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Charlie Sheen

Coast Is Clear for Divorce

8/3/2010 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller tell TMZ now that Charlie's criminal case in Aspen is over, the deck has been cleared to begin divorce proceedings.

Charlie Sheen Divorce
As we first reported back in June, Charlie and Brooke have signed divorce docs spelling out who gets what when their marriage ends.

Sources say they were holding off until Charlie's Aspen assault case was over, fearing a divorce would give prosecutors ammo in the case.

We're told almost from the beginning, Brooke has always wanted nothing to do with the case. And now that the case is over, we're told divorce docs will soon follow.


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Voice not I. Rhianna was just as into the domestic violence as Chris and I DO think it's a shame he took all the blame himself. SHe was beating him up as he was DRIVING. Him trying to get her out of the car was a GOOD thing. I cannot STAND rhianna now. Won't listen to anything she does. Never listened to Chris so that part doesn't matter.

Notice all rhiannas new songs are about how she LIKES getting smacked around... yeah.. whatever

1542 days ago


Glad to hear he's dumping her. She is such a dog, another brainless wonder like Denise who also comes in barking. He can do A LOT better.

1541 days ago


Is it just me or is Charlie looking OLD and ROUGH. He has NEVER been attractive...........I have never gotten the whole Charlie Sheen Experience. There is absolutely NOTHING attractive about this man to me, inside and out. He has SERIOUS issues on many levels. Women of the world...BEWARE! He is in the same category as Mel Gibson and OJ Simpson.

1541 days ago


I hope that HO gets nothing but a footprint on her butt cheek as he kicks her ugly arse out the door

1541 days ago

Pa Kettle    

If Charlie could apply his talents to Husband/Father instead of drugs/violent behavior, he would slowly fade into the talents of his brother/fathers' lifestyle and become a decent human being.

1541 days ago


Divorce is SO ugly. To make it easier, they should have listened to the legal experts audio programs on They could have learned so much.

1541 days ago


She's a drunk slut run Charlie run

1541 days ago


And I bet that Brooke will be getting a sweet divorce settlement for not helping to send Charlie's sorry ass to prison!!

1541 days ago


This imbecil is a pig just like that old douche bag friend of his hugh Hefner.. freakin" dirty old man..takes so many enhancements he needs to go to rehab...I'll be glad when he leaves this earth..he sets women back a thousand years...and he should of been investigated for moving in Kendra Wilkins at the age of 17.. yeah argue all you want I know the truth...Leave Hef just Freakin" leave already...

1541 days ago


I'm so happy for her. He is REPULSIVE. Inside and out.

1541 days ago


The saddest part is this...(in my opinion)...there is another dumb a$S woman out there who will marry him for his money/status. She will think "oh I can change him or he won't do that to me". He will never change because there are no consequenses for his actions. At this point it will be hard for me to feel sorry for the next one and yes there will be a next one. If I ever get in trouble I want his lawyer!

1541 days ago

Big Daddy    

Charlie????? Dude!!!!!!!!!! Get your self fixed. Then you can go out, and play with these Hose Monsters. Just don't marry them!!!!!! Don't let them move in either. lol

1541 days ago


Well Brooke spread her legs and got pregnant so that her bank account is set...until the next dumbass comes along. Maybe she can hook up with Mel Gibson and drop another baby and get 15 million off of him. That was the only reason she married Charlie...his bank account and the fact that he put her in the spot light.
The OG, Brooke and others give women a bad name. Just like Tiger's Mistresses.
So divorce her Charlie. Then in the future just sleep with them and give them cab fare and send them home

1541 days ago

Dee Moore    

All of you should leave Charlie alone - he is a talented
actor and comedian - women know his past and if they want
to take a chance (if I were young again I sure would) I love
him just the way he is - he is like a little boy that will never
grow up and he has a thing for trashy ho's - I just hope he
leaves the drugs alone I want him alive and well -
He does not belong in jail those 2 Denise and Brooke belong
in jail !!!!! They were the gold diggers !
Stay clean charlie - I love you !!!!!

1541 days ago


another blow for justice !!

1540 days ago
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