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MJ Death Mansion for Sale -- Fans Already Calling

8/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson overdosed on Propofol and died is back on the market for a cool $28 mil -- but the owners are asking for roughly $10 million less than they did before MJ kicked the bucket.


The 17,171 square foot home on N. Carolwood Drive -- which includes 7 bedrooms, a 7-car garage, and 13 toilets -- was officially put up for sale on Monday ... with an asking price of $28,995,000.

Sources close to the estate tell TMZ that several MJ fans have already expressed interest -- possibly in an attempt to get a sneak peek inside -- but the owners have required all potential buyers to go through an "extensive pre-qualifying check" before they can even walk in the door.

Back in 2008, the property owner -- Ed Hardy CEO Hubert Guez -- tried selling the place for $38 million ... but when that didn't work out, he agreed to let MJ live in the home while he rehearsed for the "This Is It" tour.

According to, Guez had recently tried to rent out the property for $300,000 per month ... but ultimately decided he would try and get rid of it all together, with the discounted price tag.

So far, it's unclear if Guez is entertaining any serious offers.


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tiger is a fraud    

Thankfully the owners of the mansion MJ offed himself in is smart enough to know the loser fans are uneducated, jobless and broke. Put 20 fans together and they still don't have a pot to piss in. All they had to is read them on the various boards to know all about you fools. You that dumb not to notice all you say and do will always be held against you. The fake fans are beyond ignorant. You know even less about real estate. Dummies! You can't just call up and see a mansion because MJ, the junky died in it. You can't see any mansion because you feel like it. You have to have money. None of you have it!! Your welfare checks don't get you past go. ha ha! Karma bites doesn't it!!

1504 days ago


I saw in one TV program that they give propofol for seriously ill patients, when morphine is not enough to ease the pain. Was someone, who died in that house, seriously ill? But the autopsy didn't say anything about a serious decease, right?

1504 days ago


It should read where Michael Jackson was murdered by a negligent doctor NOT where Michael Jackson overdosed on Propofol.

Michael didn't OD

1504 days ago


i believe cher lived in this house first so way discount?

1504 days ago


Hopefully Michael "kicked that bucket" far enough to hit the TMZ staff that wrote this pos blog entry.

1504 days ago


you guys should change the first part of the sentence from "The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson overdosed on Propofol and died" to "The Holmby Hills mansion where Michael Jackson's doctor overdosed him on propofol and died"..He didn't give himself lethal amounts of propofol.

1504 days ago


wow tmz showing us how smart you all are by saying when he kicked the bucket.remind me when 1 of you pass away so i can say that about you too.rude ignorant and very disrespectfull but that's tmz for us.Michael i love you.miss you angel.wish you were here with and hugs sweetheart.

1504 days ago


Punishment for Dr. Murray, for over dosing MJ, should be to stay in the same room where he killed Michael for a period of no less than 10 years!!
Yeah, that’s the ticket!!!

Posted at 12:55 PM on Aug 4, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Interesting idea, WillO! But without party service from Sam's Hof Brau, right??

1504 days ago


I think it would be TOO CREEPY to live in a mansion "The Great Gloved One" died in!! It is such a OVER DECORATED PLACE!! Sure the weirdos are come crawling to see where Michael Jackson lived and died!! EWWWWWW!!!

1504 days ago


It really is funny to think that a few haters beleive they know that Michael was a child molestor and the millions of fans around the entire world are stupid! Take a look in the mirror because you are the ones who are stupid! His millions of fans knew that he was an innocent man, framed by money hungry parasites! When one person tells you something, that's their opinion. But when millions tell you something, maybe you should listen!

1504 days ago

Lee lee    

...before Michael Kicked the Bucket!!!......nice TMZ, in fine form again I see.

1504 days ago


It's a good thing that it's been completely renovated and tastefully staged..including pool and landscaping...
What? No white domestics/mannequins roaming about in full sight!!?? Or grannys having teaparties, or peter pans/tinkerbell/Hook flitting about? No naked little male babes/cherubs/children statuary frolicking about?....Hmmm..
Wouldn't those be great selling points!?

Did Hardy really charge Michael Jackson $100,000. a month to bunk there?....but still...really reasonable considering it had an asking price of 38mil back in 2008.

Michael Jacksons Last Dance

1504 days ago


All of you S.O.B. itchin die hard MJ Haters. Might as well give it up. He has way more Loyal Fans than haters.

1504 days ago


Lets have a war and see who gets squashed liked piss ants. It sure won't be Michael's fans. We out weigh you haters 1 million to one probably.

1504 days ago


I think A&E's TV show "Paranormal State" should do an investigation at the mansion. It seems the last people who rented the mansion after MJ's "death" didn't stay too long. Wonder why???

1504 days ago
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