray
- Freshly tiled private bathroom
- New walk-in closet
- Remodeled kitchen area complete with granite counter tops

Sources tell us LiLo will share her plush surroundings with three female roommates.

Lindsay is expected to leave Lynwood Correctional Facility some time this weekend -- and check into rehab almost immediately.


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This will not go well.

1547 days ago


Like Linds would know or care if they repainted before she showed up. All she cares about is "how can I score more drugs?"

Sad but true.

1547 days ago


Wait, one of the roommates isn't by chance named Sam?

1547 days ago


Just because the facility has been remodeld does not indicate that that her treatment will be ineffective this time. She was interviewed by two doctors and the facility should be one that is a good fit for her.

Give her a chance. She is will be going right away with not too much free time in beteen jail and rehab. Judge Revel knows what she is doing. Good luck Lindsey.

1547 days ago


Why don't you people leave Lindsay alone to get on with the rehab? She's almost completed her jail sentence which many said she wouldn't be able to do but she has. She has stepped up to the plate, she is tying to put her life in order. Let her be.

1547 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

She won't learn anything from this time either. She pretty much went out immediately after one rehab and got a DUI and given her horrendous sense of entitlement, she will never learn from her mistakes and a cushy rehab/resort will only make it worse. At least she'll be forced to do the full time and can't skip from this responsibility, no mater how badly she whines about it. The court will be watching her actions like a hawk and one mistake means more jail time. Being the arrogant idiot that she is, she is so gonna fail and fail hugely!

1547 days ago


Put her life in order - I highly doubt she would be entering rehap o her own without it being ordered by the court. She will be like Paris Hilton, come out do the talk show circuit about heer horrible jail experience and forced rehab and within 2 weeks be right back clubbing again - look at what happened to her after leaving rehab then snapped at a new years eve party drinking it up

1547 days ago


Trying to put her life in order - this is forced upon her by the courts, I doubt she would be going in voluntarily to clean up her act

1547 days ago


she didnt even spend enough time in jail to learn a lesson.this is a laugh

1547 days ago


Same old bull. She won't get the help she truly needs as long as she's coddled.

1547 days ago


I doubt if she can make it through the 90-day ordeal. If not, back to jail. If she can, congrats but short lived.

1547 days ago


Who's paying for all of this? It's not cheap. Her jail stay was a joke and a slap in the Judges face. This whole thing is a mockery and won't change one thing. Where is she getting money????????

1547 days ago


How does TMZ get this news? Reads RadarOnline of course.

1547 days ago


Thank God we have Crazies out there. Everybody's wrong with the exception of Lindsay. Once again our court system has screwed the pooch. Why oh why would they ever put someone in jail convicted of 2 DUI's and possession of Coke? Just not fair. She's way to talented of an actress to deserve this. Scram is out to get Linds. Jail is only needed for murderers. The lawmakers need to make all this go away. Nobody deserves jail. The streets should be filled with these people. Only way to rehabilitate them. Society should embrace them. Forget the fact the normal person understands what laws mean. It's just a ploy to get Lindsay. Our society needs to grow up. We only prosecute people guilty of crimes that aren't murderers (so far). Free Lindsay. Why not? Only a matter of time before an innocent victim is killed in a car accident by some self rightous/hasbeen actress that needs no rehabilitation!

1547 days ago

justin case    

She should have to spend more than 90 days in jail and not have special treatments just cause shes a celebrity... It just goes to show our law system is a total scam and they will bend the rules for certain people... Anyone else who did what lilo has done would be in jail for a very long time and not allowed to leave early to go into a lavish luxury rehab center... They would serve hard time and then released into a half way house and put through the ringer... But no matter what they do for lilo she will screw up again and will eventually be treated like the criminal she is.

1547 days ago
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