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DJ AM Sued Over Sickening 'Foul Odor'

8/3/2010 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AM's former neighbor is suing the deceased star's estate -- claiming AM owned a piece of property that smelled so bad, it literally made one man sick to his stomach.

In a lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a man named Isaac Toveg claims while he lived near AM -- aka Adam Goldstein -- he often noticed a "gaseous foul odor and/or smell" emitting from AM's property.

Toveg claims when he would go outside, he would "experience problems in breathing and stomach ailments and would become severely ill" and was eventually diagnosed with Helicobacter pylori.

According to the suit, Toveg claims he told AM about the problem, but was ignored. Toveg claims after AM died -- it was discovered that there was a "broken" sewer pipe on the property. Toveg claims he is now "able to relate his illness to the broken sewer pipe."

Toveg is suing for more than $25k in damages.

TMZ spoke to Jenni Weinman -- a rep for AM's estate -- who tells us, "It’s ironic that this suit was filed so close to the year anniversary of Adam's passing."

She continues, "I am sure that any issues regarding the drainage system or sewer pipes in the neighborhood are more of a city maintenance issue as opposed to a DJ AM estate issue.”


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Some Guy    

"It’s ironic that this suit was filed so close to the year anniversary of Adam's passing."

How is that in anyway ironic?

1543 days ago


Stupid ass... h. pylori is not airborne.

1543 days ago


Heliobacter pylori is the cause of ulcers, not some mystery sewer disease. Over half the world's population has H. pylori in their digestive system (only a fraction of that develop ulcers).

1543 days ago


The next thing you know someone will be suing a web site owner over a claim of unauthorized use of a photo of Michael Jackson. Oh wait ...

1543 days ago


I smell b$ll****. What needs to happen is the laws need to be changed so that the looser in a lawsuit has to pay court costs and penalties as well as the lawyer. I guarantee if the lawyer stood to loose money, then there would be a LOT less fraudulent lawsuits on the books. Of course that will never happen, because lawyer set the rules now don't they. S***

1543 days ago


#1-my thoughts exactly! LOL!

1543 days ago

I have to sign up everytime!    

hes dead?

1543 days ago


the estate's rep needs a little clarity on 1) what the definition of irony is (*hint* coincidence is not a synonymn) and 2) where property owner responsibility for plumbing starts and stops (the property line)

1543 days ago


you get H-pylori by eating something with feces on it! whether its an apple not washed good enough or lettuce! it does not go through the air! f'n dumba** Isaac Toveg. once they research it they will find that it is ingested, not airborne!

1543 days ago


"TMZ spoke to Jenni Weinman -- a rep for AM's estate -- who tells us, "It’s ironic that this suit was filed so close to the year anniversary of Adam's passing.""
George Burns "passed away" this skeezy skank died of an OD. End of story. Hard to believe a junky would have fu cked up sewage. Prolly from flushing all those needles.

1543 days ago


One Jew suing another Jew. And whats funny is that the one Jew is deceased.

1543 days ago


mack: he's suing for "more than $25k"; in most preliminary filings, you have to state a range but not the exact amount, so he's probably really suing for substantially more, plus attorney's fees.

bratchild: he never said it was airborne. H. pylori is most easily spread through contaminated food/water, and a broken sewer pipe would yield both contaminated water AND foul smells.

Carl: look at the symptoms: "breathing and stomach ailments." Leading symptoms of H. pylori: gastritis, ulcers, stomach cancer.

As far as the rep saying it's a city problem, usually the homeowner is responsible for sewers from the house to the mains, so it depends on WHICH sewer broke.

1543 days ago


@kimmi/12 - DJ AM did have a drug problem, but his drug of choice was crack and his preferred vehicle for delivering to his system was a pipe. No needle flushing there. Also, let's not forget that he fought a good fight for a long time and lost the war. He's not some PoS junkie who did nothing good with his life or the lessons he learned through his addiction. But I bet you are absolutely perfect with no character flaws whatsoever, oh -- except the part where you maliciously attack dead people under the anonymous, warm cover of the internet. Idiot.

1543 days ago


@Chris - The report insinuated that the illness came from him walking outside his own home and smelling the foul smell.... didn't mention him going over and playing in some "contaminated water".

1543 days ago


What a money grubbing loser! I hope he gets NOTHING!

1543 days ago
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